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September 22nd, 2018 - we have 234 poets, 8,025 poems and 316,781 comments.
Poem of the Day Archive

Every day a new poem is chosen to be featured as the Poem of the Day. This has been done on a daily basis since June 20, 2000, when the site first went live. Be sure to bookmark the Poem of the Day page for a quick recommended read.

On this page we list all the previous poems of the day.

Previous Daily Poems

October 2016
October 4th 2016Carl SandburgCartoon
October 3rd 2016Li-Young LeeEating Together
October 2nd 2016Russell EdsonThe Toy-Maker
October 1st 2016Emily DickinsonThe Admirations -- and Contempts -- of time --
September 2016
September 30th 2016William Carlos Williamsfrom "Asphodel, That Greeny Flower"
September 29th 2016Ella Wheeler WilcoxA Holiday
September 28th 2016Stanley GemmellThe Samantha Sonnets #2
September 27th 2016Anthony HechtThe Dover Bitch: A Criticism Of Life
September 26th 2016Ogden NashA Tale Of The Thirteenth Floor
September 25th 2016Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Growth of Lorraine
September 24th 2016Edna St. Vincent MillayAn Ancient Gesture
September 23rd 2016Anne BradstreetDeliverance from Another Sore Fit
September 22nd 2016Langston HughesDaybreak In Alabama
September 21st 2016Emily DickinsonThere is a flower that Bees prefer
September 20th 2016Emily DickinsonSome keep the Sabbath going to Church
September 19th 2016John BerrymanDream Song 135: I heard said 'Cats that walk by their wild lone'
September 18th 2016Emily DickinsonShould you but fail at -- Sea
September 17th 2016Emily DickinsonLove reckons by itself -- alone --
September 16th 2016David LehmanApril 19
September 15th 2016Charles BukowskiSway With Me
September 14th 2016Langston HughesPo' Boy Blues
September 13th 2016Charles SimicPoem Without A Title
September 12th 2016Denise LevertovAn Embroidery
September 11th 2016Stephen CraneThere was a man and a woman
September 10th 2016Emily DickinsonThe things we thought that we should do
September 9th 2016Emily DickinsonExpanse cannot be lost --
September 8th 2016Reginald ShepherdMotive
September 7th 2016Yusef KomunyakaaPrisoners
September 6th 2016Ted KooserSelecting A Reader
September 5th 2016Amy LowellBefore the Altar
September 4th 2016Edgar Lee MastersRichard Bone
September 3rd 2016Carl SandburgPaula
September 2nd 2016Adrienne RichFor the Record
September 1st 2016Emily DickinsonThe healed Heart shows its shallow scar
August 2016
August 31st 2016Philip LevineSierra Kid
August 30th 2016Emily DickinsonI cannot buy it -- 'tis not sold --
August 29th 2016Emily DickinsonRather arid delight
August 28th 2016Emily DickinsonAs far from pity, as complaint
August 27th 2016Carl SandburgLocalities
August 26th 2016Carl SandburgKin
August 25th 2016Edgar Lee MastersJulian Scott
August 24th 2016Ralph Waldo EmersonTo J.W.
August 23rd 2016Ogden NashOne Third Of The Calendar
August 22nd 2016Lee UptonHog Roast
August 21st 2016Emily DickinsonMorning is due to all --
August 20th 2016Emily DickinsonA winged spark doth soar about --
August 19th 2016Emily DickinsonThe duties of the Wind are few,
August 18th 2016Adrienne RichAunt Jennifer's Tigers
August 17th 2016Paul Laurence DunbarIf I Could But Forget
August 16th 2016Emily DickinsonAir has no Residence, no Neighbor,
August 15th 2016David LehmanJanuary 31 (The sky is crumbling...)
August 14th 2016Emily DickinsonGrowth of Man -- like Growth of Nature --
August 13th 2016Emily DickinsonTake your Heaven further on
August 12th 2016Emily DickinsonTo my small Hearth His fire came --
August 11th 2016Mark DotyTurtle, Swan
August 10th 2016Edna St. Vincent MillayRosemary
August 9th 2016Carl SandburgMonosyllabic
August 8th 2016Brooks HaxtonI Want to Pray
August 7th 2016Henry David ThoreauPrayer
August 6th 2016Edgar Lee MastersJosiah Tompkins
August 5th 2016Edwin Arlington RobinsonWalt Whitman
August 4th 2016Charles BukowskiWho In The Hell Is Tom Jones?
August 3rd 2016Randall JarrellJerome
August 2nd 2016Emily DickinsonReverse cannot befall
July 2016
July 31st 2016Vachel LindsayWhen Bryan Speaks
July 30th 2016Amy LowellFrom One Who Stays
July 29th 2016Carl SandburgNight Stuff
July 28th 2016Emily DickinsonA narrow Fellow in the Grass
July 27th 2016Deborah AgerThe Tortoise In Keystone Heights
July 26th 2016Ogden NashLines On Facing Forty
July 25th 2016Natasha TretheweyDomestic Work, 1937
July 24th 2016Emily DickinsonThe Snow that never drifts --
July 23rd 2016Amy LowellThe Cross-Roads
July 22nd 2016John BerrymanDream Song 124: Behold I bring you tidings of great joy
July 21st 2016Donald HallAffirmation
July 20th 2016Joyce KilmerThe Robe of Christ
July 19th 2016e.e. cummingsas freedom is a breakfastfood
July 18th 2016Robert LowellMemories of West Street and Lepke
July 17th 2016Edgar Lee MastersHarlan Sewall
July 16th 2016Walt WhitmanNot My Enemies Ever Invade Me.
July 15th 2016Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 02: 11: Snow falls. The sky is grey, and sullenly glares
July 14th 2016Ogden NashVery Like A Whale
July 13th 2016Emily DickinsonThe Butterfly's Assumption Gown
July 12th 2016Carl SandburgI Sang
July 11th 2016Ogden NashOld Dr. Valentine To His Son
July 10th 2016John BerrymanDream Song 115: Her properties, like her of course & frisky & new
July 9th 2016Ralph Waldo EmersonDæmonic Love
July 8th 2016Ralph Waldo EmersonThe Apology
July 7th 2016Edgar Lee MastersFrank Drummer
July 6th 2016Edwin Arlington RobinsonDoctor of Billiards
July 5th 2016Walt WhitmanStill, though the One I Sing.
July 4th 2016Edna St. Vincent MillayWell, I Have Lost You
July 3rd 2016Ralph Waldo EmersonSursum Corda
July 2nd 2016Edgar Lee MastersWilliam Goode
July 1st 2016Edwin Arlington RobinsonOld Trails
June 2016
June 30th 2016Philip LevineEverything
June 28th 2016Philip LevineThe Turning
June 27th 2016Charles BukowskiGamblers All
June 26th 2016William Carlos WilliamsOverture To A Dance Of Locomotives
June 25th 2016Emily DickinsonI see thee better -- in the Dark --
June 24th 2016Walt WhitmanThought.
June 23rd 2016Ezra PoundBallad for Gloom
June 22nd 2016Ezra PoundTs'ai Chi'h
June 21st 2016Walt WhitmanSong of the Exposition.
June 20th 2016Richard HugoDegrees Of Gray In Philipsburg
June 19th 2016John BerrymanDream Song 224: Lonely in his great age
June 18th 2016Emily DickinsonI groped for him before I knew
June 17th 2016Emily DickinsonDying at my music!
June 16th 2016Joyce KilmerVision
June 15th 2016Bill KnottHeritage
June 14th 2016Robinson JeffersBixby's Landing
June 13th 2016Carl SandburgAdelaide Crapsey
June 12th 2016Emily DickinsonLove is done when Love's begun,
June 11th 2016Shel SilversteinThe Little Boy and the Old Man
June 10th 2016Robert FrostA Question
June 9th 2016Emily DickinsonI think just how my shape will rise
June 8th 2016Edgar Lee MastersDaniel M'Cumber
June 7th 2016Emily DickinsonFame of Myself, to justify,
June 6th 2016Ralph Waldo EmersonEach And All
June 5th 2016Emily DickinsonMy friend must be a Bird
June 4th 2016Carl SandburgThe Skyscraper Loves Night
June 3rd 2016Kenneth PatchenSaturday Night in the Parthenon
June 2nd 2016Emily DickinsonIt's thoughts -- and just One Heart
June 1st 2016Henry Wadsworth LongfellowSeaweed
May 2016
May 31st 2016Edgar Lee MastersRobert Davidson
May 30th 2016Ellis Parker ButlerNo Beer, No Work
May 29th 2016Emily DickinsonBlossoms will run away,
May 28th 2016Sylvia PlathTulips
May 27th 2016Delmore SchwartzLove And Marilyn Monroe
May 26th 2016Philip LevineComing Close
May 25th 2016Carl SandburgBlue Maroons
May 24th 2016Sylvia PlathThe Sleepers
May 23rd 2016Sylvia PlathPurdah
May 22nd 2016Edward HirschIn Memoriam Paul Celan
May 21st 2016Alan SeegerTezcotzinco
May 20th 2016Amy LowellMalmaison
May 19th 2016Ralph Waldo EmersonAstræ
May 18th 2016Edgar Lee MastersTheodore the Poet
May 17th 2016Grace PaleyThis Life
May 16th 2016Alan SeegerSonnet II
May 15th 2016Edgar Lee MastersZilpha Marsh
May 14th 2016Vachel LindsayThe King of Yellow Butterflies
May 13th 2016Randall JarrellEighth Air Force
May 12th 2016Edgar Lee MastersAlfonso Churchill
May 11th 2016e.e. cummingswhen hair falls off and eyes blur And... (L)
May 10th 2016John BerrymanDream Song 95: The surly cop looked out at me in sleep
May 9th 2016Edwin Arlington RobinsonJohn Brown
May 8th 2016Sharon OldsThe Mortal One
May 7th 2016Jorie GrahamLe Manteau De Pascal
May 6th 2016Walt WhitmanNot Heat Flames up and Consumes.
May 5th 2016Carl SandburgPalladiums
May 3rd 2016Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Corridor
May 2nd 2016Walt WhitmanEarth! my Likeness!
May 1st 2016Jane KenyonOtherwise
April 2016
April 30th 2016Emily Dickinson"Heavenly Father" -- take to thee
April 29th 2016Linda PastanSomething About The Trees
April 28th 2016Emily Dickinson"I want" -- it pleaded -- All its life --
April 27th 2016Stephen DunnWelcome
April 26th 2016Emily DickinsonThe Mountain sat upon the Plain
April 25th 2016Edwin Arlington RobinsonTwo Quatrains
April 24th 2016Shel SilversteinIt's Dark in Here
April 23rd 2016Emily DickinsonLike Men and Women Shadows walk
April 22nd 2016Heather McHughNano-Knowledge
April 21st 2016Louise GluckRetreating Wind
April 20th 2016John BerrymanDream Song 114: Henry in trouble whirped out lonely whines
April 19th 2016James Whitcomb RileyA Passing Hail
April 18th 2016Marge PiercyImplications of One Plus One
April 17th 2016Connie WanekDaisies
April 16th 2016Carl SandburgPrayers of Steel
April 15th 2016Billy CollinsShoveling Snow With Buddha
April 14th 2016William Carlos WilliamsApproach Of Winter
April 13th 2016Emily DickinsonThe Winters are so short
April 12th 2016Marge PiercyThe Neighbor
April 11th 2016Robinson JeffersSign-Post
April 10th 2016William Carlos WilliamsThe Red Wheelbarrow
April 9th 2016Robert FrancisThe Bulldozer
April 8th 2016Oliver Wendell HolmesPoem (Halleck monument dedication)
April 7th 2016Ella Wheeler WilcoxIn Faith
April 6th 2016Edgar Lee MastersCaroline Branson
April 5th 2016William Carlos WilliamsThe Poem
April 4th 2016Delmore SchwartzThe Spring
April 3rd 2016Richard BrautiganDecember 30
April 2nd 2016Edwin Arlington RobinsonCortège
April 1st 2016Emily DickinsonAll men for Honor hardest work
March 2016
March 31st 2016Emily DickinsonThe Frost was never seen --
March 30th 2016Robinson JeffersThe Answer
March 29th 2016Ted KooserA Birthday Poem
March 28th 2016Carl SandburgBlacklisted
March 27th 2016Robinson JeffersThe Summit Redwood
March 26th 2016Charles SimicThe Something
March 25th 2016e.e. cummingsbetween the breasts
March 24th 2016Edna St. Vincent MillaySonnet 03: Mindful Of You The Sodden Earth In Spring
March 23rd 2016Emily DickinsonThe pedigree of Honey
March 22nd 2016Emily DickinsonSome -- Work for Immortality
March 21st 2016Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Fawn
March 20th 2016Adrienne RichMiracle Ice Cream
March 19th 2016Emily DickinsonOver the fence
March 18th 2016Richard BrautiganI Feel Horrible. She Doesn't
March 17th 2016Emily DickinsonSoftened by Time's consummate plush,
March 16th 2016Naomi Shihab NyeHidden
March 15th 2016Edwin Arlington RobinsonCalvary
March 14th 2016Edgar Lee MastersElliott Hawkins
March 13th 2016Ogden NashI Do, I Will, I Have
March 12th 2016Carl SandburgTrafficker
March 11th 2016Emily DickinsonThe Wind -- tapped like a tired Man
March 10th 2016Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Tree In Pamela's Garden
March 9th 2016Emily DickinsonSo from the mould
March 8th 2016Walt WhitmanPortals.
March 7th 2016Vachel LindsayThe Drunkard's Funeral
March 6th 2016Emily DickinsonMy River runs to thee
March 5th 2016Jack GilbertPortrait Number Five: Against A New York Summer
March 4th 2016Howard NemerovInsomnia I
March 3rd 2016Ogden NashNo Doctor's Today, Thank You
March 2nd 2016Richard WilburThe Beautiful Changes
March 1st 2016Charles SimicRead Your Fate
February 2016
February 29th 2016Amy LowellThe Fruit Garden Path
February 28th 2016Emily DickinsonSomewhere upon the general Earth
February 27th 2016Anne SextonLocked Doors
February 26th 2016Edwin Arlington RobinsonAn Island
February 25th 2016Phillis WheatleyTo Captain H-----d, of the 65th Regiment
February 24th 2016Emily DickinsonThese Fevered Days -- to take them to the Forest
February 23rd 2016Robinson JeffersContemplation Of The Sword
February 22nd 2016Vachel LindsayDarling Daughter of Babylon
February 20th 2016Allen GinsbergHum Bom!
February 18th 2016Emily DickinsonIs Heaven a Physician?
February 17th 2016Emily DickinsonI've none to tell me to but Thee
February 16th 2016Emily DickinsonFame is the one that does not stay --
February 15th 2016Carl SandburgThe Shovel Man
February 14th 2016Denise LevertovPleasures
February 13th 2016Emily DickinsonAs One does Sickness over
February 11th 2016Delmore SchwartzThe Beautiful American Word, Sure
February 10th 2016Walt WhitmanWhen Lilacs Last in the Door-yard Bloom’d.
February 9th 2016Joseph Mayo Wristenan Angel from Heaven Came to Earth
February 8th 2016Ralph Waldo EmersonLoss And Gain
February 7th 2016Emily DickinsonOne Blessing had I than the rest
February 6th 2016James TateThinking Ahead To Possible Options And A Worst-Case Scenario
February 5th 2016Joyce KilmerTo A Young Poet Who Killed Himself
February 4th 2016Walt WhitmanSobbing of The Bells, The.
February 3rd 2016Henry Wadsworth LongfellowTHE NORMAN BARON
February 2nd 2016Edgar Allan PoeTo One Departed
February 1st 2016Charles BukowskiFinish
January 2016
January 31st 2016Billy CollinsOn Turning Ten
January 30th 2016Ella Wheeler WilcoxI Told You
January 29th 2016Sylvia PlathStings
January 28th 2016Sylvia PlathTwo Views Of A Cadaver Room
January 27th 2016Emily DickinsonFollow wise Orion
January 25th 2016Emily DickinsonThe Props assist the House
January 24th 2016Charles BukowskiA Challenge To The Dark
January 23rd 2016Stephen CraneMystic shadow, bending near me,
January 22nd 2016Dorothy ParkerAfter Spanish Proverb
January 21st 2016Philip FreneauTo Mr. Blanchard, the Celebrated Aeronaut in America
January 20th 2016Edgar Allan PoeTo F--
January 19th 2016Emily DickinsonWhen I hoped, I recollect
January 18th 2016Amy LowellListening
January 17th 2016Ogden NashPossessions Are Nine Points Of Conversation
January 16th 2016Emily Dickinson"They have not chosen me," he said,
January 15th 2016Emily DickinsonLuck is not chance --
January 14th 2016Stanley KunitzThe Layers
January 13th 2016Alan SeegerOn the Cliffs, Newport
January 12th 2016Delmore SchwartzO Love, Sweet Animal
January 11th 2016Jean ToomerNovember Cotton Flower
January 10th 2016Emily DickinsonTriumph -- may be of several kinds
January 9th 2016Nick CarboSpeech Impediments
January 8th 2016Emily DickinsonWe do not know the time we lose --
January 7th 2016Emily DickinsonSuperfluous were the Sun
January 6th 2016James A. EmanuelWishes, For Alix
January 5th 2016Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe False Gods
January 3rd 2016Emily DickinsonWe wear our sober Dresses when we die,
January 2nd 2016Sylvia PlathResolve
January 1st 2016Emily DickinsonOf Bronze -- and Blaze
December 2015
December 31st 2015John BerrymanDream Song 108: Sixteen below. Our care like stranded hulls
December 27th 2015e.e. cummingsonce like a spark... (XXIV)
December 26th 2015Emily DickinsonThe Zeroes -- taught us -- Phosphorous --
December 25th 2015Stanley KunitzThe Science Of The Night
December 24th 2015Emily DickinsonNature can do no more
December 23rd 2015Edwin Arlington RobinsonGeorge Crabbe
December 22nd 2015Alan SeegerSonnet 05
December 21st 2015David LehmanJanuary 3
December 20th 2015Stephen CraneOnce a man clambering to the housetops
December 19th 2015Sara TeasdaleBut Not To Me
December 18th 2015Amy LowellApology
December 17th 2015Philip LevineI Sing The Body Electric
December 16th 2015Oliver Wendell HolmesThe Chambered Nautilus
December 15th 2015Edgar Lee MastersDow Kritt
December 13th 2015Emily DickinsonWolfe demanded during dying
December 12th 2015Anne SextonI Remember
December 11th 2015Edna St. Vincent MillaySecond Fig
December 10th 2015Philip LevineThe Mercy
December 9th 2015Delmore SchwartzSonnet: O City, City
December 8th 2015Emily DickinsonParadise is that old mansion
December 7th 2015Lucille CliftonHomage to My Hips
December 6th 2015Emily DickinsonYou cannot put a Fire out --
December 5th 2015Emily DickinsonHow dare the robins sing,
December 4th 2015Weldon KeesDead March
December 3rd 2015Ella Wheeler WilcoxChrist Crucified
December 2nd 2015Ogden NashOne From One Leaves Two
December 1st 2015Weldon KeesThe Beach
November 2015
November 30th 2015Sylvia PlathStillborn
November 29th 2015Henry Wadsworth LongfellowDivina Commedia
November 28th 2015Carl SandburgYoung Bullfrogs
November 27th 2015Emily DickinsonI should have been too glad, I see
November 26th 2015John BerrymanDream Song 109: She mentioned 'worthless' & he took it in
November 25th 2015Emily DickinsonA Wounded Deer -- leaps highest
November 24th 2015Edwin Arlington RobinsonAtherton's Gambit
November 23rd 2015Maya AngelouMen
November 22nd 2015Alan DuganElegy
November 21st 2015Carl SandburgWomen Washing Their Hair
November 20th 2015Amy LowellThe Pike
November 19th 2015Vachel LindsayWritten for a Musician
November 18th 2015Allen GinsbergRefrain
November 17th 2015Emily DickinsonI hide myself within my flower,
November 15th 2015Stanley KunitzThe Quarrel
November 14th 2015Vachel LindsayHow a Little Girl Danced
November 13th 2015Emily DickinsonLest this be Heaven indeed
November 12th 2015John BerrymanDream Song 118: He wondered: Do I love? all this applause
November 11th 2015Walt WhitmanSpain 1873–’74.
November 10th 2015Vachel LindsayBuddha
November 9th 2015Walt WhitmanOr from that Sea of Time.
November 8th 2015Anne SextonThe Fury Of God's Good-bye
November 7th 2015Phillis WheatleyOne Being Brought From Africa To America
November 6th 2015Ioanna CarlsenInsomnia: A Sextet
November 5th 2015Delmore SchwartzWhat Curious Dresses All Men Wear
November 4th 2015Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe New Tenants
November 3rd 2015Emily DickinsonFacts by our side are never sudden
November 2nd 2015Sylvia PlathPoppies In July
November 1st 2015Vachel LindsayThe Ghosts of the Buffaloes
October 2015
October 31st 2015Emily DickinsonAdvance is Life's condition
October 30th 2015Denise LevertovContraband
October 29th 2015Ralph Waldo EmersonBerrying
October 25th 2015Nick CarboAng Tunay Na Lalaki Meets Barbie At The Shark Bar
October 24th 2015Anne SextonAugust 17th
October 23rd 2015Dorothy ParkerThe Choice
October 22nd 2015Gwendolyn BrooksThe Crazy Woman
October 21st 2015Edgar Lee MastersRita Matlock Gruenberg
October 20th 2015Joyce KilmerThe House with Nobody in It
October 19th 2015Emily DickinsonSummer has two Beginnings --
October 18th 2015Carl SandburgWistful
October 17th 2015Emily DickinsonBetween My Country -- and the Others --
October 16th 2015Emily DickinsonLain in Nature -- so suffice us
October 15th 2015Mark SvenvoldRelearning Winter
October 14th 2015Emily DickinsonNo Other can reduce
October 13th 2015Vachel LindsayLook You, I'll Go Pray
October 12th 2015Edgar Lee MastersCalvin Campbell
October 11th 2015Kenneth PatchenIn the footsteps of the walking air
October 10th 2015David RayDoing Without
October 9th 2015Emily DickinsonIf wrecked upon the Shoal of Thought
October 8th 2015Mark DotyThe Ancient World
October 7th 2015Hayden CarruthScrambled Eggs And Whiskey
October 6th 2015Langston HughesAdvertisement For The Waldorf-Astoria
October 5th 2015Amy LowellEpitaph in a Church-Yard in Charleston, South Carolina
October 4th 2015Oliver Wendell HolmesMy Aviary
October 2nd 2015Sylvia PlathPursuit
October 1st 2015Vachel LindsayThe Spider and the Ghost of the Fly
September 2015
September 29th 2015Ralph AngelEven Because
September 27th 2015Randall JarrellThe Player Piano
September 26th 2015William Carlos WilliamsThe Soughing Wind
September 25th 2015Walt WhitmanTo The States.
September 24th 2015Emily DickinsonAll forgot for recollecting
September 23rd 2015Mac HammondHalloween
September 22nd 2015Ogden NashListen...
September 21st 2015Henry Wadsworth LongfellowHiawatha's Lamentation
September 20th 2015Emily DickinsonMany a phrase has the English language
September 19th 2015Emily DickinsonOf Tribulation, these are They
September 17th 2015Walt WhitmanDalliance of the Eagles, The.
September 15th 2015Lucille Cliftonsisters
September 14th 2015Emily DickinsonWhen the Astronomer stops seeking
September 13th 2015Henry Wadsworth LongfellowBlessing The Cornfields
September 12th 2015John MontagueThe Golden Hook
September 11th 2015Richard WilburBoy at the Window
September 6th 2015Anne BradstreetThe Flesh and the Spirit
September 5th 2015Emily DickinsonIt was too late for Man --
September 4th 2015Kate NorthropIowa & Other Accidents
September 3rd 2015Walt WhitmanAssurances.
September 2nd 2015Vachel LindsayThe Cornfields
September 1st 2015Emily DickinsonWithin my Garden, rides a Bird
August 2015
August 31st 2015Emily DickinsonBlazing in Gold and quenching in Purple
August 30th 2015Ronald KoertgeFault
August 29th 2015Delmore SchwartzWhat Is To Be Given
August 28th 2015Edwin Arlington RobinsonExit
August 27th 2015Stephen CraneOnce, I knew a fine song
August 26th 2015Edgar Lee MastersIndignation Jones
August 25th 2015Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Master
August 24th 2015Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Klondike
August 23rd 2015John BerrymanDream Song 5: Henry sats in de bar & was odd
August 22nd 2015Charles BukowskiThis Then
August 21st 2015Edgar Lee MastersAmelia Garrick
August 20th 2015Ella Wheeler WilcoxOnly A Slight Flirtation
August 19th 2015Emily DickinsonPain -- has an Element of Blank --
August 18th 2015Ogden NashJust Keep Quiet And Nobody Will Notice
August 17th 2015Edna St. Vincent MillayJourney
August 16th 2015Emily DickinsonMy Heart upon a little Plate
August 15th 2015Ellis Parker ButlerA Study In Feeling
August 14th 2015Vachel LindsayOn the Garden Wall
August 13th 2015Anne SextonGods
August 12th 2015Edgar Lee MastersJacob Godbey
August 11th 2015Emily DickinsonWhatever it is -- she has tried it --
August 10th 2015Philip LevineSmall Game
August 9th 2015Carl SandburgTawny
August 8th 2015Ogden NashThe Sniffle
August 7th 2015Walt WhitmanO You Whom I Often and Silently Come.
August 6th 2015Emily DickinsonFloss won't save you from an Abyss
August 5th 2015Wallace StevensSunday Morning
August 4th 2015Emily DickinsonMy best Acquaintances are those
August 3rd 2015William MatthewsMisgivings
August 2nd 2015Anne BradstreetBefore the Birth of One of Her Children
August 1st 2015Vachel LindsayThe Lion
July 2015
July 31st 2015Reginald ShepherdHow People Disappear
July 30th 2015Sylvia PlathMushrooms
July 29th 2015Heather FullerCaul
July 28th 2015Alan SeegerSonnet XII
July 26th 2015Li-Young LeeI Ask My Mother To Sing
July 25th 2015Emily DickinsonHow ruthless are the gentle --
July 24th 2015Carl SandburgBronzes
July 23rd 2015Ellis Parker ButlerAnticipation
July 22nd 2015e.e. cummingsa man who had fallen among thieves
July 21st 2015Emily DickinsonWhether they have forgotten
July 20th 2015Emily DickinsonThe Test of Love -- is Death --
July 19th 2015Lucille CliftonTo A Dark Moses
July 18th 2015Walt WhitmanPrimeval my Love for the Woman I Love.
July 17th 2015Walt WhitmanIndications, The.
July 16th 2015James SchuylerOctober
July 15th 2015Denise LevertovSeptember 1961
July 14th 2015Dorothy ParkerPrologue to a Saga
July 13th 2015Phillis WheatleyOde To Neptune
July 12th 2015Emily DickinsonIf I should die,
July 11th 2015Marge PiercyA Work Of Artifice
July 10th 2015Emily DickinsonSuch are the inlets of the mind --
July 9th 2015Linda PastanSelf-Portrait
July 8th 2015Edgar Lee MastersDeacon Taylor
July 7th 2015Walt WhitmanAmong the Multitude.
July 6th 2015Emily DickinsonOur share of night to bear
July 5th 2015David LehmanBig Hair
July 4th 2015Adrienne RichPower
July 3rd 2015Marge PiercyThe Morning Half-Life Blues
July 2nd 2015Charles BukowskiQuestion And Answer
July 1st 2015Lawrence FerlinghettiNumber 8
June 2015
June 30th 2015Sylvia PlathConversation Among The Ruins
June 29th 2015Emily DickinsonA Coffin -- is a small Domain,
June 28th 2015Henry Wadsworth LongfellowMEZZO CAMMIN
June 27th 2015Ezra PoundThe Needle
June 26th 2015Marge PiercyMy Mother's Body
June 25th 2015Ronald KoertgeSidekicks
June 24th 2015Robert FrostStars
June 23rd 2015Carl SandburgFellow Citizens
June 22nd 2015John BerrymanDream Song 96: Under the table, no. That last was stunning
June 21st 2015Robert CreeleyThe Rain
June 19th 2015Sara TeasdaleAfter Parting
June 18th 2015Edgar Lee MastersEdith Conant
June 17th 2015Edwin Arlington RobinsonLate Summer
June 16th 2015Stephen CraneWith eye and with gesture
June 15th 2015Kenneth PatchenIrkalla's White Caves
June 14th 2015Richard BrautiganPart 3 of Trout Fishing in America
June 13th 2015Wendell Berry1991-I
June 12th 2015Howard NemerovKicks
June 11th 2015Billy CollinsIntroduction To Poetry
June 10th 2015Nick FlynnStatuary
June 8th 2015Gertrude SteinRed Faces
June 7th 2015Sylvia PlathThe Arrival Of The Bee Box
June 6th 2015Denise LevertovBearing the Light
June 5th 2015John BerrymanDream Song 136: While his wife earned the living, Rabbi Henry
June 4th 2015Carl SandburgChicks
June 3rd 2015Walt WhitmanA Farm-Picture.
June 2nd 2015Edgar Allan PoeSerenade
June 1st 2015Emily DickinsonHow sick -- to wait -- in any place -- but thine
May 2015
May 31st 2015Emily DickinsonDown Time's quaint stream
May 30th 2015Carl SandburgInterior
May 29th 2015Amy LowellPatterns
May 28th 2015Ogden NashSong To Be Sung By The Father Of Infant Female Children
May 27th 2015Emily Dickinson'Twas just this time, last year, I died.
May 26th 2015Anne SextonThe Poet Of Ignorance
May 25th 2015Edgar Lee MastersTom Merritt
May 24th 2015Emily DickinsonIt bloomed and dropt, a Single Noon --
May 23rd 2015Carl SandburgAnd This Will be All?
May 22nd 2015James Whitcomb RileyKnee-Deep in June
May 21st 2015Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Cross of Snow
May 20th 2015Charles BukowskiDeath Wants More Death
May 19th 2015Emily DickinsonAll overgrown by cunning moss,
May 18th 2015Charles BukowskiBig Night On The Town
May 17th 2015Amy LowellFragment
May 16th 2015Stephen DunnStory
May 15th 2015Anne BradstreetTo My Dear And Loving Husband
May 14th 2015Anne SextonThe Fury Of Flowers And Worms
May 13th 2015Emily DickinsonRemorse -- is Memory -- awake --
May 12th 2015Gregory CorsoI Am 25
May 11th 2015Jane KenyonNotes from the Other Side
May 10th 2015Walt WhitmanSong of the Broad-Axe.
May 9th 2015James A. EmanuelEmmett Till *
May 8th 2015Vachel LindsayThe Empty Boats
May 7th 2015Richard BrautiganPart 6 of Trout Fishing in America
May 6th 2015Richard WilburWorlds
May 5th 2015James TateHead of a White Woman Winking
May 4th 2015Robert FrostNeither Out Far Nor In Deep
May 3rd 2015Emily DickinsonFor Death -- or rather
May 2nd 2015Marge PiercyBelly Good
May 1st 2015Charles BukowskiNew Mexico
April 2015
April 30th 2015Emily DickinsonI have a King, who does not speak
April 29th 2015Philip LevineClouds
April 28th 2015Vachel LindsayIn Memory of a Child
April 27th 2015Anne BradstreetUpon Some Distemper of Body
April 26th 2015Emily DickinsonDon't put up my Thread and Needle --
April 25th 2015Emily DickinsonA wild Blue sky abreast of Winds
April 24th 2015Robert HedinThe Old Liberators
April 23rd 2015Dorothy ParkerThe Red Dress
April 22nd 2015Robert FrostNever Again Would Bird's Song Be The Same
April 21st 2015Sharon OldsThe Borders
April 20th 2015Donald JusticeSestina: Here In Katmandu
April 19th 2015Stephen CraneIf I should cast off this tattered coat
April 18th 2015Shel SilversteinBoa Constrictor
April 17th 2015Edgar Lee MastersCharlie French
April 16th 2015Emily DickinsonNot in this World to see his face
April 15th 2015Walt WhitmanVoices.
April 14th 2015William StaffordThinking For Berky
April 13th 2015Emily Dickinson"Heaven" has different Signs -- to me --
April 12th 2015Emily DickinsonBefore you thought of Spring
April 11th 2015Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Dead Village
April 10th 2015Anne SextonConsorting With Angels
April 9th 2015Bill KnottHair Poem
April 8th 2015Dorothy ParkerTheory
April 7th 2015Dorothy ParkerSonnet on an Alpine Night
April 6th 2015Philip LevineBlack Stone On Top Of Nothing
April 5th 2015Carl SandburgCrapshooters
April 4th 2015Edgar Lee MastersLe Roy Goldman
April 3rd 2015Emily DickinsonTo learn the Transport by the Pain
April 2nd 2015Sara TeasdaleDebt
April 1st 2015e.e. cummingsi go to this window
March 2015
March 31st 2015Ezra PoundTame Cat
March 30th 2015Amy LowellNightmare: A Tale for an Autumn Evening
March 29th 2015Emily DickinsonA Bee his burnished Carriage
March 28th 2015Thomas LuxPlague Victims Catapulted Over Walls Into Besieged City
March 27th 2015Sylvia PlathLorelei
March 26th 2015Ella Wheeler WilcoxColeur de Rose
March 25th 2015Elton GlaserSmoking
March 24th 2015Walt WhitmanThought.
March 23rd 2015Walt WhitmanSinger in the Prison, The.
March 22nd 2015Robert CreeleyA Form Of Women
March 21st 2015Anne BradstreetIn My Solitary Hours in My Dear Husband his Absence
March 20th 2015Emily DickinsonA something in a summer's Day
March 19th 2015Emily DickinsonHow soft a Caterpillar steps --
March 18th 2015Robinson JeffersThe Stars Go Over The Lonely Ocean
March 17th 2015Robert FrostII. The Pauper Witch of Grafton
March 16th 2015e.e. cummingsthe boys i mean are not refined
March 15th 2015Adrienne RichNovember 1968
March 14th 2015Paul Laurence DunbarEncouraged
March 13th 2015Ted KooserIn January
March 12th 2015Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Wandering Jew
March 11th 2015Emily DickinsonA Planted Life -- diversified
March 10th 2015Emily DickinsonThe incidents of love
March 9th 2015Paul Laurence DunbarA Golden Day
March 8th 2015Bill KnottAdvice From The Experts
March 7th 2015Edna St. Vincent MillayWhen The Year Grows Old
March 6th 2015Ella Wheeler WilcoxImpatience
March 5th 2015James Whitcomb RileyThe Song of Yesterday
March 4th 2015Oliver Wendell HolmesThe Dorchester Giant
March 3rd 2015Carl SandburgManitoba Childe Roland
March 2nd 2015Ella Wheeler WilcoxContrasts
March 1st 2015Emily DickinsonShe laid her docile Crescent down
February 2015
February 28th 2015Walt WhitmanQuicksand Years.
February 27th 2015Emily DickinsonThat sacred Closet when you sweep --
February 26th 2015Walt WhitmanTo the Reader at Parting.
February 25th 2015Emily DickinsonSummer is shorter than any one --
February 24th 2015Bill KnottExcerpts From The Diary Of Damocles
February 23rd 2015Denise LevertovWeb
February 22nd 2015Amy LowellA London Thoroughfare.  2 A.M.
February 21st 2015Emily DickinsonWe Cover Thee -- Sweet Face
February 20th 2015Vachel LindsayThe Wedding of the Rose and the Lotos
February 19th 2015Anne SextonRapunzel
February 18th 2015Robert FrostA Line-Storm Song
February 17th 2015Gary SnyderRiprap
February 16th 2015Donald HallSudden Things
February 15th 2015Walt WhitmanTo the Garden the World.
February 14th 2015Carl SandburgUpstairs
February 13th 2015Anne SextonWhere It Was At Back Then
February 12th 2015Ezra PoundThe River-Merchant's Wife: A Letter
February 11th 2015Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Peace-Pipe
February 10th 2015Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Unexplorer
February 9th 2015Edwin Arlington RobinsonLeffingwell
February 8th 2015Louise GluckHappiness
February 7th 2015Walt WhitmanFast Anchor’d, Eternal, O Love.
February 6th 2015Carl SandburgBaby Vamps
February 5th 2015Li-Young LeeEarly In The Morning
February 4th 2015Ezra PoundCino
February 3rd 2015e.e. cummingswhy did you go... (IV)
February 2nd 2015Walt WhitmanWeave in, Weave in, My Hardy Life.
February 1st 2015Walt WhitmanA Child’s Amaze.
January 2015
January 31st 2015Frank O\'HaraAve Maria
January 30th 2015Hayden CarruthAt Seventy-Five: Rereading An Old Book
January 29th 2015Dorothy ParkerLittle Words
January 28th 2015Daniel NesterDeaf Rush Limbaugh's Macaronic Blues
January 27th 2015Dorothy ParkerLiebestod
January 26th 2015Edgar Lee MastersMary McNeely
January 25th 2015Emily DickinsonIf recollecting were forgetting,
January 24th 2015Dorothy ParkerLullaby
January 23rd 2015Ezra PoundThe Garret
January 22nd 2015Emily DickinsonNature affects to be sedate
January 19th 2015Denise LevertovWhat Were They Like?
January 18th 2015Oliver Wendell HolmesThe Two Streams
January 17th 2015Walt WhitmanTo You.
January 16th 2015Ella Wheeler WilcoxLove Much
January 15th 2015Emily DickinsonThe Products of my Farm are these
January 14th 2015Joseph Mayo Wristenmy pledge to you
January 13th 2015Emily DickinsonI've seen a Dying Eye
January 12th 2015Sylvia PlathLove Is A Parallax
January 11th 2015Allen GinsbergCosmopolitan Greetings
January 10th 2015Amy LowellMirage
January 9th 2015Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Son Of The Evening Star
January 8th 2015Hart CraneVoyages II
January 7th 2015Edgar Lee MastersSerepta Mason
January 6th 2015John BerrymanDream Song 134: Sick at 6 & sick again at 9
January 5th 2015Edgar Allan PoeThe Happiest Day, The Happiest Hour
January 4th 2015Shel SilversteinGod's Wheel
January 3rd 2015Emily DickinsonThe stem of a departed Flower
January 2nd 2015Walt WhitmanTorch, The.
January 1st 2015Li-Young LeeNativity
December 2014
December 31st 2014Emily Dickinson'Twas here my summer paused
December 30th 2014Philip LevinePassing Out
December 29th 2014John BerrymanDream Song 39: Goodbye, sir, & fare well. You're in the clear
December 28th 2014Carl SandburgIn the Shadow of the Palace
December 27th 2014Ella Wheeler WilcoxAt The Window
December 26th 2014Ella Wheeler WilcoxA yacht from its harbour ropes pulled free,
December 25th 2014Lizette Woodworth ReeseThat Day you came
December 24th 2014Emily Dickinson"Sic transit gloria mundi"
December 23rd 2014Anne SextonMy Friend, My Friend
December 22nd 2014e.e. cummingsFOREWARD, is 5
December 21st 2014Walt WhitmanSavantism.
December 20th 2014Amy LowellOn Carpaccio's Picture:  The Dream of St. Ursula
December 19th 2014Emily DickinsonI envy Seas, whereon He rides
December 18th 2014Carl SandburgPortrait
December 17th 2014Emily DickinsonI measure every Grief I meet
December 16th 2014Emily DickinsonI cross till I am weary
December 15th 2014Emily DickinsonUnto my Books -- so good to turn --
December 14th 2014Herman MelvilleGold in the Mountain
December 13th 2014Charles BukowskiRain
December 12th 2014Ellis Parker ButlerA Pastoral
December 11th 2014Kenneth PatchenThe Slums
December 10th 2014Raymond CarverThe Cobweb
December 9th 2014Carl SandburgPortrait of a Motor Car
December 8th 2014Edgar Allan PoeIsrafel
December 6th 2014Emily DickinsonThe Treason of an accent
December 5th 2014Emily Dickinson'Tis so much joy! 'Tis so much joy!
December 4th 2014Emily DickinsonGod is indeed a jealous God --
December 3rd 2014Richard WilburEpistemology
December 2nd 2014Daniel NesterLate Anniversary Madrigal
December 1st 2014Anne SextonBat
November 2014
November 30th 2014Emily DickinsonHer spirit rose to such a height
November 29th 2014Carl SandburgThey Ask Each Other Where They Came From
November 28th 2014Carl SandburgJack London and O. Henry
November 27th 2014Norman DubieThe Czar's Last Christmas Letter: A Barn in the Urals
November 26th 2014Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 03: 01: As evening falls
November 25th 2014David LehmanMarch 30
November 20th 2014Carl SandburgA Teamster's Farewell
November 19th 2014Emily DickinsonA face devoid of love or grace,
November 18th 2014Ben DoyleSingle Vision & Newton's Sleep
November 17th 2014Philip LevineMilkweed
November 16th 2014Walt WhitmanMiracles.
November 15th 2014Catherine AndersonWomanhood
November 14th 2014Alan SeegerDo You Remember Once . . .
November 13th 2014Ella Wheeler WilcoxMomus, God Of Laughter
November 12th 2014Dorothy ParkerThe Burned Child
November 11th 2014Walt WhitmanBathed in War’s Perfume.
November 10th 2014Philip LevineBelle Isle, 1949
November 9th 2014Charles BukowskiThe Aliens
November 8th 2014Philip LevineMontjuich
November 7th 2014Emily DickinsonNew feet within my garden go
November 6th 2014Vachel LindsayTo Reformers in Despair
November 5th 2014Edgar Lee MastersEditor Whedon
November 4th 2014Henry Wadsworth LongfellowHelen of Tyre
November 3rd 2014Naomi Shihab NyeHalf-And-Half
November 2nd 2014Li-Young LeeThe Gift
November 1st 2014Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Torrent
October 2014
October 31st 2014Russell EdsonCounting Sheep
October 30th 2014William Carlos WilliamsSuzanne
October 29th 2014Phillis WheatleyOn Imagination
October 28th 2014Dorothy ParkerThe Dramatists
October 27th 2014Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Ballad Of The Harp-Weaver
October 26th 2014Emily DickinsonUntil the Desert knows
October 25th 2014Emily DickinsonSome things that fly there be
October 24th 2014Vachel LindsayThe Congo: A Study of the Negro Race
October 23rd 2014James Whitcomb RileyLittle Orphant Annie
October 22nd 2014Carl SandburgManual System
October 21st 2014Emily DickinsonIt can't be "Summer"!
October 20th 2014Walt WhitmanSpontaneous Me.
October 19th 2014Dorothy ParkerIndian Summer
October 18th 2014Ogden NashLines To Be Embroidered On A Bib
October 17th 2014Allen GinsbergSphincter
October 16th 2014Carl SandburgChild Margaret
October 15th 2014Richard BrautiganSan Francisco
October 14th 2014Amy LowellIn a Castle
October 13th 2014Ellis Parker ButlerThe Cut Finger
October 12th 2014Emily DickinsonIf What we could -- were what we would
October 11th 2014Stephen CraneI stood musing in a black world
October 10th 2014e.e. cummingsif i have made,my lady,intricate
October 9th 2014Edgar Lee MastersSilas Dement
October 8th 2014Sara TeasdaleI Have Loved Hours At Sea
October 4th 2014Alan SeegerEl Extraviado
October 3rd 2014Richard BrautiganDiscovery
October 2nd 2014Edna St. Vincent MillayMake Bright The Arrows
October 1st 2014Carl SandburgHate
September 2014
September 30th 2014Terence WinchNon-Possession is One-Tenth of the Law
September 29th 2014Frank O\'HaraMeditations In An Emergency
September 28th 2014Emily DickinsonIf it had no pencil
September 27th 2014Carl SandburgThrowbacks
September 26th 2014Emily DickinsonA Man may make a Remark --
September 25th 2014Emily DickinsonThese are the Nights that Beetles love --
September 24th 2014Amy LowellA Fairy Tale
September 23rd 2014Joyce KilmerServant Girl and Grocer's Boy
September 21st 2014Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 04: 01: Clairvoyant
September 20th 2014Edgar Lee MastersLilian Stewart
September 19th 2014Stanley KunitzPassing Through
September 18th 2014Edwin Arlington RobinsonFirelight
September 17th 2014Edna St. Vincent MillayHere Is A Wound That Never Will Heal, I Know
September 16th 2014Donald JusticeMen At Thirty
September 15th 2014Edgar Lee MastersThe Village Atheist
September 14th 2014Emily DickinsonSafe Despair it is that raves --
September 13th 2014Emily DickinsonShe's happy, with a new Content --
September 12th 2014Louise BoganWords For Departure
September 11th 2014Carl SandburgTwo
September 10th 2014Ellis Parker ButlerThe Poor Boy’s Christmas
September 9th 2014Emily DickinsonA Spider sewed at Night
September 8th 2014Herman MelvilleThe Portent
September 7th 2014Emily DickinsonMe -- come! My dazzled face
September 6th 2014Robert FrostMisgiving
September 5th 2014Walt WhitmanOne Song, America, Before I Go.
September 4th 2014Bill KnottSleep
September 3rd 2014Edgar Lee MastersFaith Matheny
September 2nd 2014William MatthewsHomer's Seeing-Eye Dog
September 1st 2014Vachel LindsayMae Marsh, Motion Picture Actress
August 2014
August 31st 2014Emily DickinsonGlass was the Street -- in tinsel Peril
August 30th 2014Robert FrostRange-Finding
August 29th 2014Emily DickinsonSaid Death to Passion
August 28th 2014Emily DickinsonYou see I cannot see -- your lifetime
August 27th 2014Ella Wheeler WilcoxAdvice
August 26th 2014Emily Dickinson"Arcturus" is his other name
August 25th 2014Edgar Lee MastersCarl Hamblin
August 24th 2014Marge PiercyTo the Pay Toilet
August 23rd 2014Emily DickinsonRibbons of the Year --
August 22nd 2014D.C. BerryHamlet Off-Stage: The Magnolia Closet
August 21st 2014Carl SandburgPals
August 20th 2014Carl SandburgFlat Lands
August 19th 2014Lucille Cliftontelling our stories
August 18th 2014Emily DickinsonWe like a Hairbreadth 'scape
August 17th 2014Ralph Waldo EmersonGood-by
August 16th 2014Emily DickinsonGuest am I to have
August 15th 2014Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Penitent
August 14th 2014Charles BukowskiThese Things
August 13th 2014Donald JusticeVillanelle At Sundown
August 12th 2014Emily DickinsonMarch is the Month of Expectation.
August 11th 2014Emily DickinsonAlter! When the Hills do --
August 10th 2014Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 01: 02: One, from his high bright window in a tower
August 9th 2014Jack SpicerThing Language
August 8th 2014Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Ghosts
August 7th 2014Herman MelvilleThe Maldive Shark
August 6th 2014Emily DickinsonShe slept beneath a tree
August 5th 2014Edgar Lee MastersRev. Lemuel Wiley
August 4th 2014Vachel LindsayThe Rose of Midnight
August 3rd 2014Emily DickinsonThe Spirit is the Conscious Ear.
August 2nd 2014Vachel LindsayThe Booker Washington Trilogy
August 1st 2014Gertrude SteinDaughter
July 2014
July 31st 2014Edna St. Vincent MillayWhen We Are Old And These Rejoicing Veins
July 30th 2014Alan SeegerSonnet 12
July 29th 2014Emily DickinsonNo Rack can torture me
July 28th 2014Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Goblet of Life
July 27th 2014Richard WilburTransit
July 26th 2014T.S. EliotAunt Helen
July 25th 2014Edgar Lee MastersSeth Compton
July 24th 2014Walt WhitmanThought.
July 23rd 2014John BerrymanDream Song 25: Henry, edged, decidedly, made up stories
July 22nd 2014Charles BukowskiFreedom
July 21st 2014Emily Dickinson'Tis Opposites -- entice
July 20th 2014Hayden CarruthThe Curtain
July 19th 2014Oliver Wendell HolmesThe Voiceless
July 18th 2014Walt WhitmanI am He that Aches with Love.
July 17th 2014Emily DickinsonGlee -- The great storm is over --
July 16th 2014Bob HicokThe Maple
July 15th 2014Robert FrostThe Need of Being Versed in Country Things
July 14th 2014Emily DickinsonUnto the Whole -- how add?
July 13th 2014Langston HughesJustice
July 12th 2014Edna St. Vincent MillayElegy Before Death
July 11th 2014Vachel LindsayOn the Building of Springfield
July 10th 2014Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Voice of Age
July 9th 2014Dorothy ParkerBraggart
July 8th 2014Emily DickinsonI made slow Riches but my Gain
July 7th 2014Emily DickinsonThis Bauble was preferred of Bees --
July 6th 2014Emily DickinsonI showed her Heights she never saw
July 5th 2014Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 01: 06: Over the darkened city, the city of towers
July 4th 2014Emily DickinsonAgain -- his voice is at the door --
July 3rd 2014Edgar Lee MastersBlind Jack
July 2nd 2014James A. EmanuelElla Fitzgerald
July 1st 2014Kenneth PatchenThe Temple
June 2014
June 30th 2014Jean ToomerGeorgia Dusk
June 29th 2014Emily DickinsonHis voice decrepit was with Joy --
June 28th 2014Edwin Arlington RobinsonOn the Way
June 27th 2014Walt WhitmanTo You.
June 26th 2014Sylvia PlathDaddy
June 25th 2014Adrienne RichShattered Head
June 24th 2014Amy LowellThe Bungler
June 23rd 2014Emily DickinsonThe Sea said "Come" to the Brook --
June 22nd 2014Maya AngelouMomma Welfare Roll
June 21st 2014Ellis Parker ButlerThe Charge of the Second Iowa Cavalry
June 20th 2014Laura Riding JacksonThe World And I
June 19th 2014Ellis Parker ButlerNight In The City
June 18th 2014Emily DickinsonDid we disobey Him?
June 17th 2014Robert FrostLeaves Compared With Flowers
June 16th 2014Walt WhitmanPensive on Her Dead Gazing, I Heard the Mother of All.
June 15th 2014Ezra PoundCantico del Sole
June 14th 2014Ella Wheeler WilcoxI Am
June 13th 2014Edgar Lee MastersVoltaire Johnson
June 12th 2014Dorothy ParkerGeneral Review of the Sex Situation
June 11th 2014Wallace StevensThe Emperor Of Ice-Cream
June 10th 2014Charles SimicHow To Psalmodize
June 9th 2014Amy LowellThe Poet
June 8th 2014Andrew HudginsThe Unpromised Land, Montgomery, Alabama
June 7th 2014Randall JarrellThe Black Swan
June 6th 2014Wallace StevensOf Modern Poetry
June 5th 2014Carl SandburgChild of the Romans
June 4th 2014Anne SextonThe Fury Of Guitars And Sopranos
June 3rd 2014Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 01: 07: Midnight; bells toll, and along the cloud-high towers
June 2nd 2014e.e. cummingsSnow
June 1st 2014Emily DickinsonAfter all Birds have been investigated and laid aside --
May 2014
May 31st 2014Dorothy ParkerWords of Comfort to Be Scratched on a Mirror
May 30th 2014Sylvia PlathLeaving Early
May 29th 2014e.e. cummingsi carry your heart with me
May 28th 2014Henry Wadsworth LongfellowTHE SLAVE'S DREAM
May 27th 2014Edna St. Vincent MillaySorrow
May 26th 2014Robert FrancisNew England Mind
May 25th 2014Maggie EstepFuck Me
May 24th 2014Ella Wheeler WilcoxNoblesse Oblige
May 23rd 2014Edgar Lee MastersAce Shaw
May 22nd 2014Ella Wheeler WilcoxLove Song
May 21st 2014Thomas LuxA Library Of Skulls
May 20th 2014Emily DickinsonJust Once!  Oh least Request!
May 19th 2014Jorie GrahamMind
May 18th 2014Adrienne RichFor the Dead
May 17th 2014Emily DickinsonWho is it seeks my Pillow Nights --
May 16th 2014Charles BukowskiAre You Drinking?
May 15th 2014Vachel LindsayThe Gamblers
May 14th 2014Robinson JeffersThe Excesses Of God
May 13th 2014Walt WhitmanSolid, Ironical, Rolling Orb.
May 12th 2014Paul Laurence DunbarFrederick Douglass
May 11th 2014Vachel LindsayAladdin and the Jinn
May 10th 2014Emily DickinsonWithout this -- there is nought --
May 9th 2014Emily DickinsonRemoved from Accident of Loss
May 8th 2014Amy LowellCrepuscule du Matin
May 7th 2014Henry Wadsworth LongfellowTHE QUADROON GIRL
May 6th 2014Joyce KilmerAs Winds That Blow Against A Star
May 5th 2014Billy CollinsForgetfulness
May 4th 2014Walt WhitmanOut of the Rolling Ocean, the Crowd.
May 3rd 2014Anne SextonOld
May 2nd 2014Carl SandburgRusty Crimson
May 1st 2014Edgar Allan PoeThe Coliseum
April 2014
April 30th 2014Sylvia PlathChild
April 29th 2014Walt WhitmanFull of Life, Now.
April 28th 2014Archibald MacLeishYou, Andrew Marvell
April 27th 2014Henry Wadsworth LongfellowSomething Left Undone
April 26th 2014Emily DickinsonWe shun because we prize her Face
April 25th 2014Emily DickinsonIs it true, dear Sue?
April 24th 2014Robert FrancisCatch
April 23rd 2014Emily DickinsonThe Tint I cannot take -- is best --
April 22nd 2014Robert FrostAcceptance
April 21st 2014John BerrymanDream Song 172: Your face broods
April 19th 2014Edna St. Vincent MillayA Visit To The Asylum
April 18th 2014Brooks HaxtonSackcloth
April 17th 2014Ella Wheeler WilcoxGo Plant a Tree
April 16th 2014Carl SandburgWeeds
April 15th 2014Edgar Lee MastersCassius Hueffer
April 14th 2014Carl SandburgDream Girl
April 13th 2014Edgar Lee MastersJack McGuire
April 12th 2014Walt WhitmanEthiopia Saluting the Colors.
April 11th 2014David LehmanSexism
April 10th 2014Emily DickinsonHe scanned it -- staggered --
April 9th 2014Edgar Lee MastersBarney Hainsfeather
April 8th 2014Emily DickinsonExperiment escorts us last --
April 7th 2014Carl SandburgThe Road and the End
April 6th 2014Edgar Lee MastersOaks Tutt
April 5th 2014Edwin Arlington RobinsonRecalled
April 4th 2014Robert FrostFor Once, Then, Something
April 3rd 2014Dorothy ParkerBohemia
April 2nd 2014Joyce KilmerDelicatessen
April 1st 2014Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Book of Annandale
March 2014
March 31st 2014David LehmanJune 11
March 30th 2014John BerrymanSonnet 115 - All we were going strong last night this time
March 29th 2014Henry David ThoreauLet such pure hate still underprop
March 28th 2014Ella Wheeler WilcoxPardoned Out
March 27th 2014Carl SandburgDreams in the dusk
March 26th 2014Emily DickinsonNot "Revelation" -- 'tis -- that waits,
March 25th 2014Ella Wheeler WilcoxArtist's Life
March 24th 2014Emily DickinsonThe Mountains stood in Haze --
March 23rd 2014Ralph Waldo EmersonEtienne de la Boéce
March 22nd 2014David LehmanMaximism
March 21st 2014Phillis WheatleyOn Being Brought from Africa to America
March 20th 2014Edna St. Vincent MillayPastoral
March 19th 2014Emily DickinsonAs Everywhere of Silver
March 18th 2014Lawrence FerlinghettiBird With Two Right Wings
March 17th 2014David LehmanApril 24
March 16th 2014Alan DuganSwing Shift Blues
March 15th 2014Carl SandburgThe Four Brothers
March 14th 2014Edgar Allan PoeImitation
March 13th 2014Emily DickinsonSuch is the Force of Happiness --
March 12th 2014Kate NorthropHiding
March 11th 2014Charles BukowskiFor Jane: With All The Love I Had, Which Was Not Enough
March 10th 2014Robert PinskyAt Pleasure Bay
March 9th 2014Oliver Wendell HolmesBrother Jonathan's Lament
March 8th 2014Brooks HaxtonSalesmanship, With Half A Dram Of Tears
March 7th 2014Billy CollinsMan Listening To Disc
March 6th 2014Edna St. Vincent MillayI Think I Should Have Loved You
March 5th 2014Robert FrostThe Kitchen Chimney
March 4th 2014Stanley KunitzFirst Love
March 3rd 2014John BerrymanSonnet 96
March 2nd 2014Paul Laurence DunbarSigns of the Times
March 1st 2014Alan SeegerAriosto. Orlando Furioso, Canto X, 91-99
February 2014
February 28th 2014Edgar Lee MastersSam Hookey
February 27th 2014John BerrymanDream Song 74: Henry hates the world. What the world to Henry
February 26th 2014Edwin Arlington RobinsonBallad of Broken Flutes
February 25th 2014e.e. cummings(will you teach a... (12)
February 24th 2014Randall JarrellA Sick Child
February 23rd 2014Richard WilburIn the Smoking Car
February 22nd 2014Phillis WheatleyTo The Right Honourable William, Earl Of Dartmouth, His Majesty's Principal Secretary Of The State For North-America,
February 21st 2014Robert PinskyTo Television
February 20th 2014Emily DickinsonWhole Gulfs -- of Red, and Fleets -- of Red --
February 19th 2014Howard NemerovThe Lobster
February 18th 2014Langston HughesDemocracy
February 17th 2014Charles BukowskiAnother Day
February 16th 2014Walt Whitman1861.
February 15th 2014Charles BukowskiLove & Fame & Death
February 14th 2014Carl SandburgCahoots
February 13th 2014Emily DickinsonTo break so vast a Heart
February 12th 2014Emily DickinsonHe parts Himself -- like Leaves --
February 11th 2014Bill KnottFeeding The Sun
February 10th 2014William Carlos WilliamsThe Dance
February 9th 2014Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Unforgiven
February 8th 2014Joyce KilmerFather Gerard Hopkins, S. J.
February 7th 2014Edgar Lee MastersHon. Henry Bennett
February 6th 2014Sylvia PlathSpinster
February 5th 2014Charles BukowskiNow
February 4th 2014Edgar Lee MastersMrs. Sibley
February 3rd 2014Robert CreeleyA Wicker Basket
February 2nd 2014Emily DickinsonMy Eye is fuller than my vase
February 1st 2014Ogden NashThe Catsup Bottle
January 2014
January 31st 2014Wendell BerryIn this World
January 30th 2014Charles BukowskiThe Sun Weilds Mercy
January 29th 2014Robert FrostThe Span Of Life
January 28th 2014Alan SeegerResurgam
January 27th 2014Kenneth PatchenCreation
January 26th 2014Emily DickinsonHe forgot -- and I -- remembered
January 25th 2014James A. EmanuelFour-Letter Word
January 24th 2014Stanley GemmellEternity is what happens
January 23rd 2014Allen GinsbergDeath & Fame
January 22nd 2014Stephen CraneI explain the silvered passing of a ship at night,
January 21st 2014Ogden NashA Caution To Everybody
January 20th 2014Carl SandburgThree Pieces on the Smoke of Autumn
January 19th 2014Sara TeasdaleIf Death Is Kind
January 18th 2014Wallace StevensNomad Exquisite
January 17th 2014Vachel LindsayEpitaphs For Two Players
January 16th 2014John BerrymanDream Song 131: Come touch me baby in his waking dream
January 15th 2014Edgar Lee MastersHod Putt
January 14th 2014Russell EdsonAngels
January 13th 2014Philip LevineLate Moon
January 12th 2014Ellis Parker ButlerMouths Of Hippopotami And Some Recent Novels
January 11th 2014Carl SandburgAprons of Silence
January 10th 2014Richard BrautiganI Live In The Twentieth Century
January 9th 2014Emily DickinsonThe Bone that has no Marrow,
January 8th 2014Alan SeegerBroceliande
January 7th 2014Denise LevertovSojourns in the Parallel World
January 6th 2014T.S. EliotGrowltiger's Last Stand
January 5th 2014Philip LevineGin
January 4th 2014Reginald ShepherdPark Apocrypha
January 3rd 2014Howard NemerovSeptember, The First Day Of School
January 2nd 2014Walt WhitmanPoem of Remembrance for a Girl or a Boy.
January 1st 2014Philip LevineThen
December 2013
December 31st 2013Amy LowellThe Matrix
December 30th 2013David LehmanA Little History
December 29th 2013Stephen CraneI stood upon a highway
December 28th 2013Ella Wheeler WilcoxAt an Old Drawer
December 27th 2013Delmore SchwartzSaint, Revolutionist
December 26th 2013Emily DickinsonHer final Summer was it --
December 25th 2013e.e. cummingsyou being in love... (XII)
December 24th 2013Vachel LindsayThe Scissors-Grinder
December 23rd 2013Dorothy ParkerFighting Words
December 22nd 2013Emily DickinsonA Prison gets to be a friend --
December 21st 2013Ellis Parker ButlerThe Sheep
December 20th 2013Robinson JeffersRock And Hawk
December 19th 2013Carl SandburgRiver Moons
December 18th 2013Paul Laurence DunbarShips that Pass in the Night
December 17th 2013Adrienne RichIn Those Years
December 16th 2013e.e. cummingsyou said Is (XIII)
December 15th 2013Bill KnottAncient Measures
December 14th 2013Emily DickinsonThis Dust, and its Feature --
December 13th 2013Robert FrostThe Rose Family
December 12th 2013Anne SextonRowing
December 11th 2013Denise LevertovGrey Sparrow Addresses the Mind's Ear
December 10th 2013Louise BoganThe Frightened Man
December 9th 2013Ezra PoundLament of the Frontier Guard
December 8th 2013Richard BrautiganCoffee
December 7th 2013Amy LowellThe Cyclists
December 6th 2013Ella Wheeler WilcoxLast Love
December 5th 2013Deborah AgerDear Deborah
December 4th 2013Dorothy ParkerSight
December 3rd 2013Marvin BellThe Self and the Mulberry
December 2nd 2013Ogden NashThe Eel
December 1st 2013Adrienne RichPaula Becker to Clara Westhoff
November 2013
November 30th 2013e.e. cummingsn(o)w...
November 29th 2013Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 02: 07: Two Lovers: Overtones
November 28th 2013Henry Wadsworth LongfellowTHE BELFRY OF BRUGES
November 27th 2013Emily DickinsonOf Course -- I prayed
November 26th 2013Major Henry Livingston, Jr.To the Memory of Sarah Livingston
November 25th 2013Denise LevertovWanting The Moon
November 24th 2013Edgar Lee MastersElmer Karr
November 23rd 2013Russell EdsonA Performance At Hog Theater
November 22nd 2013Edgar Allan PoeThe Sleeper
November 21st 2013Ogden NashThe Cuckoo
November 20th 2013Emily DickinsonA Tongue -- to tell Him I am true!
November 19th 2013Carl SandburgThe Has-Been
November 18th 2013Randall JarrellThe Breath Of Night
November 17th 2013Allen GinsbergTranscription Of Organ Music
November 16th 2013Ogden NashThe Pig
November 15th 2013Amy LowellTo Elizabeth Ward Perkins
November 14th 2013Walt WhitmanSo Long.
November 13th 2013Carl SandburgAnd They Obey
November 12th 2013John BerrymanDream Song 82: Op. posth. no. 5
November 11th 2013James Whitcomb RileyIke Walton's Prayer
November 10th 2013Ella Wheeler WilcoxArt And Love
November 9th 2013Ogden NashThe Swan
November 8th 2013Alan SeegerFragments
November 7th 2013Anne SextonThe Black Art
November 6th 2013Phillis WheatleyOn The Death Of A Young Lady Of Five Years Of Age
November 5th 2013Stanley GemmellThe Samantha Sonnets #14
November 4th 2013Amy LowellSummer
November 3rd 2013Edgar Allan PoeTo M.L.S.
November 2nd 2013Lucille Cliftonthe times
November 1st 2013Walt WhitmanPatroling Barnegat.
October 2013
October 31st 2013Emily DickinsonHe is alive, this morning --
October 30th 2013Emily DickinsonI've dropped my Brain -- My Soul is numb --
October 22nd 2013Ella Wheeler WilcoxPossession
October 21st 2013Vachel LindsayBeyond the Moon
October 20th 2013Charles BukowskiSomebody
October 18th 2013D.C. BerryHamlet Off-Stage: Mona Gator
October 17th 2013Nick FlynnEmptying Town
October 14th 2013Robert LowellHome After Three Months Away
October 13th 2013Thomas LuxLucky
October 12th 2013Emily DickinsonFrom all the Jails the Boys and Girls
October 11th 2013Carl SandburgClean Curtains
October 8th 2013Edna St. Vincent MillayThursday
October 7th 2013Bill Knott(End) of Summer (1966)
October 6th 2013Charles BukowskiIt's Ours
October 5th 2013Emily DickinsonPink -- small -- and punctual --
October 4th 2013Dorothy ParkerA Well-Worn Story
October 3rd 2013Denise LevertovIkon: The Harrowing of Hell
October 2nd 2013Bill KnottDeath
October 1st 2013Carl SandburgThe Lawyers Know Too Much
September 2013
September 30th 2013Emily DickinsonThe first Day that I was a Life
September 29th 2013Laura Riding JacksonThe Quids
September 28th 2013Emily DickinsonSometimes with the Heart
September 27th 2013Edwin Arlington RobinsonSainte-Nitouche
September 26th 2013Emily DickinsonA Cloud withdrew from the Sky
September 25th 2013Sylvia PlathLyonnesse
September 24th 2013Emily DickinsonDid you ever stand in a Cavern's Mouth --
September 23rd 2013John BerrymanDream Song 125: Bards freezing, naked, up to the neck in water
September 22nd 2013Carl SandburgMy People
September 21st 2013Edgar Lee MastersWilliam and Emily
September 20th 2013e.e. cummingswhen god lets my body be
September 19th 2013Henry David ThoreauRumors from an Aeolian Harp
September 18th 2013Carl SandburgHow Much?
September 17th 2013Emily DickinsonExperiment to me
September 16th 2013Shel SilversteinThe Toucan
September 15th 2013Delmore SchwartzMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
September 14th 2013William Carlos WilliamsTo Waken An Old Lady
September 13th 2013Walt WhitmanTo Thee, Old Cause!
September 12th 2013Denise LevertovPsalm Concerning the Castle
September 11th 2013William Carlos WilliamsThe Desolate Field
September 10th 2013T.S. EliotThe Hollow Men
September 9th 2013Charles BukowskiI'm In Love
September 8th 2013Charles BukowskiWe Ain't Got No Money, Honey, But We Got Rain
September 7th 2013Emily DickinsonAn honest Tear
September 6th 2013John BerrymanDream Song 48: He yelled at me in Greek
September 5th 2013Weldon KeesThe Upstairs Room
September 4th 2013Anne SextonThe Division Of Parts
September 3rd 2013Langston HughesDream Deferred
September 2nd 2013Charles BukowskiFlophouse
September 1st 2013Charles BukowskiPoem For My 43rd Birthday
August 2013
August 31st 2013Carl SandburgFog Portrait
August 30th 2013Stephen CraneMany workmen
August 29th 2013Ogden NashNo, You Be A Lone Eagle
August 28th 2013Marvin BellThese Green-Going-to-Yellow
August 27th 2013Edgar Lee MastersThomas Rhodes
August 26th 2013Dorothy ParkerFable
August 25th 2013Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 02: 01: The round red sun heaves darkly out of the sea
August 24th 2013Edward NoblesNuclear Winter
August 23rd 2013Jim Carroll8 Fragments For Kurt Cobain
August 22nd 2013W.S. MerwinThe River Of Bees
August 21st 2013T.S. EliotBurbank with a Baedeker: Bleistein with a Cigar
August 20th 2013Edgar Lee MastersPetit, The Poet
August 19th 2013Ella Wheeler WilcoxAre you Loving Enough?
August 18th 2013Frank O\'Hara1951
August 17th 2013Denise LevertovThe Mutes
August 16th 2013Emily DickinsonSomehow myself survived the Night
August 14th 2013Edwin Arlington RobinsonFor a Dead Lady
August 13th 2013Ogden NashThe Perfect Husband
August 12th 2013Edna St. Vincent MillaySong Of A Second April
August 11th 2013Edgar Lee MastersJohn Wasson
August 10th 2013James Whitcomb RileyThe Old Swimmin'-Hole
August 9th 2013Walt WhitmanA Clear Midnight.
August 8th 2013Alan DuganDrunken Memories Of Anne Sexton
August 7th 2013Emily DickinsonThemself are all I have --
August 6th 2013Emily DickinsonSpring comes on the World --
August 5th 2013Emily DickinsonThere is a Shame of Nobleness --
August 4th 2013Sylvia PlathGetting There
August 3rd 2013Edgar Allan PoeSonnet- To Zante
August 2nd 2013Emily DickinsonA solemn thing -- it was -- I said
August 1st 2013Ezra PoundThese Fought in Any Case
July 2013
July 31st 2013Ben DoyleTug
July 30th 2013John BerrymanDream Song 26: The glories of the world struck me
July 29th 2013Edgar Lee MastersElizabeth Childers
July 28th 2013Walt WhitmanWhat am I, After All?
July 27th 2013Edgar Lee MastersDorcas Gustine
July 26th 2013Walt WhitmanKosmos.
July 25th 2013Walt WhitmanTears.
July 24th 2013Lola HaskinsMary's Duties
July 23rd 2013Phillis WheatleyA Farewel To America to Mrs. S. W.
July 22nd 2013David LehmanJanuary 2
July 21st 2013Billy CollinsPinup
July 20th 2013David BermanThe Moon
July 19th 2013Evie ShockleyWhere is it Clean
July 18th 2013Philip LevineWhat Work Is
July 17th 2013Edwin Arlington RobinsonBoston
July 16th 2013Frank O\'HaraMelancholy Breakfast
July 15th 2013Emily DickinsonHow still the Bells in Steeples stand
July 14th 2013Joyce KilmerEaster
July 13th 2013Ella Wheeler WilcoxAnswered
July 12th 2013Emily DickinsonFor largest Woman's Hearth I knew
July 11th 2013Ellis Parker ButlerThe Ballad Of A Bachelor
July 10th 2013Ellis Parker ButlerSpeaking Of Operations
July 9th 2013Vachel LindsayThe Mysterious Cat
July 8th 2013Louise BoganMan Alone
July 7th 2013Emily DickinsonTell as a Marksman -- were forgotten
July 6th 2013Emily DickinsonThey won't frown always -- some sweet Day
July 5th 2013Carl SandburgKreisler
July 4th 2013G.E. PattersonAutobiographia
July 3rd 2013Stanley KunitzThe Long Boat
July 2nd 2013Louise BoganThe Crossed Apple
July 1st 2013Sylvia PlathMystic
June 2013
June 30th 2013Louise GluckVespers
June 29th 2013Emily DickinsonIf your Nerve, deny you
June 28th 2013Ella Wheeler WilcoxLove's Language
June 27th 2013Edna St. Vincent MillayLove Is Not All
June 26th 2013Audre LordeInheritance—His
June 25th 2013Emily DickinsonI took my Power in my Hand --
June 24th 2013John BerrymanSonnet 104 - A spot of poontang on a five-foot piece
June 23rd 2013Ronald KoertgeThe Streetsweeper
June 22nd 2013Emily DickinsonThree times -- we parted -- Breath -- and I --
June 21st 2013James A. EmanuelBojangles And Jo
June 20th 2013Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Hunting Of Pau-Puk Keewis
June 19th 2013Edna St. Vincent MillayPasser Mortuus Est
June 18th 2013W.S. MerwinYesterday
June 17th 2013Amy LowellLate September
June 16th 2013Emily DickinsonDeclaiming Waters none may dread --
June 15th 2013Sharon OldsA Week Later
June 14th 2013Edna St. Vincent MillaySonnet 05: If I Should Learn, In Some Quite Casual Way
June 13th 2013Emily DickinsonHer sweet Weight on my Heart a Night
June 12th 2013Denise LevertovAware
June 11th 2013Paul Laurence DunbarThe Barrier
June 10th 2013Richard JonesHow Did You Meet Your Wife?
June 9th 2013Ella Wheeler WilcoxBegin The Day
June 8th 2013Denise LevertovWedding-Ring
June 7th 2013Emily DickinsonExcept the Heaven had come so near
June 6th 2013Eric TorgersenThe Story Of White Man Leading Viet Cong Patrol
June 5th 2013Robert FrostAn Empty Threat
June 4th 2013Phillis WheatleyTo a Lady on Her Remarkable Preservation
June 3rd 2013Charles Bukowski40,000
June 2nd 2013Amy LowellNew York at Night
June 1st 2013Henry Wadsworth LongfellowChristmas Bells
May 2013
May 31st 2013Russell EdsonOne Lonely Afternoon
May 30th 2013Henry David ThoreauIndeed, indeed, I cannot tell
May 29th 2013Ella Wheeler WilcoxHere And Now
May 28th 2013Emily DickinsonWhere I have lost, I softer tread
May 27th 2013Russell EdsonThe Having To Love Something Else
May 26th 2013Anne SextonThat Day
May 25th 2013Wendell BerrySabbaths 2001
May 24th 2013Emily DickinsonThe Symptom of the Gale --
May 23rd 2013Edgar Lee MastersAdam Weirauch
May 22nd 2013Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Burning Book
May 21st 2013Emily DickinsonThe Juggler's Hat her Country is
May 20th 2013Emily DickinsonWe -- Bee and I -- live by the quaffing
May 19th 2013Emily DickinsonOver and over, like a Tune
May 18th 2013Amy LowellThe Red Lacquer Music-Stand
May 17th 2013Vachel LindsayThe Bankrupt Peace-Maker
May 16th 2013Naomi Shihab NyeSewing, Knitting, Crocheting...
May 15th 2013Charles BukowskiEulogy To A Hell Of A Dame
May 14th 2013Louise GluckThe Untrustworthy Speaker
May 13th 2013Edna St. Vincent MillayTravel
May 12th 2013Gwendolyn BrooksOne Wants A Teller In A Time Like This
May 11th 2013Robinson JeffersThe Epic Stars
May 10th 2013Anne SextonAgain and Again and Again
May 9th 2013Denise LevertovThe Breathing
May 8th 2013Vachel LindsayThe Traveller-Heart
May 7th 2013Ellis Parker ButlerMerry Christmas And Happy New Year!
May 6th 2013Emily DickinsonI live with Him -- I see His face
May 5th 2013Anne BradstreetUpon My Dear and Loving Husband his Going into England Jan. 16
May 4th 2013Anne SextonWith Mercy For The Greedy
May 3rd 2013Emily DickinsonThe Face we choose to miss --
May 2nd 2013Jane KenyonHaving it Out with Melancholy
May 1st 2013Ella Wheeler WilcoxAnswered Prayers
April 2013
April 30th 2013Amy LowellTeatro Bambino.  Dublin, N. H.
April 29th 2013Alan SeegerThe Hosts
April 28th 2013Jane KenyonDutch Interiors
April 27th 2013Robert FrostThe Last Word of a Blue Bird
April 26th 2013John BerrymanDream Song 33: An apple arc'd toward Kleitos; whose great King
April 25th 2013e.e. cummingsa clown's smirk in the skull of a baboon
April 24th 2013Amy LowellAzure and Gold
April 23rd 2013Walt WhitmanTo the Leaven’d Soil They Trod.
April 22nd 2013Oliver Wendell HolmesThe Opening of the Piano
April 21st 2013Hart CraneTo Brooklyn Bridge
April 20th 2013Emily DickinsonNone can experience sting
April 19th 2013William StaffordObjector
April 18th 2013Lucille Cliftonmiss rosie
April 17th 2013Henry Wadsworth LongfellowNUREMBERG
April 16th 2013Delmore SchwartzFor The One Who Would Not Take His Life In His Hands
April 15th 2013James A. EmanuelJohn Coltrane
April 14th 2013Anne SextonSmall Wire
April 13th 2013Frank O\'HaraChinamen Jump
April 12th 2013Norman DubieAt Corfu
April 11th 2013T.S. EliotFour Quartets 4: Little Gidding
April 10th 2013Anne SextonThe Dead Heart
April 9th 2013Philip LevineThe Water's Chant
April 8th 2013Walt WhitmanFrom Far Dakota’s Cañons.
April 7th 2013Chris ForhanLate Meditation
April 6th 2013Jane KenyonThe Suitor
April 5th 2013Louise GluckMidnight
April 4th 2013Anne SextonThe Earth
April 3rd 2013Anthony HechtSamuel Sewall
April 2nd 2013Lucille CliftonShe Understands Me
April 1st 2013Emily DickinsonI asked no other thing --
March 2013
March 31st 2013Howard NemerovPoetics
March 30th 2013Stephen CraneThe chatter of a death-demon from a tree-top
March 29th 2013Laura Riding JacksonThe Poet's Corner
March 28th 2013Amy LowellA Lady
March 27th 2013Carl SandburgMonotone
March 26th 2013Edgar Lee MastersJames Garber
March 25th 2013Gwendolyn BrooksWe Real Cool
March 24th 2013Edgar Lee MastersLydia Puckett
March 23rd 2013Wendell Berry1991-II
March 22nd 2013Dorothy ParkerNews Item
March 21st 2013Bill KnottSelf(The Poet Passé)Portrait
March 20th 2013Vachel LindsayThe Master of the Dance
March 19th 2013Carl SandburgMurmurings in a field hospital
March 18th 2013Weldon KeesThe Bell From Europe
March 17th 2013Galway KinnellHow Could You Not
March 16th 2013Walt WhitmanLessons.
March 15th 2013Wendell BerryTestament
March 14th 2013Edwin Arlington RobinsonAnother Dark Lady
March 13th 2013Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Spring And The Fall
March 12th 2013Adrienne RichPlanetarium
March 11th 2013Anne SextonThe Wifebeater
March 10th 2013Galway KinnellWait
March 9th 2013Archibald MacLeishTwo Poems from the War
March 8th 2013Emily DickinsonWe can but follow to the Sun --
March 7th 2013Walt WhitmanO Living Always—Always Dying.
March 6th 2013Major Henry Livingston, Jr.A Tenant of Mrs. Van Kleeck
March 5th 2013Sara TeasdaleEnough
March 4th 2013Thomas LuxVirgule
March 3rd 2013Lucille Cliftonharriet
March 2nd 2013Robert FrostTo E.T.
March 1st 2013Herman MelvilleArt
February 2013
February 28th 2013John BerrymanDream Song 127: Again, his friend's death made the man sit still
February 27th 2013Emily DickinsonWhile we were fearing it, it came --
February 26th 2013Emily DickinsonDeath is the supple Suitor
February 25th 2013e.e. cummingswhen life is quite through with... (II)
February 24th 2013Emily DickinsonMy Faith is larger than the Hills --
February 23rd 2013Ellis Parker ButlerTo May
February 22nd 2013Delmore SchwartzA Dream Of Whitman Paraphrased, Recognized And Made More Vivid By Renoir
February 21st 2013Archibald MacLeishBaccalaureate
February 20th 2013Louise GluckCirce's Power
February 19th 2013e.e. cummingsBuffalo Bill's
February 18th 2013Edwin Arlington RobinsonAn Evangelist's Wife
February 17th 2013Henry Wadsworth LongfellowShakespeare
February 16th 2013Maya AngelouWoman Work
February 15th 2013Walt WhitmanEurope, the 72d and 73d years of These States.
February 14th 2013Emily DickinsonPursuing you in your transitions,
February 13th 2013Anne SextonThe Fury Of Cooks
February 12th 2013Edgar Lee MastersHenry Tripp
February 11th 2013Richard BrautiganMilk For The Duck
February 10th 2013Arthur SzeThe Owl
February 9th 2013Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Song of Hiawatha: X
February 8th 2013John BerrymanDream Song 60: Afters eight years, be less dan eight percent
February 7th 2013Carl SandburgHow Yesterday Looked
February 6th 2013Anne SextonLullaby
February 5th 2013Carl SandburgBetween Two Hills
February 4th 2013Kate NorthropThe Dead
February 3rd 2013W.S. MerwinBeggars And Kings
February 2nd 2013Edgar Lee MastersPlymouth Rock Joe
February 1st 2013Henry Wadsworth LongfellowHiawatha's Childhood
January 2013
January 31st 2013Edwin Arlington RobinsonReuben Bright
January 30th 2013Stanley GemmellThe Samantha Sonnets #10
January 29th 2013Edna St. Vincent MillayScrub
January 28th 2013Richard BrautiganGee, You're So Beautiful That It's Starting To Rain
January 27th 2013Gary SnyderFor/From Lew
January 26th 2013John BerrymanDream Song 32: And where, friend Quo, lay you hiding
January 25th 2013Emily DickinsonForever honored by the Tree
January 24th 2013Walt WhitmanOf the Terrible Doubt of Appearances.
January 23rd 2013Joyce KilmerMain Street
January 22nd 2013Allen GinsbergFive A.M.
January 21st 2013Carl SandburgMammy Hums
January 20th 2013John BerrymanDream Song 123: Daples my floor the eastern sun, my house faces north
January 19th 2013Philip LevineFist
January 18th 2013Vachel LindsayThis Section is a Christmas Tree
January 17th 2013e.e. cummingsmaggie and milly and molly and may
January 16th 2013Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 01: 08: The white fog creeps from the cold sea over the city
January 15th 2013Anthony HechtCurriculum Vitae
January 14th 2013Emily DickinsonThe Months have ends -- the Years -- a knot
January 13th 2013Henry David ThoreauSic Vita
January 12th 2013Emily DickinsonDespair's advantage is achieved
January 11th 2013Carolyn ForchéThe Testimony Of Light
January 10th 2013Stephen DunnAt The Smithville Methodist Church
January 9th 2013Edwin Arlington RobinsonPeace on Earth
January 8th 2013Louise BoganMedusa
January 7th 2013Edna St. Vincent MillayLines Written In Recapitulation
January 6th 2013Emily DickinsonFlowers -- Well -- if anybody
January 5th 2013Stanley GemmellGhost
January 4th 2013Walt WhitmanA March in the Ranks, Hard-prest.
January 3rd 2013Emily DickinsonIf ever the lid gets off my head
January 2nd 2013Anne SextonThe Earth Falls Down
January 1st 2013Sara TeasdaleBuried Love
December 2012
December 31st 2012Emily DickinsonSpring is the Period
December 30th 2012Carl SandburgJabberers
December 29th 2012Edgar Lee MastersPeleg Poague
December 28th 2012Emily DickinsonMy nosegays are for Captives
December 27th 2012Larry LevisThe Widening Spell Of Leaves
December 26th 2012Ogden NashThe Joyous Malingerer
December 25th 2012Edna St. Vincent MillayDirge
December 24th 2012Walt WhitmanBehavior.
December 23rd 2012Walt WhitmanProud Music of The Storm.
December 22nd 2012Carl SandburgKillers
December 21st 2012Philip LevineHouse Of Silence
December 20th 2012Anne SextonElizabeth Gone
December 19th 2012Emily DickinsonAt least -- to pray -- is left -- is left --
December 18th 2012Delmore SchwartzThe Ballet Of The Fifth Year
December 17th 2012Major Henry Livingston, Jr.Letter Sent to Master Timmy Dwight
December 16th 2012Paul Laurence DunbarThe Paradox
December 15th 2012Philip FreneauOde
December 14th 2012Anthony HechtLot's Wife
December 13th 2012Emily DickinsonHe fought like those Who've nought to lose --
December 12th 2012Billy CollinsAnother Reason Why I Don't Keep A Gun In The House
December 11th 2012Edgar Lee MastersMickey M'Grew
December 10th 2012Russell EdsonElephant Dormitory
December 9th 2012Emily DickinsonHis oriental heresies
December 8th 2012Ella Wheeler WilcoxProgress
December 7th 2012Edna St. Vincent MillayExiled
December 6th 2012Emily DickinsonBloom upon the Mountain -- stated --
December 5th 2012Raymond CarverAn Afternoon
December 4th 2012Allen GinsbergA Western Ballad
December 3rd 2012Amy LowellThe Promise of the Morning Star
December 2nd 2012Major Henry Livingston, Jr.Epithalamium: A Marriage Poem
December 1st 2012Emily DickinsonThat I did always love
November 2012
November 30th 2012Walt WhitmanThou Orb Aloft Full-Dazzling.
November 29th 2012e.e. cummingsthis evangelist... (XXIX)
November 28th 2012Sylvia PlathJilted
November 27th 2012Philip LevineHow Much Earth
November 26th 2012Emily DickinsonTo put this World down, like a Bundle --
November 25th 2012Walt WhitmanMyself and Mine.
November 24th 2012Walt WhitmanHere, Sailor.
November 23rd 2012John BerrymanThe Ball Poem
November 22nd 2012T.S. EliotThe Waste Land
November 21st 2012Alan SeegerVirginibus Puerisque . . .
November 20th 2012William Carlos WilliamsHeel & Toe To The End
November 19th 2012Emily DickinsonHeart, not so heavy as mine
November 18th 2012John BerrymanDream Song 30: Collating bones: I would have liked to do
November 17th 2012Billy CollinsJapan
November 16th 2012Wallace StevensThe Sense Of The Sleight-Of-Hand Man
November 15th 2012Anne SextonCrossing The Atlantic
November 14th 2012John BerrymanDream Song 102: The sunburnt terraces which swans make home
November 13th 2012Amy LowellThe Way
November 12th 2012Ellis Parker ButlerLittle Ballads Of Timely Warning; III: On Laziness And Its Resultant Ills
November 11th 2012Walt WhitmanAdieu to a Soldier.
November 10th 2012Donald JusticeOn The Death Of Friends In Childhood
November 9th 2012Carl SandburgBuckwheat
November 8th 2012Edwin Arlington RobinsonVeteran Sirens
November 7th 2012Stanley GemmellThe Samantha Sonnets #4
November 6th 2012John BerrymanDream Song 49: Blind
November 5th 2012Edgar Lee MastersElsa Wertman
November 4th 2012Marge PiercyWhat Are Big Girls Made Of?
November 3rd 2012Carl SandburgPool
November 2nd 2012e.e. cummingsit may not always be so
November 1st 2012e.e. cummingswho sharpens every dull... (26)
October 2012
October 31st 2012Richard WilburMatthew VIII,28 ff.
October 30th 2012Sylvia PlathCut
October 29th 2012Edgar Lee MastersMrs. George Reece
October 28th 2012Jean ValentineLate
October 27th 2012Frank BidartHomo Faber
October 26th 2012Carl SandburgTelegram
October 25th 2012Richard WilburThe Ride
October 24th 2012Emily DickinsonUpon his Saddle sprung a Bird
October 23rd 2012Robinson JeffersContrast
October 22nd 2012Emily DickinsonIt troubled me as once I was --
October 21st 2012Robert FrostThe Demiurge's Laugh
October 20th 2012Emily DickinsonForbidden Fruit a flavor has
October 19th 2012Billy CollinsLitany
October 18th 2012Joseph Mayo WristenOld Man Rocking In the Chair
October 17th 2012Emily DickinsonThe Bat is dun, with wrinkled Wings --
October 16th 2012Emily DickinsonThe Wind begun to rock the Grass
October 15th 2012Emily DickinsonThey have a little Odor -- that to me
October 14th 2012Emily DickinsonIt is a lonesome Glee --
October 13th 2012Ezra PoundSalutation
October 12th 2012Robert CreeleyOther
October 11th 2012Adrienne RichMy Mouth Hovers Across Your Breasts
October 10th 2012Eileen MylesSympathy
October 9th 2012Vachel LindsayTo Gloriana
October 8th 2012Louise GluckSummer
October 7th 2012Amy LowellThe Shadow
October 6th 2012e.e. cummingsof all the blessings which to man... (IV)
October 5th 2012William Carlos WilliamsThe Disputants
October 4th 2012Ogden NashSo Does Everybody Else, Only Not So Much
October 3rd 2012Mark DotyBroadway
October 2nd 2012Shel SilversteinForgotten Language
October 1st 2012Sharon OldsPrimitive
September 2012
September 30th 2012Allen GinsbergCIA Dope Calypso
September 29th 2012John BerrymanDream Song 130: When I saw my friend covered with blood, I thought
September 28th 2012Walt WhitmanThoughts.
September 27th 2012Emily DickinsonTheir Barricade against the Sky
September 26th 2012Delmore SchwartzSpiders
September 25th 2012Howard NemerovThe Beautiful Lawn Sprinkler
September 24th 2012Emily DickinsonI'm ceded -- I've stopped being Theirs --
September 23rd 2012Shel SilversteinOne Inch Tall
September 22nd 2012Jorie GrahamManteau Three
September 21st 2012Emily DickinsonThe Soul's distinct connection
September 20th 2012Carl SandburgSunset From Omaha Hotel Window
September 19th 2012Louise GluckCelestial Music
September 18th 2012Thomas LuxTorn Shades
September 17th 2012Reginald ShepherdOrpheus Plays The Bronx
September 16th 2012Philip LevineOde For Mrs. William Settle
September 15th 2012Emily DickinsonSoul, take thy risk.
September 14th 2012Anne SextonWallflower
September 13th 2012Carl SandburgTroths
September 12th 2012Ogden NashReflection On The Fallibility Of Nemesis
September 11th 2012Walt WhitmanNot Youth Pertains to Me.
September 10th 2012Emily DickinsonNature and God -- I neither knew
September 9th 2012Jack KerouacHaiku
September 8th 2012Lizette Woodworth ReeseTears
September 7th 2012Edna St. Vincent MillayWhat Lips My Lips Have Kissed, And Where, And Why (Sonnet XLIII)
September 6th 2012Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Pilot
September 5th 2012Nick CarboAng Tunay Na Lalaki (The Real Man) Is Baffled By Cryptic Messages
September 4th 2012Oliver Wendell HolmesFor the Moore Centennial Celebration
September 3rd 2012Edna St. Vincent MillayLow-Tide
September 2nd 2012Anne SextonSome Foreign Letters
September 1st 2012Ella Wheeler WilcoxFoes
August 2012
August 31st 2012Ogden NashFleas
August 30th 2012Oliver Wendell HolmesThe Deacon's Masterpiece Or, The Wonderful "One-Hoss Shay": A Logical Story
August 29th 2012Richard BrautiganYes, the Fish Music
August 28th 2012Ralph Waldo EmersonFable
August 27th 2012Joyce KilmerFolly
August 26th 2012Joyce KilmerThe Cathedral of Rheims
August 25th 2012Robert Lowell"To Speak of Woe That Is in Marriage"
August 24th 2012Ezra PoundFrancesca
August 23rd 2012Lucille CliftonCutting Greens
August 22nd 2012Walt WhitmanBase of all Metaphysics, The.
August 21st 2012Charles BukowskiTo The Whore Who Took My Poems
August 20th 2012e.e. cummingsnobody loses all the time (X)
August 19th 2012Sara TeasdaleThe Years
August 18th 2012Carl SandburgHandfuls
August 17th 2012Walt WhitmanBivouac on a Mountain Side.
August 16th 2012Galway KinnellSt. Francis And The Sow
August 15th 2012Emily DickinsonYou said that I "was Great" -- one Day --
August 14th 2012Anne SextonThe Break Away
August 13th 2012Robert FrostThe Birthplace
August 12th 2012Walt WhitmanRecorders Ages Hence.
August 11th 2012Anne BradstreetHere Follows Some Verses upon the Burning of Our House
August 10th 2012Emily DickinsonFate slew Him, but He did not drop --
August 9th 2012William StaffordThis Life
August 8th 2012Emily DickinsonParting with Thee reluctantly,
August 7th 2012Emily DickinsonSweet Skepticism of the Heart --
August 6th 2012Ella Wheeler WilcoxRealisation
August 5th 2012Walt WhitmanRace of Veterans.
August 4th 2012Robert FrostSand Dunes
August 3rd 2012Louise GluckThe Wild Iris
August 2nd 2012John BerrymanDream Song 10: There were strange gatherings. A vote would come
August 1st 2012Emily DickinsonLove -- is anterior to Life --
July 2012
July 31st 2012Sylvia PlathThe Queen's Complaint
July 30th 2012e.e. cummingslily has a rose
July 29th 2012James A. EmanuelMichael Jackson
July 28th 2012Ellis Parker ButlerA Question
July 27th 2012Hayden CarruthI, I, I
July 26th 2012Emily DickinsonNot One by Heaven defrauded stay --
July 25th 2012John BerrymanDream Song 76: Henry's Confession
July 24th 2012James Whitcomb RileyTo a Boy Whistling
July 23rd 2012Edwin Arlington RobinsonBallad by the Fire
July 22nd 2012Emily DickinsonCivilization -- spurns -- the Leopard!
July 21st 2012D.C. BerryHamlet Off-Stage: Laertes Cool
July 20th 2012Anne SextonMr. Mine
July 19th 2012Diane WakoskiThis Beautiful Black Marriage
July 18th 2012Vachel LindsayOur Guardian Angels and Their Children
July 17th 2012Emily DickinsonThat Love is all there is,
July 16th 2012Emily DickinsonA Letter is a joy of Earth --
July 15th 2012Robert FrancisReturn
July 14th 2012Connie WanekJump Rope
July 13th 2012Emily DickinsonThis is a Blossom of the Brain --
July 12th 2012Walt WhitmanWhat Weeping Face.
July 11th 2012David LehmanAugust 15
July 10th 2012Emily DickinsonI could not drink it, Sweet,
July 9th 2012Delmore SchwartzSocrates Ghost Must Haunt Me Now
July 8th 2012Edwin Arlington RobinsonAlma Mater
July 7th 2012Carl SandburgThe Junk Man
July 6th 2012Ralph Waldo EmersonThe Snow-Storm
July 5th 2012Ron RashPrice Lake: 1961
July 4th 2012Edgar Lee MastersHenry Layton
July 3rd 2012Emily DickinsonExhilaration is the Breeze
July 2nd 2012Edgar Lee MastersO Glorious France
July 1st 2012Anthony HechtThe Transparent Man
June 2012
June 30th 2012Edgar Lee MastersMabel Osborne
June 29th 2012Emily DickinsonHis little Hearse like Figure
June 28th 2012Amy LowellA Gift
June 27th 2012Edgar Lee MastersAbel Melveny
June 26th 2012Delmore SchwartzThe Heavy Bear Who Goes With Me
June 25th 2012Erin BelieuRondeau at the Train Stop
June 24th 2012Walt WhitmanMannahatta.
June 23rd 2012Emily DickinsonA loss of something ever felt I --
June 22nd 2012Emily DickinsonThey ask but our Delight --
June 21st 2012Emily DickinsonA Weight with Needles on the pounds
June 20th 2012Dorothy ParkerThomas Carlyle
June 19th 2012Walt WhitmanSalut au Monde.
June 18th 2012Edna St. Vincent MillaySonnet 02: Time Does Not Bring Relief; You All Have Lied
June 17th 2012Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 01: 05: The snow floats down upon us, mingled with rain
June 16th 2012Alan SeegerSonnet VII
June 15th 2012Emily DickinsonGratitude -- is not the mention
June 14th 2012Maggie EstepEmotional Idiot
June 13th 2012Thomas LuxMarine Snow At Mid-Depths And Down
June 12th 2012Anne SextonFor The Year Of The Insane
June 11th 2012Walt WhitmanAn Army Corps on the March.
June 10th 2012Amy LowellVenetian Glass
June 9th 2012Anne SextonThe Child Bearers
June 8th 2012Emily DickinsonAfter a hundred years
June 7th 2012Charles WebbPost-Vacation Tristesse
June 6th 2012Hayden CarruthWords In A Certain Appropriate Mode
June 5th 2012Denise LevertovThe Rainwalkers
June 4th 2012Allen Ginsberg136 Syllables At Rocky Mountain Dharma Center
June 3rd 2012Emily DickinsonNo Brigadier throughout the Year
June 2nd 2012Sylvia PlathMary's Song
June 1st 2012Frank O\'HaraV.R. Lang
May 2012
May 31st 2012Philip LevineThe Unknowable
May 30th 2012Emily DickinsonApparently with no surprise
May 29th 2012Carl SandburgLanguages
May 28th 2012William Carlos WilliamsLandscape With The Fall Of Icarus
May 27th 2012Walt WhitmanO Tan-faced Prairie Boy.
May 26th 2012Emily DickinsonWhile it is alive
May 25th 2012Linda PastanEmily Dickinson
May 24th 2012Ruth L. SchwartzThe Swan At Edgewater Park
May 23rd 2012Sylvia PlathThe Eye-Mote
May 22nd 2012Henry David ThoreauWhat's the Railroad to Me
May 21st 2012Carl SandburgSoup
May 20th 2012T.S. EliotMr. Eliot’s Sunday Morning Service
May 19th 2012John BerrymanDream Song 45: He stared at ruin. Ruin stared straight back
May 18th 2012Anthony HechtParadise Lost Book 5: An Epitome
May 17th 2012Carl SandburgPlaces
May 16th 2012Emily DickinsonThe Grace -- Myself -- might not obtain --
May 15th 2012Louise GluckMatins
May 14th 2012Walt WhitmanExcelsior.
May 13th 2012Frances MayesSister Cat
May 12th 2012Maya AngelouThe Lesson
May 11th 2012Vachel LindsayWhere Is the Real Non-Resistant
May 10th 2012Anne SextonAfter Auschwitz
May 9th 2012Emily DickinsonGod gave a Loaf to every Bird --
May 8th 2012Larry LevisThe Poem You Asked For
May 7th 2012Frank BidartCalifornia Plush
May 6th 2012W.S. MerwinThe Source
May 5th 2012Sylvia PlathApprehensions
May 4th 2012Anne BradstreetContemplations
May 3rd 2012Amy LowellFool's Money Bags
May 2nd 2012Grace PaleyHere
May 1st 2012Robert FrostGoing for Water
April 2012
April 30th 2012Joyce KilmerStars
April 29th 2012Wallace StevensMetaphors Of A Magnifico
April 28th 2012Kate NorthropAffair With Various Endings
April 27th 2012Anne SextonThe Death Baby
April 26th 2012Robert FrostMowing
April 25th 2012David LehmanWhen A Woman Loves A Man
April 24th 2012Walt WhitmanSo Far and So Far, and on Toward the End.
April 23rd 2012Emily DickinsonDeath leaves Us homesick, who behind,
April 22nd 2012Ogden NashThe Octopus
April 21st 2012Emily DickinsonThe right to perish might be thought
April 20th 2012Henry Wadsworth LongfellowHaroun Al Raschid
April 19th 2012Ellis Parker ButlerOutbid
April 18th 2012Denise LevertovA Tree Telling of Orpheus
April 17th 2012Anthony HechtThe End Of The Weekend
April 4th 2012Emily DickinsonI took one Draught of Life --
April 3rd 2012Amy LowellSuggested by the Cover of a Volume of Keats's Poems
April 2nd 2012Sara TeasdaleSleepless
April 1st 2012Emily DickinsonShe sights a Bird -- she chuckles --
March 2012
March 31st 2012Sylvia PlathThe Dead
March 30th 2012Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Return From Town
March 29th 2012Emily Dickinson"Houses" -- so the Wise Men tell me
March 28th 2012Emily DickinsonAs if I asked a common Alms
March 27th 2012Robert FrostOn Going Unnoticed
March 26th 2012Amy LowellThe Paper Windmill
March 25th 2012Robert FrostGathering Leaves
March 24th 2012Richard BrautiganDonner Party
March 23rd 2012Phillis WheatleyTo the Rev. Dr. Thomas Amory
March 22nd 2012Emily DickinsonThe Spider as an Artist
March 21st 2012Louise BoganMen Loved Wholly Beyond Wisdom
March 20th 2012Philip LevineAny Night
March 19th 2012Edgar Lee MastersErnest Hyde
March 18th 2012Carl SandburgPoppies
March 17th 2012Emily DickinsonThat she forgot me was the least
March 16th 2012Henry Wadsworth LongfellowHiawatha's Sailing
March 15th 2012Emily DickinsonThe Night was wide, and furnished scant
March 14th 2012Kenneth PatchenWe Go Out Together In the Staring Town
March 13th 2012Henry Wadsworth LongfellowLoss And Gain
March 12th 2012Jorie GrahamThe Surface
March 11th 2012Ralph Waldo EmersonMusketaquid
March 10th 2012Mark DotyDemolition
March 9th 2012Anne SextonRumpelstiltskin
March 8th 2012Walt WhitmanThoughts.
March 7th 2012Dorothy ParkerOrnithology for Beginners
March 6th 2012Carl SandburgBuffalo Dusk
March 5th 2012Carl SandburgHorses and Men in Rain
March 4th 2012Joseph Mayo WristenValentine
March 3rd 2012Charles BukowskiThe Worst And The Best
March 2nd 2012Amy LowellFrancis II, King of Naples
March 1st 2012Vachel LindsayGalahad, Knight Who Perished
February 2012
February 29th 2012Henry David ThoreauMy life has been the poem
February 28th 2012Edgar Lee MastersHarry Carey Goodhue
February 27th 2012Sylvia PlathPoems, Potatoes
February 26th 2012Emily DickinsonTo lose thee -- sweeter than to gain
February 25th 2012Vachel LindsayWe Meet at the Judgment and I Fear It Not
February 24th 2012Denise LevertovOn the Mystery of the Incarnation
February 23rd 2012Edwin Arlington RobinsonPartnership
February 22nd 2012Emily DickinsonThe Whole of it came not at once --
February 21st 2012Emily DickinsonThere comes an hour when begging stops,
February 20th 2012Edwin Arlington RobinsonBokardo
February 19th 2012Carl SandburgSumach and Birds
February 18th 2012Ella Wheeler WilcoxIdler's Song
February 17th 2012Emily DickinsonShe sped as Petals of a Rose
February 16th 2012Edna St. Vincent MillayWitch-Wife
February 15th 2012Emily DickinsonThe distance that the dead have gone
February 14th 2012Howard NemerovThe Goose Fish
February 13th 2012Ella Wheeler WilcoxLittle Queen
February 12th 2012Walt WhitmanTwo Rivulets.
February 11th 2012Walt WhitmanI Hear America Singing.
February 10th 2012Terence WinchDiagnosis
February 9th 2012Philip LevineAn Abandoned Factory, Detroit
February 8th 2012Vachel LindsayForeign Missions in Battle Array
February 7th 2012William Carlos WilliamsSpring And All
February 6th 2012Joseph Mayo WristenStudio Composition
February 5th 2012Oliver Wendell HolmesThe Deacon's Masterpiece Or, The Wonderful "One-Hoss Shay": A Logical Story
February 4th 2012Anne SextonThe Fury Of Sundays
February 3rd 2012John BerrymanDream Song 53: He lay in the middle of the world, and twicht
February 2nd 2012Ellis Parker ButlerTrespassers
February 1st 2012Charles BukowskiI Met A Genius
January 2012
January 31st 2012Phillis WheatleyOn Recollection
January 30th 2012Frank O\'HaraA True Account Of Talking To The Sun At Fire Island
January 29th 2012Emily DickinsonThe saddest noise, the sweetest noise,
January 28th 2012Robert LowellEpilogue
January 27th 2012Ella Wheeler WilcoxA trusting little leaf of green,
January 26th 2012Randall JarrellThe Elementary Scene
January 25th 2012Ezra PoundMedallion
January 24th 2012Robert CreeleyThe Conspiracy
January 23rd 2012Walt WhitmanCentenarian’s Story, The.
January 22nd 2012Edgar Lee MastersJonathan Houghton
January 21st 2012Ella Wheeler WilcoxLife Is A Privilege
January 20th 2012Emily DickinsonI could die -- to know --
January 19th 2012Ogden NashThe Praying Mantis
January 18th 2012Emily DickinsonIf I shouldn't be alive
January 17th 2012Emily DickinsonWe never know we go when we are going --
January 16th 2012Emily DickinsonShe died at play,
January 15th 2012Weldon KeesThe Furies
January 14th 2012Weldon KeesA Distance From The Sea
January 13th 2012Emily DickinsonSo gay a Flower
January 12th 2012Dorothy ParkerThe White Lady
January 11th 2012Emily DickinsonYou're right -- "the way is narrow"
January 10th 2012Vachel LindsayMichaelangelo
January 9th 2012Emily DickinsonThe first Day's Night had come
January 8th 2012Carl SandburgGargoyle
January 7th 2012Ella Wheeler WilcoxNot Quite The Same
January 6th 2012Ralph Waldo EmersonMerops
January 5th 2012Anthony HechtLizards And Snakes
January 4th 2012Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Return of Morgan and Fingal
January 3rd 2012Emily DickinsonHe preached upon "Breadth" till it argued him narrow --
January 2nd 2012Ella Wheeler WilcoxA Suggestion
January 1st 2012Emily DickinsonThe Butterfly in honored Dust
December 2011
December 31st 2011Emily DickinsonI learned -- at least -- what Home could be --
December 30th 2011Emily DickinsonA Day! Help! Help! Another Day!
December 29th 2011Ogden NashFamily Court
December 28th 2011Dorothy ParkerTwo-Volume Novel
December 27th 2011Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 01: 01: The sun goes down in a cold pale flare of light
December 26th 2011Emily Dickinson"Why do I love" You, Sir?
December 25th 2011Emily DickinsonWho Giants know, with lesser Men
December 24th 2011Alan SeegerAntinous
December 23rd 2011Emily DickinsonLove's stricken "why"
December 22nd 2011Emily DickinsonAn altered look about the hills
December 21st 2011Charles SimicHeights Of Folly
December 20th 2011Walt WhitmanOne Hour to Madness and Joy.
December 19th 2011Joyce KilmerQueen Elizabeth Speaks
December 18th 2011Emily DickinsonSome one prepared this mighty show
December 17th 2011Emily DickinsonIt ceased to hurt me, though so slow
December 16th 2011Philip LevineA Sleepless Night
December 15th 2011Edna St. Vincent MillayAnd do you think that love itself
December 14th 2011Carl SandburgThe Year
December 13th 2011Marge PiercyFor the Young Who Want To
December 12th 2011Emily DickinsonWhat if I say I shall not wait!
December 11th 2011Vachel LindsayThe Angel and the Clown
December 10th 2011Emily DickinsonDeparted -- to the Judgment --
December 9th 2011Robert CreeleyBallad Of The Despairing Husband
December 8th 2011Emily DickinsonWe thirst at first -- 'tis Nature's Act --
December 7th 2011Edgar Lee MastersDora Williams
December 6th 2011Vachel LindsayTo Mary Pickford
December 5th 2011Edgar Lee MastersWallace Ferguson
December 4th 2011Louis JenkinsFootball
December 3rd 2011David IgnatowFor My Daughter
December 2nd 2011Marvin BellWednesday
December 1st 2011Ella Wheeler WilcoxLove Thyself Last
November 2011
November 30th 2011Emily DickinsonWithout a smile -- Without a Throe
November 29th 2011Robert FrancisBlue Winter
November 28th 2011Walt WhitmanThoughts.
November 27th 2011Carl SandburgUnder a Hat Rim
November 26th 2011Robert FrostPlace for a Third
November 25th 2011Vachel LindsayThe Fairy Bridal-Hymn
November 24th 2011Edgar Lee MastersGeorge Trimble
November 23rd 2011Emily DickinsonIn this short Life
November 22nd 2011Vachel LindsayWhat the Rattlesnake Said
November 21st 2011Alan DuganHow We Heard the Name
November 20th 2011Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Dream
November 19th 2011Conrad AikenEvening Song Of Senlin
November 18th 2011Ron RashThe Skeleton In The Dogwood
November 17th 2011e.e. cummingsdying is fine)but Death
November 16th 2011John BerrymanDream Song 62: That dark brown rabbit, lightness in his ears
November 15th 2011Emily DickinsonThe murmuring of Bees, has ceased
November 14th 2011Amy LowellThe Fool Errant
November 13th 2011Marge PiercyThe Woman in the Ordinary
November 12th 2011Ellis Parker ButlerThe Water Nymphs
November 11th 2011Emily DickinsonA little overflowing word
November 10th 2011Erin BelieuThe Hideous Chair
November 9th 2011Carl SandburgPeach Blossoms
November 8th 2011William StaffordLit Instructor
November 7th 2011Anthony HechtSaul And David
November 6th 2011Russell EdsonThe Reason Why The Closet-Man Is Never Sad
November 5th 2011Philip LevineOnce
November 4th 2011Frank O\'HaraMorning
November 3rd 2011Emily DickinsonHow soft this Prison is
November 2nd 2011Emily DickinsonThe Spirit lasts -- but in what mode --
November 1st 2011Emily DickinsonThere is no Silence in the Earth -- so silent
October 2011
October 31st 2011Edgar Lee MastersFletcher McGee
October 30th 2011Edgar Lee MastersGeorge Gray
October 29th 2011Wendell BerryThe peace of wild things
October 28th 2011Delmore SchwartzThis Is A Poem I Wrote At Night, Before The Dawn
October 27th 2011Emily DickinsonToo little way the House must lie
October 26th 2011Vachel LindsayThe Chinese Nightingale
October 25th 2011Vachel LindsayThe Black Hawk War of the Artists
October 24th 2011Emily DickinsonTeach Him -- When He makes the names
October 23rd 2011Edgar Lee MastersHomer Clapp
October 22nd 2011Edwin Arlington RobinsonUncle Ananias
October 21st 2011Emily DickinsonWhose cheek is this?
October 20th 2011Adrienne RichMoving in Winter
October 19th 2011Jane KenyonThe Blue Bowl
October 18th 2011Edgar Allan PoeDreamland
October 17th 2011Emily DickinsonEstranged from Beauty -- none can be --
October 16th 2011James A. EmanuelPoet As Fisherman
October 15th 2011Linda PastanThe New Dog
October 14th 2011Edna St. Vincent MillayChorus
October 13th 2011Louise GluckThe Pond
October 12th 2011Ralph Waldo EmersonCompensation
October 11th 2011Emily DickinsonI shall not murmur if at last
October 10th 2011Edgar Lee MastersBarry Holden
October 9th 2011Terence WinchMy Friends
October 8th 2011Evie ShockleyBallplayer
October 7th 2011Edgar Lee MastersJohn Ballard
October 6th 2011Anne SextonThe Legend Of The One-Eyed Man
October 5th 2011Emily DickinsonMute thy Coronation
October 4th 2011Walt WhitmanWhen I heard the Learn’d Astronomer.
October 3rd 2011Emily DickinsonPain has but one Acquaintance
October 2nd 2011Emily DickinsonThose -- dying then,
October 1st 2011Ralph Waldo EmersonThe Bell
September 2011
September 30th 2011Emily DickinsonThe thought beneath so slight a film
September 29th 2011Ellis Parker ButlerA Culinary Puzzle
September 28th 2011Carl SandburgNight Movement—New York
September 27th 2011Russell EdsonThe Rat's Tight Schedule
September 26th 2011Stanley KunitzEnd of Summer
September 25th 2011Carl SandburgGone
September 24th 2011Emily DickinsonA little Madness in the Spring
September 23rd 2011Maggie EstepThe Stupid Jerk I'm Obsessed With
September 22nd 2011Carl SandburgPotato Blossom Songs and Jigs
September 21st 2011Maya AngelouPhenomenal Woman
September 20th 2011William Carlos WilliamsNantucket
September 19th 2011Vachel LindsayAn Argument
September 18th 2011Emily DickinsonI cannot be ashamed
September 17th 2011Walt WhitmanShip Starting, The.
September 16th 2011Lucille CliftonMy Mama Moved Among the Days
September 15th 2011Emily DickinsonThe Face in evanescence lain
September 14th 2011Nick FlynnBag Of Mice
September 13th 2011Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Clinging Vine
September 12th 2011Carl SandburgMan, the Man-Hunter
September 11th 2011Dorothy ParkerConvalescent
September 10th 2011Lawrence FerlinghettiNumber 20
September 9th 2011Robert LowellDolphin
September 8th 2011Amy LowellThe Precinct.  Rochester
September 7th 2011Amy LowellAubade
September 6th 2011Jean ToomerThe Lost Dancer
September 5th 2011Brooks HaxtonUnclean
September 4th 2011Robert FrancisGlass
September 3rd 2011Russell EdsonThe Autopsy
September 2nd 2011Sylvia PlathWinter Trees
September 1st 2011Joseph Mayo WristenMonastery of the Rose
August 2011
August 31st 2011Karl ShapiroA Garden In Chicago
August 30th 2011Edgar Lee MastersCharles Webster
August 29th 2011Walt WhitmanThou Reader.
August 28th 2011Ella Wheeler WilcoxPoverty And Wealth
August 27th 2011Robinson JeffersSummer Holiday
August 26th 2011Edgar Lee MastersMrs. Meyers
August 25th 2011Ella Wheeler WilcoxSing To Me
August 24th 2011William MatthewsPoem (The lump of coal my parents teased)
August 23rd 2011Ella Wheeler WilcoxMy Ships
August 22nd 2011Carl SandburgGovernment
August 21st 2011Robert FrostA Fountain, a Bottle, a Donkey's Ears, and Some Books
August 20th 2011Charles BukowskiCows In Art Class
August 19th 2011William Carlos WilliamsThe Widow's Lament In Springtime
August 18th 2011Emily DickinsonOur own possessions -- though our own --
August 17th 2011Carl SandburgStreets Too Old
August 16th 2011Billy CollinsBy A Swimming Pool Outside Syracusa
August 15th 2011Russell EdsonAccidents
August 14th 2011Henry Wadsworth LongfellowWALTER VON DER VOGELWEID
August 13th 2011Edward FieldCurse of the Cat Woman
August 12th 2011Charles BukowskiPrayer In Bad Weather
August 11th 2011Emily DickinsonI never felt at Home -- Below
August 10th 2011Billy CollinsDharma
August 9th 2011Amy LowellThe Grocery
August 8th 2011Wallace StevensThe Plot Against The Giant
August 7th 2011Emily DickinsonDeprived of other Banquet,
August 6th 2011Robert PhillipsThe Panic Bird
August 5th 2011Bill KnottCompact Dusk
August 4th 2011Walt WhitmanWarble for Lilac-Time.
August 3rd 2011Robert FrancisOn a Theme by Frost
August 2nd 2011Emily DickinsonI had no Cause to be awake --
August 1st 2011e.e. cummingsbecause i love you)last night
July 2011
July 31st 2011Ella Wheeler WilcoxPresumption
July 30th 2011Emily DickinsonBless God, he went as soldiers,
July 29th 2011Dorothy ParkerBallade of a Talked-off Ear
July 28th 2011William Carlos WilliamsComplete Destruction
July 27th 2011Sylvia PlathLady Lazarus
July 26th 2011Alan SeegerSonnet XVI: Who Shall Invoke Her
July 25th 2011Emily DickinsonA curious Cloud surprised the Sky,
July 24th 2011Walt WhitmanLong I Thought that Knowledge.
July 23rd 2011Walt WhitmanLaws for Creations.
July 22nd 2011Billy CollinsFlames
July 21st 2011William StaffordA Ritual To Read To Each Other
July 20th 2011Amy LowellPetals
July 19th 2011Walt WhitmanGliding Over All.
July 18th 2011Edwin Arlington RobinsonMany Are Called
July 17th 2011Linda PastanWhat We Want
July 16th 2011Emily DickinsonI sometimes drop it, for a Quick --
July 15th 2011Charles BukowskiSomething For The Touts, The Nuns, The Grocery Clerks, And You . . .
July 14th 2011John BerrymanDream Song 78: Op. posth. no. 1
July 13th 2011Paul Laurence DunbarA Negro Love Song
July 12th 2011Vachel LindsayTwo Old Crows
July 11th 2011Henry Wadsworth LongfellowAUTUMN
July 10th 2011Charles BukowskiThe Most
July 9th 2011Carl SandburgA. E. F.
July 8th 2011Frank O\'HaraDigression On Number 1, 1948
July 7th 2011Sharon OldsTopography
July 6th 2011Emily DickinsonMore Life -- went out -- when He went
July 5th 2011John BerrymanDream Song 126: A Thurn
July 4th 2011D.C. BerryHamlet Off-Stage: Hambeau Heartbroke Horny
July 3rd 2011Dorothy ParkerCondolence
July 2nd 2011Anne BradstreetThe Four Ages of Man
July 1st 2011Amy LowellLead Soldiers
June 2011
June 30th 2011Ogden NashA Word To Husbands
June 29th 2011Denise DuhamelKinky
June 28th 2011Emily DickinsonThe Spider holds a Silver Ball
June 27th 2011Reginald ShepherdBlue
June 26th 2011Dorothy ParkerOne Perfect Rose
June 25th 2011Carl SandburgA Sphinx
June 24th 2011Emily DickinsonThe ones that disappeared are back
June 23rd 2011Ezra PoundLa Regina Avrillouse
June 22nd 2011Carl SandburgAll Day Long
June 21st 2011Carl SandburgOld Osawatomie
June 20th 2011Ogden NashThe Centipede
June 19th 2011Charles BukowskiTrue
June 18th 2011Emily DickinsonWild Nights -- Wild Nights!
June 17th 2011Emily DickinsonWe miss a Kinsman more
June 16th 2011Emily DickinsonDelight is as the flight
June 15th 2011Walt WhitmanA Broadway Pageant.
June 14th 2011Linda PastanPears
June 13th 2011Sylvia PlathBalloons
June 12th 2011Alan SeegerSonnet VI
June 11th 2011Phillis WheatleyThoughts On The Works Of Providence
June 10th 2011Carl SandburgTheme In Yellow
June 9th 2011Charles BukowskiFriends Within The Darkness
June 8th 2011Billy CollinsMarginalia
June 7th 2011Emily DickinsonHere, where the Daisies fit my Head
June 6th 2011Thomas LuxGorgeous Surfaces
June 5th 2011Denise LevertovAdam's Complaint
June 4th 2011Robinson JeffersTor House
June 3rd 2011Robinson JeffersLet Them Alone
June 2nd 2011Conrad AikenImprovisations: Light And Snow
June 1st 2011Emily DickinsonAs if the Sea should part
May 2011
May 31st 2011Ogden NashReflection On Babies
May 30th 2011e.e. cummingsbut mr can you maybe listen there's
May 29th 2011Emily DickinsonA faded Boy -- in sallow Clothes
May 28th 2011Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Gift of God
May 27th 2011Robert FrostOn a Tree Fallen Across the Road
May 26th 2011Walt WhitmanCrossing Brooklyn Ferry.
May 25th 2011Edgar Allan PoeFairy-Land
May 24th 2011Charles BukowskiShort Order
May 23rd 2011Edgar Lee MastersFather Malloy
May 22nd 2011Alan SeegerCoucy
May 21st 2011Walt WhitmanWandering at Morn.
May 20th 2011Ogden NashChildren's Party
May 19th 2011e.e. cummings"Gay" is the captivating cognomen
May 18th 2011Carl SandburgA Tall Man
May 17th 2011Emily DickinsonThe Road to Paradise is plain,
May 16th 2011Dorothy ParkerGuinevere at Her Fireside
May 15th 2011Emily DickinsonRobbed by Death -- but that was easy --
May 14th 2011Edgar Lee MastersAlexander Throckmorton
May 13th 2011Ogden NashI Didn't Go To Church Today
May 12th 2011Emily DickinsonWhat I can do -- I will
May 11th 2011Kenneth KochThe Boiling Water
May 10th 2011William Carlos WilliamsComplaint
May 9th 2011Carl SandburgCarlovingian Dreams
May 8th 2011Brooks HaxtonEvery Death Is Magic from the Enemy to Be Avenged
May 7th 2011Sara TeasdaleMy Heart Is Heavy
May 6th 2011Emily DickinsonHe was my host -- he was my guest,
May 5th 2011Emily DickinsonColor -- Caste -- Denomination --
May 4th 2011Stephen CraneBehold, the grave of a wicked man
May 3rd 2011e.e. cummingsthe Noster was a ship of swank... (8)
May 2nd 2011Walt WhitmanIn Former Songs.
May 1st 2011Sylvia PlathMonologue At 3 AM
April 2011
April 30th 2011Anne SextonEnd, Middle, Beginning
April 29th 2011Carl SandburgGirl in a Cage
April 28th 2011Carl SandburgThree Ghosts
April 27th 2011Philip LevineThose Were The Days
April 26th 2011Dorothy ParkerNow at Liberty
April 25th 2011Conrad AikenThe Room
April 24th 2011Carl SandburgThey All Want to Play Hamlet
April 23rd 2011Audre LordeNever To Dream Of Spiders
April 22nd 2011Emily DickinsonTo One denied the drink
April 21st 2011Emily DickinsonA throe upon the features
April 20th 2011Thomas LuxHenry Clay's Mouth
April 19th 2011Edgar Lee MastersCaptain Orlando Killion
April 18th 2011Edgar Lee MastersHamlet Micure
April 17th 2011Ogden NashLather As You Go
April 16th 2011Frank O\'HaraMusic
April 15th 2011David LehmanWittgenstein's Ladder
April 14th 2011Emily DickinsonSociety for me my misery
April 13th 2011e.e. cummingsi am a little church
April 12th 2011Robert FrostWind and Window Flower
April 11th 2011Anne SextonThe Big Boots Of Pain
April 10th 2011Wallace StevensThe River Of Rivers In Connecticut
April 9th 2011Emily DickinsonBring me the sunset in a cup,
April 8th 2011Dorothy ParkerThought for a Sunshiny Morning
April 7th 2011Ron RashThe Bridge
April 6th 2011Robert FrostWild Grapes
April 5th 2011Ellis Parker ButlerAt Variance
April 4th 2011Robinson JeffersBirth-Dues
April 3rd 2011Anne SextonThe Evil Eye
April 2nd 2011Emily DickinsonCome show thy Durham Breast
April 1st 2011Carl SandburgStreet Window
March 2011
March 31st 2011Emily DickinsonIn falling Timbers buried --
March 30th 2011Anne SextonThe Fury Of Earth
March 29th 2011Maya AngelouMillion Man March Poem
March 28th 2011Walt WhitmanWhen I heard at the Close of the Day.
March 27th 2011Sylvia PlathThe Night Dances
March 26th 2011Richard BrautiganRomeo and Juliet
March 25th 2011Edgar Lee MastersMargaret Fuller Slack
March 24th 2011Amy ClampittVacant Lot With Pokeweed
March 23rd 2011Robert FrostRiders
March 22nd 2011Edgar Lee MastersThe Town Marshal
March 21st 2011Anne SextonIn Excelsis
March 20th 2011e.e. cummingsbuy me an ounce and i'll sell you a pound.
March 19th 2011Wendell BerryThe Silence
March 18th 2011Hayden CarruthBlock
March 17th 2011Louise GluckParable Of Faith
March 16th 2011Richard WilburJune Light
March 15th 2011Edna St. Vincent MillayTo Those Without Pity
March 14th 2011Jean MonahanRough Beast
March 13th 2011Richard WilburShame
March 12th 2011Charles BukowskiWhat Can We Do?
March 11th 2011Anne BradstreetOf the Four Ages of Man
March 10th 2011Paul Laurence DunbarConfirmation
March 9th 2011Robert LowellThe Ruins Of Time
March 8th 2011Emily DickinsonOf Paul and Silas it is said
March 7th 2011Robinson JeffersOn Building With Stone
March 6th 2011Emily DickinsonA sepal, petal, and a thorn
March 5th 2011David LehmanApril 26
March 4th 2011Walt WhitmanAfter the Sea-Ship.
March 3rd 2011Robert FrostThe Sound of the Trees
March 2nd 2011Walt WhitmanYet, Yet, Ye Downcast Hours.
March 1st 2011Emily DickinsonA happy lip -- breaks sudden
February 2011
February 28th 2011Daniel NesterSuspicious Minds
February 27th 2011Amy LowellHero-Worship
February 26th 2011Frank BidartOverheard Through The Walls Of The Invisible City
February 25th 2011Ella Wheeler WilcoxSmiles
February 24th 2011Aaron FogelThe Man Who Never Heard of Frank Sinatra
February 23rd 2011Frank O\'HaraAnn Arbor Variations
February 22nd 2011Christopher MorleyInscription For A Grammar
February 21st 2011T.S. EliotMorning at the Window
February 20th 2011James TateHappy As The Day Is Long
February 19th 2011Louise GluckThe Fear Of Burial
February 18th 2011Joyce KilmerIn Memory
February 17th 2011Robert FrostOne Step Backward Taken
February 16th 2011Emily DickinsonDenial -- is the only fact
February 15th 2011Edwin Arlington RobinsonHillcrest
February 14th 2011Emily DickinsonFaith -- is the Pierless Bridge
February 13th 2011Stephen DunnThe Routine Things Around The House
February 12th 2011Chris ForhanGouge, Adze, Rasp, Hammer
February 10th 2011Ellis Parker ButlerHow’d You Like It?
February 9th 2011Amy LowellThe Boston Athenaeum
February 8th 2011Dorothy ParkerI Know I Have Been Happiest
February 7th 2011Ezra PoundThe Lake Isle
February 6th 2011Emily DickinsonYesterday is History,
February 5th 2011Sylvia PlathElm
February 4th 2011Henry Wadsworth LongfellowCURFEW
February 3rd 2011Jorie GrahamSalmon
February 2nd 2011Edgar Allan PoeSpirits Of The Dead
February 1st 2011Mark DotyDickeyville Grotto
January 2011
January 31st 2011Sara TeasdaleGuenevere
January 30th 2011Robinson JeffersThe Maid's Thought
January 29th 2011Wallace StevensGray Room
January 28th 2011David LehmanWith Tenure
January 27th 2011Emily DickinsonThere is a word
January 26th 2011Edgar Lee MastersConstance Hately
January 25th 2011Edgar Lee MastersSilence
January 24th 2011Anne SextonThe Interrogation Of The Man Of Many Hearts
January 23rd 2011Vachel LindsayAn Indian Summer Day on the Prarie
January 22nd 2011Walt WhitmanFacing West from California’s Shores.
January 21st 2011Philip LevineBerenda Slough
January 20th 2011Louise GluckSaints
January 19th 2011Emily DickinsonEnded, ere it begun --
January 18th 2011Stephen CraneWhen a people reach the top of a hill,
January 17th 2011Dorothy ParkerThe Small Hours
January 16th 2011Carl SandburgValley Song
January 15th 2011Louise BoganBetrothed
January 14th 2011Oliver Wendell HolmesUnder the Violets
January 13th 2011Edgar Allan PoeThe Lake. To--
January 12th 2011Edgar Lee MastersJonas Keene
January 11th 2011Henry Wadsworth LongfellowTHE WARNING
January 10th 2011Robert FrostA Winter Eden
January 9th 2011Alice WalkerExpect Nothing
January 8th 2011Brooks HaxtonMonster Minded
January 7th 2011Charles SimicPrivate Eye
January 6th 2011Mark Doty1. Faith
January 5th 2011Emily DickinsonI fear a Man of frugal Speech --
January 4th 2011Philip LevineAmong Children
January 3rd 2011Edna St. Vincent MillaySonnets 06: No Rose That In A Garden Ever Grew
January 2nd 2011Emily DickinsonShe could not live upon the Past
January 1st 2011Mark DotyA Green Crab's Shell
December 2010
December 31st 2010Emily DickinsonThe inundation of the Spring
December 30th 2010Alan SeegerSonnet III
December 29th 2010W.S. MerwinTerm
December 28th 2010Edgar Lee MastersAnthony Findlay
December 27th 2010Emily DickinsonThose cattle smaller than a Bee
December 26th 2010Sara TeasdaleThe Mystery
December 25th 2010Emily DickinsonDeath is like the insect
December 24th 2010Major Henry Livingston, Jr.To the Memory of Henry Welles Livingston
December 23rd 2010Ella Wheeler WilcoxA Marine Etching
December 22nd 2010Robert FrostThe Times Table
December 21st 2010Carl SandburgReady to Kill
December 20th 2010Emily DickinsonAs by the dead we love to sit,
December 19th 2010Billy CollinsThe Best Cigarette
December 18th 2010Jack GilbertDivorce
December 17th 2010Geraldine ConnollyThe Summer I Was Sixteen
December 16th 2010Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Dark House
December 15th 2010Thomas LuxMotel Seedy
December 14th 2010Edgar Lee MastersColumbus Cheney
December 13th 2010Carl SandburgSkyscraper
December 12th 2010Donald JusticeThe Evening Of The Mind
December 11th 2010Denise DuhamelThe Threat
December 10th 2010Gerald SternI Remember Galileo
December 9th 2010e.e. cummingsin a middle of a room
December 8th 2010Emily DickinsonThe smouldering embers blush --
December 7th 2010Ella Wheeler WilcoxListen!
December 6th 2010Emily DickinsonMy Season's furthest Flower --
December 5th 2010Ralph AngelTidy
December 4th 2010Richard WilburHaving Misidentified A Wildflower
December 3rd 2010Richard WilburA World Without Objects is a Sensible Emptiness
December 2nd 2010e.e. cummingsif everything happens that can't be done
December 1st 2010Ella Wheeler WilcoxA Leaf
November 2010
November 30th 2010Carl SandburgFar Rockaway Night till Morning
November 29th 2010Vachel LindsayThe Sun Says His Prayers
November 28th 2010Major Henry Livingston, Jr.Acknowledgement
November 27th 2010Carl SandburgThey Will Say
November 26th 2010John BerrymanDream Song 93: General Fatigue stalked in, & a Major-General
November 25th 2010Lew WelchNot yet 40, my beard is already white.
November 24th 2010Kate NorthropUnfinished Landscape With A Dog
November 23rd 2010Sylvia PlathAmong The Narcissi
November 22nd 2010Emily DickinsonBrother of Ingots -- Ah Peru --
November 21st 2010Anne SextonA Story For Rose On The Midnight Flight To Boston
November 20th 2010Allen GinsbergWhen The Light Appears
November 19th 2010T.S. EliotThe Old Gumbie Cat
November 18th 2010Emily DickinsonOf Death I try to think like this --
November 17th 2010Walt WhitmanFrance, the 18th year of These States.
November 16th 2010John BerrymanDream Song 27: The greens of the Ganges delta foliate
November 15th 2010Carl SandburgLoin Cloth
November 14th 2010Alan SeegerWritten in a Volume of the Comtesse de Noailles
November 13th 2010Russell EdsonThe Pattern
November 12th 2010Emily DickinsonAutumn -- overlooked my Knitting --
November 11th 2010W.S. MerwinBefore The Flood
November 10th 2010William StaffordGraydigger's Home
November 9th 2010Carl SandburgClinton South of Polk
November 8th 2010Sylvia PlathThe Times Are Tidy
November 7th 2010Edgar Lee MastersChase Henry
November 6th 2010John BerrymanDream Song 67: I don't operate often. When I do
November 5th 2010Emily DickinsonThe Sunrise runs for Both --
November 4th 2010Charles BukowskiOut Of The Arm Of One Love...
November 3rd 2010Anne SextonKnee Song
November 2nd 2010Alan SeegerThe Wanderer
November 1st 2010Denise DuhamelBuddhist Barbie
October 2010
October 31st 2010Stephen DunnWith No Experience In Such Matters
October 30th 2010William Carlos WilliamsLight Hearted William
October 29th 2010Emily DickinsonA World made penniless by that departure
October 28th 2010Emily DickinsonThe Jay his Castanet has struck
October 27th 2010Carl SandburgBroadway
October 26th 2010Amy LowellLeisure
October 25th 2010Anne SextonThe Frog Prince
October 24th 2010Walt WhitmanHast Never Come to Thee an Hour.
October 23rd 2010Charles BukowskiShoes
October 22nd 2010Amy LowellIn Answer to a Request
October 21st 2010Vachel LindsayThe Firemen's Ball
October 20th 2010Ron RashThe Ascent
October 19th 2010Billy CollinsNightclub
October 18th 2010Lucille Cliftonseeker of visions
October 18th 2010Anne SextonUs
October 17th 2010Vachel LindsayThe Leaden-Eyed
October 15th 2010Edna St. Vincent MillayNight Is My Sister, And How Deep In Love
October 14th 2010Lawrence FerlinghettiA Vast Confusion
October 13th 2010Carl SandburgThe Sins of Kalamazoo
October 12th 2010Ezra PoundFan-Piece, For Her Imperial Lord
October 11th 2010Emily DickinsonI meant to find Her when I came --
October 10th 2010Carl SandburgOut of White Lips
October 9th 2010Dorothy ParkerMortal Enemy
October 8th 2010Laura Riding JacksonIn Due Form
October 7th 2010Richard BrautiganLess Time
October 6th 2010Amy LowellHappiness
October 5th 2010Emily DickinsonHe gave away his Life --
October 4th 2010Carl SandburgPurple Martins
October 3rd 2010Billy CollinsFishing On The Susquehanna In July
October 2nd 2010Emily DickinsonWhen I count the seeds
October 1st 2010Emily DickinsonTried always and Condemned by thee
September 2010
September 30th 2010Alan SeegerTranslations: Dante - Inferno, Canto XXVI
September 29th 2010Carl SandburgPencils
September 28th 2010Emily DickinsonI could not prove the Years had feet --
September 27th 2010Louise GluckParousia
September 26th 2010Oliver Wendell HolmesThe Height of the Ridiculous
September 25th 2010Denise LevertovCelebration
September 24th 2010Walt WhitmanVisor’d.
September 23rd 2010Emily DickinsonStrong Draughts of Their Refreshing Minds
September 22nd 2010Carl SandburgCorn Hut Talk
September 21st 2010Amy LowellThe Pleiades
September 20th 2010Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Penitent
September 19th 2010Walt WhitmanPrairie States, The.
September 18th 2010Carl SandburgJust Before April Came
September 17th 2010T.S. EliotHysteria
September 16th 2010Oliver Wendell HolmesThe Flower of Liberty
September 15th 2010Robert FrostNew Hampshire
September 14th 2010Emily DickinsonThe Suburbs of a Secret
September 13th 2010Robert LowellMan And Wife
September 12th 2010Delmore SchwartzProthalamion
September 11th 2010James Whitcomb RileyAlmost Beyond Endurance
September 10th 2010Anne SextonThe Assassin
September 9th 2010Dorothy ParkerI Shall Come Back
September 8th 2010Andrew HudginsPraying Drunk
September 7th 2010e.e. cummingsa total stranger one black day
September 6th 2010Heather McHughWhat He Thought
September 5th 2010Steve KowitNotice
September 4th 2010Robert FrostFlower-Gathering
September 3rd 2010Ella Wheeler WilcoxAd Finum
September 2nd 2010Edgar Allan PoeTo --
September 1st 2010Anne SextonThe Expatriates
August 2010
August 31st 2010e.e. cummingsmy mind is... (XXV)
August 30th 2010Sylvia PlathTale Of A Tub
August 29th 2010Amy ClampittA Silence
August 28th 2010Erin BelieuFor Catherine: Juana, Infanta of Navarre
August 27th 2010Edward FieldUnwanted
August 26th 2010David LehmanJune 19
August 25th 2010Edna St. Vincent MillaySonnet 04: Not In This Chamber Only At My Birth
August 24th 2010Carl SandburgYoung Sea
August 23rd 2010Walt WhitmanA Boston Ballad, 1854.
August 22nd 2010Ella Wheeler WilcoxMy Home
August 21st 2010John BerrymanDream Song 56: Hell is empty. O that has come to pass
August 20th 2010Amy ClampittNothing Stays Put
August 19th 2010Anne SextonThe Other
August 18th 2010Anne SextonThe Fury Of Sunsets
August 17th 2010Richard WilburThe Writer
August 16th 2010Joyce KilmerMemorial Day
August 15th 2010Ella Wheeler WilcoxMy Vision
August 14th 2010Emily DickinsonThe Rose did caper on her cheek
August 13th 2010Robert FrostBut Outer Space
August 12th 2010Emily DickinsonA Route of Evanescence
August 11th 2010Anne SextonSaid The Poet To The Analyst
August 10th 2010Edwin Arlington RobinsonA Song at Shannon's
August 9th 2010Vachel LindsayThe Alchemist's Petition
August 8th 2010Walt WhitmanTo Rich Givers.
August 7th 2010Carolyn ForchéThe Morning Baking
August 6th 2010Robinson JeffersHurt Hawks
August 5th 2010Delmore SchwartzPoem (You, my photographer, you, most aware)
August 4th 2010Peter KlappertChokecherries
August 3rd 2010Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Sage
August 2nd 2010Carl SandburgOur Prayer of Thanks
August 1st 2010Adrienne RichFrom a Survivor
July 2010
July 31st 2010Alan SeegerThe Deserted Garden
July 30th 2010T.S. EliotAsh Wednesday
July 29th 2010Jenny FactorDeath Valley Pupfish
July 28th 2010Edgar Lee MastersJohnnie Sayre
July 27th 2010Henry Wadsworth LongfellowHiawatha's Departure
July 26th 2010John BerrymanDream Song 92: Room 231: the fourth week
July 25th 2010Edgar Lee MastersAlfred Moir
July 24th 2010Emily DickinsonBefore the ice is in the pools
July 23rd 2010Richard BrautiganTo England
July 22nd 2010John BerrymanDream Song 21: Some good people, daring & subtle voices
July 21st 2010Dorothy ParkerFaute de Mieux
July 20th 2010Edgar Lee MastersReuben Pantier
July 19th 2010Emily DickinsonOf Consciousness, her awful Mate
July 18th 2010Ezra PoundPortrait d'Une Femme
July 17th 2010Edwin Arlington RobinsonThomas Hood
July 16th 2010Emily DickinsonBest Things dwell out of Sight
July 15th 2010Dorothy ParkerPortrait of the Artist
July 14th 2010Ogden NashWhat Almost Every Woman Knows Sooner Or Later
July 13th 2010Robert FrostA Soldier
July 12th 2010e.e. cummingsOf Nicolette
July 11th 2010Emily DickinsonTwo Lengths has every Day --
July 10th 2010Charles BukowskiJane Icin (For Jane - In Turkish)
July 9th 2010Stephen CraneEach small gleam was a voice,
July 8th 2010Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Suicide
July 7th 2010John BerrymanDream Song 324: An Elegy for W.C.W., the lovely man
July 6th 2010Gregory CorsoBOMB
July 5th 2010Galway KinnellOatmeal
July 4th 2010Herman MelvilleHealed of My Hurt
July 3rd 2010Paul Laurence DunbarAt the Tavern
July 2nd 2010Alan SeegerSonnet 02
July 1st 2010James Whitcomb RileyAt Broad Ripple
June 2010
June 30th 2010Walt WhitmanOne Sweeps By.
June 29th 2010Emily Dickinson"Go travelling with us!"
June 28th 2010Robert FrostThe Star-Splitter
June 27th 2010Anne SextonThe Room Of My Life
June 26th 2010Emily DickinsonWho goes to dine must take his Feast
June 25th 2010Richard HugoDeath Of The Kapowsin Tavern
June 24th 2010James TateThe List of Famous Hats
June 23rd 2010Emily DickinsonWe knew not that we were to live --
June 22nd 2010Walt WhitmanReconciliation.
June 21st 2010Emily DickinsonUncertain lease -- develops lustre
June 20th 2010Robinson JeffersEnd Of The World
June 19th 2010Joyce KilmerSt. Laurence
June 18th 2010Aaron FogelPupils Slip Up
June 17th 2010Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Meeting
June 16th 2010Emily DickinsonThe Outer -- from the Inner
June 15th 2010Vachel LindsayAlone in the Wind, on the Prairie
June 14th 2010Adrienne RichBurning Oneself Out
June 13th 2010Stanley GemmellThe Samantha Sonnets #7
June 12th 2010Carl SandburgPlaster
June 11th 2010Anne SextonThe Double Image
June 10th 2010Dorothy ParkerA Fairly Sad Tale
June 9th 2010Robert FrostHome Burial
June 8th 2010e.e. cummingsordinary wind is winding(cold face blush
June 7th 2010Emily DickinsonWith sweetness unabated
June 6th 2010Ogden NashGood-By Now or Pardon My Gauntlet
June 5th 2010Li-Young LeeA Story
June 4th 2010Emily DickinsonOh Sumptuous moment
June 3rd 2010Oliver Wendell HolmesThe Living Temple
June 2nd 2010Lucille CliftonA Dream of Foxes
June 1st 2010James A. EmanuelMahalia Jackson
May 2010
May 31st 2010Carl SandburgShenandoah
May 30th 2010Henry Wadsworth LongfellowHiawatha's Fishing
May 29th 2010Robert FrostThe Exposed Nest
May 28th 2010Jack GilbertTear It Down
May 27th 2010Emily DickinsonWho is the East?
May 26th 2010Anne SextonThe Fury Of Abandonment
May 25th 2010Sylvia PlathVanity Fair
May 24th 2010Charles BukowskiHooray Say The Roses
May 23rd 2010Walt WhitmanNow Finale to the Shore.
May 22nd 2010Brooks HaxtonRotgut
May 21st 2010Emily DickinsonThe Blunder is in estimate.
May 20th 2010Russell EdsonThe Tree
May 19th 2010Ronald KoertgeAn Infinite Number Of Monkeys
May 18th 2010Carl Sandburg'Boes
May 17th 2010Alison LutermanInvisible Work
May 16th 2010Anne SextonThe Firebombers
May 15th 2010Edna St. Vincent MillayConscientious Objector
May 14th 2010Emily DickinsonThe Soul should always stand ajar
May 13th 2010Emily DickinsonTalk not to me of Summer Trees
May 12th 2010Emily DickinsonThe Sun went down -- no Man looked on --
May 11th 2010Emily DickinsonA single Clover Plank
May 10th 2010Vachel LindsayWhat the Coal-Heaver Said
May 9th 2010David LehmanOde To Modern Art
May 8th 2010Carl SandburgWind Song
May 7th 2010Robinson JeffersTo The House
May 6th 2010Charles SimicThe Wooden Toy
May 5th 2010Emily DickinsonPurple -- is fashionable twice --
May 4th 2010Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Three Kings
May 3rd 2010Phillis WheatleyAn Hymn To Humanity (To S.P.G. Esp)
May 2nd 2010Sara TeasdaleLike Barley Bending
May 1st 2010Emily DickinsonThe competitions of the sky
April 2010
April 30th 2010Maya AngelouThey Went Home
April 29th 2010Emily DickinsonThe Robin is a Gabriel
April 28th 2010Walt WhitmanTo the East and to the West.
April 27th 2010Robinson JeffersFire On The Hills
April 26th 2010Robinson JeffersCassandra
April 25th 2010Charles BukowskiYes Yes
April 24th 2010Frank O\'HaraToday
April 23rd 2010Billy CollinsSnow Day
April 22nd 2010Carl SandburgFive Towns on the B. & O.
April 21st 2010Louise GluckSummer
April 20th 2010Louise BoganA Tale
April 19th 2010Denise LevertovIllustrious Ancestors
April 18th 2010Howard NemerovStyle
April 17th 2010Ella Wheeler WilcoxArise
April 16th 2010Emily DickinsonIf all the griefs I am to have
April 15th 2010Charles BukowskiRhyming Poem
April 14th 2010Joyce SutphenNaming The Stars
April 13th 2010Charles BukowskiA Following
April 12th 2010Emily DickinsonThe Soul's Superior instants
April 11th 2010Edwin Arlington RobinsonTwo Men
April 10th 2010Ellis Parker ButlerWhy Washington Retreated
April 9th 2010T.S. EliotRhapsody on a Windy Night
April 8th 2010Carl SandburgEvening Waterfall
April 7th 2010Charles Bukowski16-bit Intel 8088 chip
April 6th 2010Emily DickinsonLay this Laurel on the One
April 5th 2010Emily DickinsonPortraits are to daily faces
April 4th 2010Ralph Waldo EmersonThe Snow-Storm
April 3rd 2010Ogden NashEverybody Tells Me Everything
April 2nd 2010Emily DickinsonTo die -- without the Dying
April 1st 2010Jean ToomerPortrait in Georgia
March 2010
March 31st 2010Emily DickinsonWhat shall I do when the Summer troubles --
March 30th 2010John BerrymanDream Song 107: Three 'coons come at his garbage. He be cross
March 29th 2010Edgar Lee MastersLois Spears
March 28th 2010Vachel LindsayWhat Semiramis Said
March 27th 2010David LehmanNovember 6
March 26th 2010Emily Dickinson"Tomorrow" -- whose location
March 25th 2010Sara TeasdaleIt Is Not A Word
March 24th 2010Louise GluckThe White Lilies
March 23rd 2010Emily DickinsonMany cross the Rhine
March 22nd 2010Edgar Allan PoeSonnet - To Science
March 21st 2010Emily DickinsonLet me not mar that perfect Dream
March 20th 2010Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Children's Hour
March 19th 2010Wallace StevensPeter Quince At The Clavier
March 18th 2010Edwin Arlington RobinsonHaunted House
March 17th 2010Frank O\'HaraCall Me
March 16th 2010John BerrymanDream Song 91: Op. posth. no. 14
March 15th 2010Sylvia PlathTwo Campers In Cloud Country
March 14th 2010Hayden CarruthThe Way Of The Coventicle Of The Trees
March 13th 2010Carl SandburgTo a Contemporary Bunkshooter
March 12th 2010Richard WilburFor K.R. on her Sixtieth Birthday
March 11th 2010Edwin Arlington RobinsonCaptain Craig
March 10th 2010Edgar Lee MastersHenry Phipps
March 9th 2010Ella Wheeler WilcoxFinis
March 8th 2010Emily DickinsonThe Day that I was crowned
March 7th 2010Ogden NashThe Parent
March 6th 2010Daisy FriedShe Didn't Mean To Do It
March 5th 2010Edgar Allan PoeHymn to Aristogeiton and Harmodius
March 4th 2010Anne SextonDoctors
March 3rd 2010Edgar Allan PoeA Valentine
March 2nd 2010Emily DickinsonPigmy seraphs -- gone astray
March 1st 2010Emily DickinsonThe Gentian has a parched Corolla --
February 2010
February 28th 2010Emily DickinsonBeauty -- be not caused -- It Is --
February 27th 2010Vachel LindsayEden in Winter
February 26th 2010Wendell BerryRipening
February 25th 2010Stephen DobynsLoud Music
February 24th 2010Edwin Arlington RobinsonVariations of Greek Themes
February 23rd 2010Wallace StevensThe Well Dressed Man With A Beard
February 22nd 2010Walt WhitmanA Riddle Song.
February 21st 2010Denise LevertovThe Garden Wall
February 20th 2010Henry Wadsworth LongfellowChildren
February 19th 2010Ella Wheeler WilcoxIf
February 18th 2010Erin BelieuFrom On Being Fired Again
February 17th 2010Robert FrancisSilent Poem
February 16th 2010Emily DickinsonHis mind of man, a secret makes
February 15th 2010Robinson JeffersThe Eye
February 14th 2010Robert FrostSnow
February 13th 2010Emily DickinsonIf He dissolve -- then
February 12th 2010Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Story Of The Ashes And The Flame
February 11th 2010William Carlos WilliamsApril Is The Saddest Month
February 10th 2010Alan SeegerThe Nympholept
February 9th 2010Emily DickinsonHer Grace is all she has --
February 8th 2010Phillis WheatleyTo a Gentleman on His Voyage to Great-Britain
February 7th 2010Alice Duer MillerThe White Cliffs
February 6th 2010Carl SandburgPoems Done on a Late Night Car
February 5th 2010Emily DickinsonNot that he goes -- we love him more
February 4th 2010Emily DickinsonBetrothed to Righteousness might be
February 3rd 2010Li-Young LeeDreaming Of Hair
February 2nd 2010Robert FrancisSquash in Blossom
February 1st 2010Charles SimicInner Man
January 2010
January 31st 2010Charles BukowskiThe Most Beautiful Woman In Town
January 30th 2010Gertrude SteinAmerica
January 29th 2010Richard BrautiganMating Saliva
January 28th 2010T.S. EliotThe Boston Evening Transcript
January 27th 2010Emily DickinsonDear March -- Come in --
January 26th 2010Dorothy ParkerInterior
January 25th 2010Emily DickinsonI have never seen "Volcanoes"
January 24th 2010Emily DickinsonBees are Black, with Gilt Surcingles --
January 23rd 2010e.e. cummingsmy sweet old etcetera... (X)
January 22nd 2010Sylvia PlathYou're
January 21st 2010Emily DickinsonThe Day came slow -- till Five o'clock
January 20th 2010Raymond CarverThis Morning
January 19th 2010Carl SandburgTwo Items
January 18th 2010e.e. cummingsnothing false and possible is love... (XXXIV)
January 17th 2010Emily Dickinson"Nature" is what we see --
January 16th 2010Charles BukowskiSo Now?
January 15th 2010Delmore SchwartzSomeone Is Harshly Coughing As Before
January 14th 2010William Carlos WilliamsTo A Friend
January 13th 2010Stanley GemmellThe Samantha Sonnets #15
January 12th 2010Ellis Parker ButlerCupid Caught Napping
January 11th 2010Ella Wheeler WilcoxA Grey Mood
January 10th 2010Ogden NashCelery
January 9th 2010Amy LowellA Little Song
January 8th 2010Annie DillardMayakovsky In New York: A Found Poem
January 7th 2010William Carlos WilliamsRomance Moderne
January 6th 2010Dorothy ParkerSolace
January 5th 2010Emily DickinsonI watched the Moon around the House
January 4th 2010Robert CreeleyWater Music
January 3rd 2010Carl SandburgChords
January 2nd 2010Ezra PoundThe Logical Conclusion
January 1st 2010William MatthewsJob Interview
December 2009
December 31st 2009Walt WhitmanAre You the New person, drawn toward Me?
December 30th 2009Edna St. Vincent MillayDeparture
December 29th 2009Carl SandburgJohn Ericsson Day Memorial, 1918
December 28th 2009Bill KnottObsolescent
December 27th 2009Stanley KunitzKing of the River
December 26th 2009Henry Wadsworth LongfellowOld St David's at Radnor
December 25th 2009Richard WilburThe Riddle
December 24th 2009Connie WanekAfter Us
December 23rd 2009Ben DoyleWeathers
December 22nd 2009Emily DickinsonWhen I have seen the Sun emerge
December 21st 2009Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe White Lights
December 20th 2009Carl SandburgNigger
December 19th 2009Carl SandburgJoy
December 18th 2009Alan SeegerThe Rendezvous
December 17th 2009Charles BukowskiThe History Of One Tough Motherfucker
December 16th 2009Billy CollinsI Ask You
December 15th 2009Emily DickinsonDelayed till she had ceased to know
December 14th 2009Emily DickinsonAn ignorance a Sunset
December 13th 2009Emily DickinsonI think I was enchanted
December 12th 2009Emily DickinsonNo Passenger was known to flee --
December 11th 2009Walt WhitmanFor Him I Sing.
December 10th 2009Carl SandburgOmaha
December 9th 2009Alan SeegerSonnet 10
December 8th 2009Emily DickinsonThey put Us far apart
December 7th 2009Delmore SchwartzAll Night, All Night
December 6th 2009William StaffordWhen I Met My Muse
December 5th 2009Langston HughesThe Weary Blues
December 4th 2009Edna St. Vincent MillayTo S. M.
December 3rd 2009Sara TeasdaleDid You Never Know?
December 2nd 2009Vachel LindsayWho Knows?
December 1st 2009Edgar Lee MastersJ. Milton Miles
November 2009
November 30th 2009Nick FlynnYou Asked How (formerly Even Now She Is Turning, Saying Everything I Always Wanted Her to Say)
November 29th 2009Emily DickinsonWere it but Me that gained the Height --
November 28th 2009Donald JusticeIn Bertram's Garden
November 27th 2009Walt WhitmanAs Toilsome I Wander’d.
November 26th 2009Frank O\'HaraHomosexuality
November 25th 2009Edgar Lee MastersJohn Horace Burleson
November 24th 2009John BerrymanDream Song 73: Karensui, Ryoan-ji
November 23rd 2009Alan SeegerSonnet V
November 22nd 2009Sara TeasdaleGray Eyes
November 21st 2009Emily Dickinson"Go tell it" -- What a Message --
November 20th 2009Edgar Lee MastersGodwin James
November 19th 2009Denise LevertovStepping Westward
November 18th 2009Kenneth PatchenThere Are Not Many Kingdoms Left
November 17th 2009Henry Wadsworth LongfellowHiawatha And The Pearl-Feather
November 16th 2009Carl SandburgBlizzard Notes
November 15th 2009Ella Wheeler WilcoxLeudeman's-on-the-River
November 14th 2009Russell EdsonGrass
November 13th 2009Edwin Arlington RobinsonAaron Stark
November 12th 2009Raymond CarverWhat The Doctor Said
November 11th 2009Denise DuhamelBuying Stock
November 10th 2009Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Curse
November 9th 2009Edwin Arlington RobinsonAvon's Harvest
November 8th 2009Emily DickinsonOne Year ago -- jots what?
November 7th 2009e.e. cummingsthere is a here and... (19)
November 6th 2009Alan SeegerOde in Memory of the American Volunteers Fallen for France
November 5th 2009Ogden NashThe Terrible People
November 4th 2009Walt WhitmanHow Solemn as One by One.
November 3rd 2009Emily DickinsonThe Soul that hath a Guest
November 2nd 2009Ogden NashThe Germ
November 1st 2009Louise GluckThe Gold Lily
October 2009
October 31st 2009John BerrymanDream Song 29: There sat down, once, a thing
October 30th 2009James Whitcomb RileyWhen the Frost is on the Punkin
October 29th 2009Hart CraneCarmen De Boheme
October 28th 2009Emily DickinsonTheir Height in Heaven comforts not --
October 27th 2009Robert FrostThe Tuft of Flowers
October 26th 2009Emily DickinsonI see thee clearer for the Grave
October 25th 2009Jack GilbertRecovering Amid The Farms
October 24th 2009Emily DickinsonI saw the wind within her
October 23rd 2009Charles BukowskiWorking Out
October 22nd 2009Ella Wheeler WilcoxRiver And Sea
October 21st 2009Walt WhitmanNow List to my Morning’s Romanza.
October 20th 2009Henry Wadsworth LongfellowNature
October 19th 2009Geraldine ConnollyNew Territory
October 18th 2009Lucille Cliftonfury
October 17th 2009Edgar Lee MastersJudge Somers
October 16th 2009Emily DickinsonI send Two Sunsets
October 15th 2009Edgar Lee MastersLambert Hutchins
October 14th 2009Dorothy ParkerRainy Night
October 13th 2009Emily DickinsonA Solemn thing within the Soul
October 12th 2009Charles BukowskiGirl In A Miniskirt Reading The Bible Outside My Window
October 11th 2009David LehmanOde To Pornography
October 10th 2009Ella Wheeler WilcoxResolve
October 9th 2009Vachel LindsayYankee Doodle
October 8th 2009Frank O\'HaraTo The Harbormaster
October 7th 2009Stephen CraneWhen the prophet, a complacent fat man,
October 6th 2009Langston HughesMadam And The Phone Bill
October 5th 2009Edgar Lee MastersIsa Nutter
October 4th 2009Emily DickinsonTime feels so vast that were it not
October 3rd 2009Carl SandburgMask
October 2nd 2009Jeffrey HarrisonRilke's Fear Of Dogs
October 1st 2009Edwin Arlington RobinsonAn Old Story
September 2009
September 30th 2009John BerrymanDream Song 106: 28 July
September 29th 2009Hart CraneFear
September 28th 2009Hayden CarruthThe Afterlife: Letter To Sam Hamill
September 27th 2009Richard BrautiganDeer Tracks
September 26th 2009John BerrymanDream Song 98: I met a junior--not so junior--and
September 25th 2009Ezra PoundEnvoi
September 24th 2009Lew WelchThe image, as in a Hexagram:
September 23rd 2009Amy LowellThe Coal Picker
September 22nd 2009Amy LowellThe Blue Scarf
September 21st 2009Ogden NashReflections On Ice-Breaking
September 20th 2009Ezra Poundfrom "Hugh Selwyn Mauberly"
September 19th 2009Emily DickinsonThe Things that never can come back, are several --
September 18th 2009Emily DickinsonBecause that you are going
September 17th 2009Edgar Allan PoeAlone
September 16th 2009Edwin Arlington RobinsonNeighbors
September 15th 2009Emily DickinsonTrudging to Eden, looking backward,
September 14th 2009Philip LevineThe Rains
September 13th 2009Henry David ThoreauPray to What Earth
September 12th 2009Denise LevertovTriple Feature
September 11th 2009Edgar Lee MastersButch Weldy
September 10th 2009James A. EmanuelThe Young Ones, Flip Side
September 9th 2009Robert FrancisFarm Boy After Summer
September 8th 2009Ralph Waldo EmersonPainting And Sculpture
September 7th 2009Paul Laurence DunbarHowdy, Honey, Howdy
September 6th 2009Edwin Arlington RobinsonLazarus
September 5th 2009Robert FrostWaiting
September 4th 2009Jane KenyonTwilight: After Haying
September 3rd 2009Adrienne RichLiving In Sin
September 2nd 2009Stephen CraneTwo or three angels
September 1st 2009Joseph Mayo WristenAbstract People in Pink Castles
August 2009
August 31st 2009Robert FrostHyla Brook
August 30th 2009James Whitcomb RileyA Barefoot Boy
August 29th 2009Edgar Lee MastersIda Chicken
August 28th 2009Bill KnottCemetery
August 27th 2009Charles SimicParadise Motel
August 26th 2009Randall JarrellMail Call
August 25th 2009Dorothy ParkerInterview
August 24th 2009Emily DickinsonThe Day she goes
August 23rd 2009Carl SandburgTo a Dead Man
August 22nd 2009John BerrymanDream Song 83: Op. posth. no. 6
August 21st 2009Sylvia PlathBlack Rook In Rainy Weather
August 20th 2009Lizette Woodworth ReeseLove came back at Fall o' Dew
August 19th 2009Emily DickinsonLike Time's insidious wrinkle
August 18th 2009Edgar Lee MastersBert Kessler
August 17th 2009Louise GluckWidows
August 16th 2009Edgar Lee MastersTrainor the Druggist
August 15th 2009Emily DickinsonIt is easy to work when the soul is at play
August 14th 2009Oliver Wendell HolmesThe September Gale
August 13th 2009Emily DickinsonThe Bird her punctual music brings
August 12th 2009Vachel LindsayUpon Returning to the Country Road
August 11th 2009Emily DickinsonAbsent Place -- an April Day --
August 10th 2009Robert LowellSkunk Hour
August 9th 2009Robinson JeffersThe Bird With The Dark Plumes
August 8th 2009Carl SandburgPearl Fog
August 7th 2009William StaffordNotice What This Poem Is Not Doing
August 6th 2009Lucille CliftonIsland Mary
August 5th 2009Edna St. Vincent MillaySonnets From An Ungrafted Tree
August 4th 2009e.e. cummingsyonder deadfromtheneckup graduate... (V)
August 3rd 2009Carl SandburgHemlock and Cedar
August 2nd 2009Philip LevineWisteria
August 1st 2009Robert PinskyGinza Samba
July 2009
July 31st 2009Conrad AikenA Letter From Li Po
July 30th 2009Oliver Wendell HolmesOld Ironsides
July 29th 2009Robert FrostThe Mountain
July 28th 2009David LehmanShake The Superflux!
July 27th 2009Emily DickinsonThe pungent atom in the Air
July 26th 2009Henry Wadsworth LongfellowTegner's Drapa
July 25th 2009e.e. cummingsup into the silence the green... (41)
July 24th 2009Ioanna CarlsenInfanta
July 23rd 2009Robert FrancisSummons
July 22nd 2009Charles BukowskiThis
July 21st 2009Stephen CraneThere was set before me a mighty hill
July 20th 2009Emily DickinsonTheir dappled importunity
July 19th 2009H. D.Mid-Day
July 18th 2009James Whitcomb RileyThe Raggedy Man
July 17th 2009Emily DickinsonNor Mountain hinder Me
July 16th 2009Emily DickinsonQuite empty, quite at rest,
July 15th 2009Ellis Parker ButlerThe Rich Boy’s Christmas
July 14th 2009Norman DubieOf Politics & Art
July 13th 2009Allen GinsbergFeb. 29, 1958
July 12th 2009Emily DickinsonMy life closed twice before its close --
July 11th 2009Emily DickinsonI many times thought Peace had come
July 10th 2009Stanley KunitzThe Round
July 9th 2009Anne BradstreetThe Vanity of All Worldly Things
July 8th 2009Emily DickinsonI shall keep singing!
July 7th 2009Robert FrostThe Flood
July 6th 2009Delmore SchwartzAt This Moment Of Time
July 5th 2009Vachel LindsaySunshine
July 4th 2009Joseph Mayo WristenThinking of You
July 3rd 2009Edgar Allan PoeTo My Mother
July 2nd 2009Emily DickinsonWithin that little Hive
July 1st 2009Stephen CraneIf there is a witness to my little life,
June 2009
June 30th 2009Alan SeegerAt the Tomb of Napoleon
June 29th 2009Herman MelvilleAmerica
June 28th 2009Emily DickinsonI can't tell you -- but you feel it
June 27th 2009Walt WhitmanFrom Pent-up Aching Rivers.
June 26th 2009Edgar Lee MastersPerry Zoll
June 25th 2009Charles SimicTo The One Upstairs
June 24th 2009Anne BradstreetIn Honour of that High and Mighty Princess, Queen ELIZABETH
June 23rd 2009John BerrymanDream Song 51: Our wounds to time, from all the other times
June 22nd 2009Alison LutermanOn Not Flying To Hawaii
June 21st 2009Ben DoyleSatellite Convulsions
June 20th 2009Denise LevertovTo the Snake
June 19th 2009Emily DickinsonDreams are the subtle Dower
June 18th 2009Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Poet And His Book
June 17th 2009Ellis Parker ButlerSays Mister Doojabs
June 16th 2009Emily DickinsonI knew that I had gained
June 15th 2009Billy CollinsCandle Hat
June 14th 2009D.C. BerryHamlet Off-Stage: Mel Gibson Dolls It
June 13th 2009Emily Dickinson'Tis true -- They shut me in the Cold --
June 12th 2009Stephen CraneI stood upon a high place,
June 11th 2009Carl SandburgThe Answer
June 10th 2009Carl SandburgWinter Milk
June 9th 2009Nick FlynnCartoon Physics, Part 1
June 8th 2009Anne SextonThe Twelve Dancing Princesses
June 7th 2009Carolyn ForchéThe Colonel
June 6th 2009Emily DickinsonI suppose the time will come
June 5th 2009Amy ClampittThe Sun Underfoot Among The Sundews
June 4th 2009Walt WhitmanNo Labor-Saving Machine.
June 3rd 2009Charles BukowskiThe House
June 2nd 2009Ellis Parker ButlerThe Final Tax
June 1st 2009James TateLoyalty
May 2009
May 31st 2009Charles SimicCountry Fair
May 30th 2009Anne SextonThe Fury Of Hating Eyes
May 29th 2009Stephen DunnSlant
May 28th 2009Stephen CraneA god in wrath
May 27th 2009Etheridge KnightAs You Leave Me
May 26th 2009Howard NemerovWalking the Dog
May 25th 2009Edna St. Vincent MillayOh, Think Not I Am Faithful
May 24th 2009Amy LowellThe Painted Ceiling
May 23rd 2009Alan SeegerKyrenaikos
May 22nd 2009Donald HallChristmas party at the South Danbury Church
May 21st 2009Dorothy ParkerTestament
May 20th 2009Edwin Arlington RobinsonDiscovery
May 19th 2009T.S. EliotThe Rum Tum Tugger
May 18th 2009Henry Wadsworth LongfellowTHE WITNESSES
May 17th 2009Phillis WheatleyOn The Death Of Rev. Mr. George Whitefield
May 16th 2009Walt WhitmanWith All Thy Gifts.
May 15th 2009Ogden NashA Lady Who Thinks She Is Thirty
May 14th 2009Charles BukowskiAs The Sparrow
May 13th 2009Thomas LuxRefrigerator, 1957
May 12th 2009Anthony HechtA Letter
May 11th 2009Edwin Arlington RobinsonHow Annandale Went Out
May 10th 2009Emily DickinsonEach Scar I'll keep for Him
May 9th 2009Emily DickinsonThe Frost of Death was on the Pane --
May 8th 2009Anne SextonThe Fury Of God's Goodbye
May 7th 2009Li-Young LeeThis Room And Everything In It
May 6th 2009Joyce KilmerAlarm Clocks
May 5th 2009Robinson JeffersBirthday (Autobiography)
May 4th 2009Emily DickinsonHe fumbles at your Soul
May 3rd 2009Richard BrautiganMy Nose Is Growing Old
May 2nd 2009Bill KnottTo Ripley (Alien 1-4)
May 1st 2009Edgar Allan PoeSancta Maria
April 2009
April 30th 2009Ellis Parker ButlerWhen Ida Puts Her Armor On
April 29th 2009Maya AngelouThe Rock Cries Out to Us Today
April 28th 2009Jack GilbertThe Great Fires
April 27th 2009Vachel LindsayGeneral William Booth Enters into Heaven
April 26th 2009Henry David ThoreauThe Summer Rain
April 25th 2009Edgar Allan PoeStanzas
April 24th 2009Emily DickinsonThe Summer that we did not prize,
April 23rd 2009Vachel LindsayHow Samson Bore Away the Gates of Gaza
April 22nd 2009Emily DickinsonAlone and in a Circumstance
April 21st 2009Philip LevineThe House
April 20th 2009Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Flying Dutchman
April 19th 2009Walt WhitmanHours Continuing Long.
April 18th 2009Louise GluckThe Butterfly
April 17th 2009e.e. cummingsthe way to hump a cow is not... (14)
April 16th 2009Ellis Parker ButlerA Satisfactory Reform
April 15th 2009John BerrymanDream Song 65: A freaking ankle crabbed his blissful trips
April 14th 2009Ralph Waldo EmersonThe Problem
April 13th 2009Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Goose-Girl
April 12th 2009Oliver Wendell HolmesThe Flaâneur
April 11th 2009Robert CreeleyMyself
April 10th 2009Paul Laurence DunbarThe Lawyers' Ways
April 9th 2009Robinson JeffersTo A Young Artist
April 8th 2009Emily DickinsonMy Triumph lasted till the Drums
April 7th 2009Edgar Lee MastersNicholas Bindle
April 6th 2009Gary SnyderFor Lew Welch In A Snowfall
April 5th 2009Emily DickinsonI got so I could take his name
April 4th 2009Philip LevineNight Thoughts Over A Sick Child
April 3rd 2009Emily DickinsonOh Shadow on the Grass,
April 2nd 2009Edgar Lee MastersFelix Schmidt
April 1st 2009Sylvia PlathDialogue Between Ghost And Priest
March 2009
March 31st 2009Vachel LindsayThe Prarie Battlements
March 30th 2009Edgar Lee MastersWilliam H. Herndon
March 29th 2009Denise LevertovFrom the Roof
March 28th 2009John WheelwrightTrain Ride
March 27th 2009Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Fledgling
March 26th 2009Emily DickinsonIn many and reportless places
March 25th 2009Jack GilbertSearching For Pittsburgh
March 24th 2009Carl SandburgManufactured Gods
March 23rd 2009Ralph Waldo EmersonGive All to Love
March 22nd 2009Emily DickinsonThe immortality she gave
March 21st 2009Robert FrostMy November Guest
March 20th 2009Philip LevineThe Distant Winter
March 19th 2009Anne SextonHurry Up Please It's Time
March 18th 2009Catherine AndersonName of a Tree
March 17th 2009Emily DickinsonPapa above!
March 16th 2009Charles SimicWatermelons
March 15th 2009Sylvia PlathBerck-Plage
March 14th 2009Edgar Allan PoeTo Helen 2
March 13th 2009Ellis Parker ButlerThe Ballade Of The Automobile
March 12th 2009Vachel LindsayThe Song of the Garden-Toad
March 11th 2009Carl SandburgSummer Stars
March 10th 2009Emily DickinsonHow the Waters closed above Him
March 9th 2009Carl SandburgSwirl
March 8th 2009Li-Young LeeThe Sacrifice
March 7th 2009Charles BukowskiThree Oranges
March 6th 2009Bill KnottThe Misunderstanding
March 5th 2009Jack GilbertRain
March 4th 2009Denise LevertovLiving
March 3rd 2009Vachel LindsayIn Praise of Songs that Die
March 2nd 2009Billy CollinsDirections
March 1st 2009Carl SandburgTimber Wings
February 2009
February 28th 2009Anne SextonThe Moss Of His Skin
February 27th 2009Ezra PoundMasks
February 26th 2009Edwin Arlington RobinsonSonnet
February 25th 2009Henry Wadsworth LongfellowTHE GOOD PART, THAT SHALL NOT BE TAKEN AWAY
February 24th 2009Edna St. Vincent MillayMariposa
February 23rd 2009Ezra PoundIn the Old Age of the Soul
February 22nd 2009Dorothy ParkerThe Homebody
February 21st 2009W.S. MerwinWish
February 20th 2009Emily DickinsonA Burdock -- clawed my Gown
February 19th 2009Vachel LindsayThe City That Will Not Repent
February 18th 2009Edgar Lee MastersPauline Barrett
February 17th 2009Vachel LindsayWhat the Miner in the Desert Said
February 16th 2009Emily DickinsonThe Mind lives on the Heart
February 15th 2009Emily DickinsonSoft as the massacre of Suns
February 14th 2009Emily DickinsonAurora is the effort
February 13th 2009Carl SandburgBaltic Fog Notes
February 12th 2009Walt WhitmanArtilleryman’s Vision, The.
February 11th 2009John BerrymanDream Song 99: Temples
February 10th 2009Joyce KilmerThe New School
February 9th 2009Ellis Parker ButlerReasonable Interest
February 8th 2009Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Leaf And The Tree
February 7th 2009Ezra PoundSilet
February 6th 2009Edwin Arlington RobinsonHorace to Leuconoë
February 5th 2009Emily DickinsonThese -- saw Visions --
February 4th 2009e.e. cummingsnow does our world descend...
February 3rd 2009Emily DickinsonBereavement in their death to feel
February 2nd 2009Emily DickinsonThe Birds reported from the South --
February 1st 2009Emily DickinsonTo this World she returned.
January 2009
January 31st 2009Emily DickinsonDoom is the House without the Door
January 30th 2009Ella Wheeler WilcoxAn Empty Crib
January 29th 2009Ella Wheeler WilcoxA Maiden To Her Mirror
January 28th 2009Robinson JeffersNow Returned Home
January 27th 2009Richard Brautigan15%
January 26th 2009Dorothy ParkerCherry White
January 25th 2009Russell EdsonThe Sad Message
January 24th 2009Ralph Waldo EmersonGive All To Love
January 23rd 2009Emily DickinsonWho abdicated Ambush
January 22nd 2009Hayden CarruthFebruary Morning
January 21st 2009Lawrence FerlinghettiSeascape With Sun And Eagle
January 20th 2009Russell EdsonThe Father Of Toads
January 19th 2009Emily DickinsonA Word made Flesh is seldom
January 18th 2009Charles BukowskiPoetry
January 17th 2009Walt WhitmanSometimes with One I Love.
January 16th 2009Emily DickinsonFrom his slim Palace in the Dust
January 15th 2009Alan SeegerSonnet 07
January 14th 2009Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 04: 07: The sun goes down in a cold pale flare of light
January 13th 2009Emily Dickinson'Tis so appalling -- it exhilarates
January 12th 2009Erin BelieuGeorgic on Memory
January 11th 2009e.e. cummingsINTRODUCTION from New Poems
January 10th 2009Langston HughesI, Too, Sing America
January 9th 2009Anne BradstreetUpon a Fit of Sickness
January 8th 2009Donald HallThe Man In The Dead Machine
January 7th 2009Louise BoganWomen
January 6th 2009Edna St. Vincent MillayDirge Without Music
January 5th 2009Randall JarrellThe Orient Express
January 4th 2009Ella Wheeler WilcoxLove
January 3rd 2009Emily DickinsonOf Silken Speech and Specious Shoe
January 2nd 2009Ellis Parker ButlerA Scotchman Whose Name Was Isbister
January 1st 2009Ron RashDeep Water
December 2008
December 31st 2008Emily DickinsonPoor little Heart!
December 30th 2008Carl SandburgShirt
December 29th 2008Edna St. Vincent MillayNot Even My Pride Shall Suffer Much
December 28th 2008William MatthewsDire Cure
December 27th 2008Anne SextonThe Children
December 26th 2008Edna St. Vincent MillaySonnets 08: And You As Well Must Die, Beloved Dust
December 25th 2008Emily DickinsonI sued the News -- yet feared -- the News
December 24th 2008Edna St. Vincent MillayThink Not, Not For A Moment Let Your Mind
December 23rd 2008Anne SextonYoung
December 22nd 2008Edna St. Vincent MillayWild Swans
December 21st 2008Jean ToomerReapers
December 20th 2008Major Henry Livingston, Jr.1819 New Year's Carrier's Address
December 19th 2008Charles BukowskiFor Jane
December 18th 2008Robert FrostTwo Tramps In Mud Time
December 17th 2008Carl SandburgStars, Songs, Faces
December 16th 2008Emily DickinsonOur little Kinsmen -- after Rain
December 15th 2008Allen GinsbergIn The Baggage Room At Greyhound
December 14th 2008Emily DickinsonAnswer July
December 13th 2008e.e. cummingsI Am A Beggar Always
December 12th 2008Judy GrahnMy Name Is Judith
December 11th 2008Emily DickinsonWe talked as Girls do --
December 10th 2008Robert FrostIn a Vale
December 9th 2008Edgar Lee MastersRussell Kincaid
December 8th 2008Edgar Lee MastersMrs. Kessler
December 7th 2008Li-Young LeePersimmons
December 6th 2008Carl SandburgSandpipers
December 5th 2008Henry David ThoreauLow-Anchored Cloud
December 4th 2008Gary SnyderDecember At Yase
December 3rd 2008David LehmanSeptember 22
December 2nd 2008Gregory CorsoThe Mad Yak
December 1st 2008Wendell BerryManifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front
November 2008
November 30th 2008Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Long Race
November 29th 2008Edgar Allan PoeThe Conqueror Worm
November 28th 2008Charles BukowskiDecline
November 27th 2008Emily DickinsonSweet Mountains -- Ye tell Me no lie --
November 26th 2008Robert LowellThe Quaker Graveyard in Nantucket
November 25th 2008Ella Wheeler WilcoxAt The Hop
November 24th 2008Robert LowellThe Drunken Fisherman
November 23rd 2008Emily DickinsonSummer for thee, grant I may be
November 22nd 2008William Carlos WilliamsThis Is Just To Say
November 21st 2008Richard BrautiganXerox Candy Bar
November 20th 2008Sara TeasdaleA November Night
November 19th 2008Walt WhitmanThought.
November 18th 2008Anne BradstreetIn Reference to Her Children
November 17th 2008Shel SilversteinWhere the Sidewalk Ends
November 16th 2008William Carlos WilliamsLight Hearted Author
November 15th 2008Vachel LindsayThe Wizard in the Street
November 14th 2008Frank O\'HaraAs Planned
November 13th 2008Emily DickinsonIt did not surprise me
November 12th 2008Lucille Cliftonsong at midnight
November 11th 2008Ellis Parker ButlerWould You Believe It?
November 10th 2008Etheridge KnightThe Violent Space (Or When Your Sister Sleeps Around For Money)
November 9th 2008Emily DickinsonFinding is the first Act
November 8th 2008Marge PiercyYou Ask Why Sometimes I Say Stop
November 7th 2008James Whitcomb RileyA Song of the Road
November 6th 2008Emily DickinsonIf I can stop one Heart from breaking
November 5th 2008Walt WhitmanThis Compost.
November 4th 2008Carl SandburgHarvest Sunset
November 3rd 2008Vachel LindsayWritten for a Musician
November 2nd 2008John BerrymanDream Song 2: Big Buttons, Cornets: the advance
November 1st 2008Emily DickinsonThis slow Day moved along --
October 2008
October 31st 2008Wallace StevensThe Poem That Took The Place Of A Mountain
October 30th 2008Phillis WheatleyOn The Death Of J. C. An Infant
October 29th 2008Richard Brautigan30 Cents, Two Transfers, Love
October 28th 2008David WagonerAt The Door
October 27th 2008Emily DickinsonYou've seen Balloons set -- Haven't You?
October 26th 2008James Whitcomb RileyThe Old Guitar
October 25th 2008Maya AngelouAlone
October 24th 2008Walt WhitmanAll is Truth.
October 23rd 2008Ella Wheeler WilcoxChange
October 22nd 2008Conrad AikenTurns And Movies: Violet Moore And Bert Moore
October 21st 2008Emily DickinsonOne Sister have I in our house
October 20th 2008Walt WhitmanVigil Strange I Kept on the Field.
October 19th 2008Dorothy ParkerRecurrence
October 18th 2008Vachel LindsayThe Soul of the City Receives the Gift of the Holy Spirit
October 17th 2008Emily DickinsonEach that we lose takes part of us;
October 16th 2008Walt WhitmanLongings for Home.
October 15th 2008Edna St. Vincent MillayGrown Up
October 14th 2008James Whitcomb RileyUnless
October 13th 2008Deborah AgerNight In Iowa
October 12th 2008Emily DickinsonIt struck me -- every Day
October 11th 2008Emily DickinsonTo tell the Beauty would decrease
October 10th 2008Emily DickinsonThe grave my little cottage is,
October 9th 2008Major Henry Livingston, Jr.Apostrophe
October 8th 2008Philip LevineSongs
October 7th 2008Amy ClampittA Catalpa Tree On West Twelfth Street
October 6th 2008Frank O\'HaraSong (Did you see me walking by the Buick Repairs?)
October 5th 2008John BerrymanDream Song 61: Full moon. Our Narragansett gales subside
October 4th 2008Emily DickinsonIt would have starved a Gnat --
October 3rd 2008Alan SeegerLiebestod
October 2nd 2008Jean ToomerPeople
October 1st 2008Emily DickinsonShe lay as if at play
September 2008
September 30th 2008Ezra PoundEpilogue
September 29th 2008Emily DickinsonMy Soul -- accused me -- And I quailed --
September 28th 2008Robinson JeffersJuly Fourth By The Ocean
September 27th 2008Emily DickinsonOn that specific Pillow
September 26th 2008Sylvia PlathSleep In The Mojave Desert
September 25th 2008Emily DickinsonPrecious to Me -- She still shall be --
September 24th 2008Carl SandburgSavoir Faire
September 23rd 2008John BerrymanDream Song 8: The weather was fine. They took away his teeth
September 22nd 2008Joseph Mayo WristenThe Teacher Speaks to a Crowd in New Jersey
September 21st 2008Robert CreeleySomething
September 20th 2008Walt WhitmanI Heard You, Solemn-sweet Pipes of the Organ.
September 19th 2008Carolyn ForchéThe Visitor
September 18th 2008Frank O\'HaraA City Winter
September 17th 2008Nick CarboThe Filipino Politician
September 16th 2008Charles BukowskiLuck
September 15th 2008Alan SeegerBellinglise
September 14th 2008Bob HicokSpirit Dity Of No Fax Line Dial Tone
September 13th 2008Denise DuhamelOn Being Born The Same Exact Day Of The Same Exact Year As Boy George
September 12th 2008Stanley GemmellDead Poem
September 11th 2008Emily DickinsonThe rainbow never tells me
September 10th 2008Philip LevineDetroit Grease Shop Poem
September 9th 2008Anne SextonThe Wedding Ring Dance
September 8th 2008Denise LevertovTo the Reader
September 7th 2008Nick CarboMal Agueros
September 6th 2008Philip LevineThe Grave Of The Kitchen Mouse
September 5th 2008Louise GluckThe Silver Lily
September 4th 2008Stephen DunnNamed
September 3rd 2008e.e. cummingsenter no
September 2nd 2008Charles WebbGiant Fungus
September 1st 2008Louise GluckHorse
August 2008
August 31st 2008Henry David ThoreauInspiration
August 30th 2008Emily DickinsonNo ladder needs the bird but skies
August 29th 2008Herman MelvilleGettysburg
August 28th 2008Louise BoganSolitary Observation Brought Back From A Sojourn In Hell
August 27th 2008Reginald ShepherdMichael Who Walks by Night
August 26th 2008Robinson JeffersThe Bed By The Window
August 25th 2008Vachel LindsayTo Jane Addams at the Hague
August 24th 2008Emily DickinsonTo help our Bleaker Parts
August 23rd 2008Audre LordeWho Said It Was Simple
August 22nd 2008Stephen CraneIn a lonely place,
August 21st 2008Phillis WheatleyTo A Lady On The Death Of Her Husband
August 20th 2008Howard NemerovA Life
August 19th 2008Emily DickinsonSeptember's Baccalaureate
August 18th 2008Adrienne RichSnapshots of a Daughter-In-Law
August 17th 2008Emily DickinsonNow I knew I lost her --
August 16th 2008Denise LevertovThe Métier of Blossoming
August 15th 2008Walt WhitmanManhattan Streets I Saunter’d, Pondering.
August 14th 2008Robert FrancisThoreau in Italy
August 13th 2008Emily DickinsonA Murmur in the Trees -- to note
August 12th 2008Donald HallWolf Knife
August 11th 2008Robert FrostIn a Disused Graveyard
August 10th 2008Emily DickinsonEach Life Converges to some Centre --
August 9th 2008Henry Wadsworth LongfellowUltima Thule: Dedication to G. W. G.
August 8th 2008Anne BradstreetSpirit
August 7th 2008Henry Wadsworth LongfellowPau-Puk-Keewis
August 6th 2008Emily DickinsonTo see the Summer Sky
August 5th 2008Emily DickinsonA Flower will not trouble her, it has so small a Foot,
August 4th 2008Henry Wadsworth LongfellowTO A CHILD
August 3rd 2008Paul Laurence DunbarDistinction
August 2nd 2008Thomas LuxThe Man Into Whose Yard You Should Not Hit Your Ball
August 1st 2008Vachel LindsayThe Haughty Snail-King
July 2008
July 31st 2008Philip LevineMaking It Work
July 30th 2008Bill KnottPicture
July 29th 2008Edgar Lee MastersJohn Hancock Otis
July 28th 2008Richard WilburMarch 26, 1974
July 27th 2008Carl SandburgCadenza
July 26th 2008Emily DickinsonAn Hour is a Sea
July 25th 2008Edgar Lee MastersOn a Bust
July 24th 2008Phillis WheatleyAn Answer To The Rebus, By The Author Of These Poems
July 23rd 2008Emily DickinsonThat this should feel the need of Death
July 22nd 2008Anne SextonThe Consecrating Mother
July 21st 2008Sylvia PlathFaun
July 20th 2008Joyce KilmerLove's Lantern
July 19th 2008Robert FrostThe Gum-Gatherer
July 18th 2008Sharon OldsSex Without Love
July 17th 2008Henry Wadsworth LongfellowBelisarius
July 16th 2008Lucille Cliftonshapeshifter poems
July 15th 2008May SwensonQuestion
July 14th 2008Emily DickinsonYou know that Portrait in the Moon --
July 13th 2008Carl SandburgThe Hangman at Home
July 12th 2008Anne SextonLove Letter Written In A Burning Building
July 11th 2008Emily DickinsonThe difference between Despair
July 10th 2008Amy LowellClimbing
July 9th 2008Edwin Arlington RobinsonJohn Gorham
July 8th 2008Galway KinnellFergus Falling
July 7th 2008Billy CollinsMadmen
July 6th 2008Paul Laurence DunbarThe Old Front Gate
July 5th 2008Billy CollinsTomes
July 4th 2008Dorothy ParkerBric-a-Brac
July 3rd 2008William Carlos WilliamsThe Defective Record
July 2nd 2008Emily DickinsonThe Soul selects her own Society
July 1st 2008Walt WhitmanWho Learns My Lesson Complete?
June 2008
June 30th 2008Richard BrautiganI've Never Had It Done So Gently Before
June 29th 2008John BerrymanDream Song 44: Tell it to the forest fire, tell it to the moon
June 28th 2008Sara TeasdaleIt Will Not Change
June 27th 2008Philip LevineMagpiety
June 26th 2008Emily DickinsonThe Battle fought between the Soul
June 25th 2008Emily DickinsonOurselves were wed one summer -- dear --
June 24th 2008Charles BukowskiAs The Poems Go
June 23rd 2008Emily DickinsonAlthough I put away his life
June 22nd 2008Carl SandburgFight
June 21st 2008Delmore SchwartzParlez-Vous Francais?
June 20th 2008Walt WhitmanLook Down, Fair Moon.
June 19th 2008Connie WanekThe Coin Behind Your Ear
June 18th 2008Amy LowellTwo Travellers in the Place Vendome
June 17th 2008Russell EdsonSleep
June 16th 2008Emily DickinsonI should not dare to be so sad
June 15th 2008Ella Wheeler WilcoxFading
June 14th 2008Michael LallyForbidden Fruit
June 13th 2008Emily DickinsonExhilaration -- is within
June 12th 2008Oliver Wendell HolmesÆstivation
June 11th 2008Robert FrancisPaper Men To Air Hopes And Fears
June 10th 2008Laura Riding JacksonThe Simple Line
June 9th 2008Philip LevineHeaven
June 8th 2008H. D.Fragment Sixty-eight
June 7th 2008Emily DickinsonTo love thee Year by Year
June 6th 2008David LehmanThe Left Bank
June 5th 2008Philip FreneauTo A New England Poet
June 4th 2008David LehmanSestina
June 3rd 2008Edgar Lee MastersRobert Southey Burke
May 2008
May 31st 2008Ella Wheeler WilcoxI Will Be Worthy Of It
May 30th 2008Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe White Man's Foot
May 29th 2008Shel SilversteinThe Meehoo with an Exactlywatt
May 28th 2008Jorie GrahamPrayer
May 27th 2008Emily DickinsonFor this -- accepted Breath
May 26th 2008Emily DickinsonTrust adjust her "Peradventure" --
May 25th 2008Dorothy ParkerFrustration
May 24th 2008Ellis Parker ButlerTo Marguerite
May 23rd 2008Dorothy ParkerVerse for a Certain Dog
May 22nd 2008Vachel LindsayConcerning Emperors
May 21st 2008Sylvia PlathPoppies In October
May 20th 2008Emily DickinsonHeart! We will forget him!
May 19th 2008Carl SandburgChild Moon
May 18th 2008Robert FrostThe Ax-Helve
May 17th 2008Carl SandburgHumming Bird Woman
May 16th 2008Sylvia PlathThe Bull Of Bendylaw
May 15th 2008Charles BukowskiThe Icecream People
May 14th 2008Phillis WheatleyGoliath Of Gath
May 13th 2008Delmore SchwartzSonnet Suggested By Homer, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Paul Vakzy, James Joyce, Et Al.
May 12th 2008Carl SandburgGraves
May 11th 2008Wallace StevensTattoo
May 10th 2008Delmore SchwartzConcerning The Synthetic Unity Of Apperception
May 9th 2008Emily DickinsonWith thee, in the Desert
May 8th 2008Denise LevertovThe Great Black Heron
May 7th 2008Charles BukowskiLayover
May 6th 2008H. D.Song
May 5th 2008Walt WhitmanA Hand-Mirror.
May 4th 2008Louise GluckOdysseus' Decision
May 3rd 2008Charles BukowskiA Radio With Guts
May 2nd 2008Walt WhitmanGods.
May 1st 2008Anne SextonRaccoon
April 2008
April 30th 2008John BerrymanDream Song 64: Supreme my holdings, greater yet my need
April 29th 2008Edna St. Vincent MillayMenses
April 28th 2008Carl SandburgI Am The People, The Mob
April 27th 2008Anne BradstreetA Letter to Her Husband
April 26th 2008Bill KnottTempestrousseau
April 25th 2008Marge PiercyVisiting a Dead Man on a Summer Day
April 24th 2008Emily DickinsonLove -- thou art high
April 23rd 2008Russell EdsonYou
April 22nd 2008Edgar Lee MastersThe Unknown
April 21st 2008Dorothy ParkerGodspeed
April 20th 2008Linda PastanA New Poet
April 19th 2008Carl SandburgLoam
April 18th 2008Emily DickinsonDrama's Vitallest Expression is the Common Day
April 17th 2008Edgar Lee MastersJoseph Dixon
April 16th 2008Emily DickinsonTaken from men -- this morning
April 15th 2008Li-Young LeeBraiding
April 14th 2008Edwin Arlington RobinsonLingard and the Stars
April 13th 2008Vachel LindsayCaught in a Net
April 12th 2008Ralph Waldo EmersonCelestial Love
April 11th 2008Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Little Hill
April 10th 2008Stanley KunitzThe Snakes of September
April 9th 2008Sara TeasdaleWhat Do I Care?
April 8th 2008e.e. cummingsPicasso... (XXIII)
April 7th 2008Emily DickinsonA single Screw of Flesh
April 6th 2008T.S. EliotMacavity: The Mystery Cat
April 5th 2008Vachel LindsayTo Buddha
April 4th 2008Emily DickinsonA Visitor in Marl
April 3rd 2008Mark DotyVisitation
April 2nd 2008Shoshauna ShyBringing My Son To The Police Station To Be Fingerprinted
April 1st 2008Herman MelvilleHealed of My Hurt
March 2008
March 31st 2008Vachel LindsayA Prayer to All the Dead among Mine Own People
March 30th 2008Ella Wheeler WilcoxRefuted
March 29th 2008Vachel LindsayOur Mother Pocahontas
March 28th 2008Emily DickinsonThe Infinite a sudden Guest
March 27th 2008Raymond CarverLate Fragment
March 26th 2008Frank BidartLove Incarnate
March 25th 2008Forrest HamerCharlene-n-Booker 4ever
March 24th 2008Walt WhitmanThis Dust was Once the Man.
March 23rd 2008Paul Laurence DunbarWhen Malindy Sings
March 22nd 2008Anne SextonThe Big Heart
March 21st 2008Emily DickinsonIf I may have it, when it's dead,
March 20th 2008Oliver Wendell HolmesA Farewell to Agassiz
March 19th 2008Linda PastanVermilion
March 18th 2008William Carlos WilliamsThe Crowd At The Ball Game
March 17th 2008Carl SandburgCrucible
March 16th 2008Stanley KunitzHornworm: Autumn Lamentation
March 15th 2008Anne SextonLive
March 14th 2008Denise LevertovThe Quest
March 13th 2008David LehmanDecember 25
March 12th 2008e.e. cummingsi thank you God for most this amazing
March 11th 2008Charles BukowskiThe Poetry Reading
March 10th 2008Emily DickinsonThe Day undressed -- Herself --
March 9th 2008Anne BradstreetThe Flesh and the Spirit
March 8th 2008Ogden NashOh To Be Odd!
March 7th 2008Anne SextonAnd One For My Dame
March 6th 2008Carl SandburgAt a Window
March 5th 2008Carl SandburgMascots
March 4th 2008Joyce SutphenCrossroads
March 3rd 2008Ellis Parker ButlerThe Ballade Of The Mistletoe Bough
March 2nd 2008Edgar Lee MastersEmily Sparks
March 1st 2008Charles BukowskiA Man
February 2008
February 29th 2008Ella Wheeler WilcoxA Song Of Life
February 28th 2008Marge PiercyThe Seven Of Pentacles
February 27th 2008Delmore SchwartzThe Choir And Music Of Solitude And Silence
February 26th 2008Charles SimicClouds Gathering
February 25th 2008Edna St. Vincent MillayKin To Sorrow
February 24th 2008Billy CollinsStudy In Orange And White
February 23rd 2008Walt WhitmanAs I Ponder’d in Silence.
February 22nd 2008Emily DickinsonThe Butterfly's Numidian Gown
February 21st 2008Dorothy ParkerThe Sea
February 20th 2008Alan SeegerAll That's Not Love . . .
February 19th 2008Walt WhitmanIn Paths Untrodden.
February 18th 2008Emily DickinsonThe Red -- Blaze -- is the Morning
February 17th 2008Robert FrostThe Bonfire
February 16th 2008Ella Wheeler WilcoxFriendship After Love
February 15th 2008Edna St. Vincent MillaySonnets 10: Oh, My Beloved, Have You Thought Of This
February 14th 2008Frank O\'HaraAt Joan's
February 13th 2008Edgar Lee MastersMrs. Purkapile
February 12th 2008Emily DickinsonIt is an honorable Thought
February 11th 2008Deborah AgerThe Lake
February 10th 2008Anne SextonKilling The Love
February 9th 2008Walt WhitmanMe Imperturbe.
February 8th 2008Alan SeegerThe Aisne
February 7th 2008Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Shroud
February 6th 2008Robert FrostLooking For a Sunset Bird in Winter
February 5th 2008William StaffordFor My Young Friends Who Are Afraid
February 4th 2008Maya AngelouPassing Time
February 3rd 2008Emily DickinsonBy my Window have I for Scenery
February 2nd 2008Edgar Lee MastersMrs. Williams
February 1st 2008W.S. MerwinThe Ships Are Made Ready In Silence
January 2008
January 31st 2008Emily DickinsonOh give it Motion -- deck it sweet
January 30th 2008Amy ClampittExmoor
January 29th 2008Dorothy ParkerThe Apple Tree
January 28th 2008Dorothy ParkerThe False Friends
January 27th 2008Stanley KunitzFather and Son
January 26th 2008Carl SandburgBuffalo Bill
January 25th 2008Frank O\'HaraWhy I Am Not A Painter
January 24th 2008Russell EdsonA Stone Is Nobody's
January 23rd 2008Anne SextonElegy In The Classroom
January 22nd 2008Carl SandburgOld-fashioned Requited Love
January 21st 2008Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Bean-Stalk
January 20th 2008Amy LowellTo an Early Daffodil
January 19th 2008Heather McHughGhoti
January 18th 2008Emily DickinsonMyself can read the Telegrams
January 17th 2008Anne SextonSylvia's Death
January 16th 2008Sara TeasdaleHouses Of Dreams
January 15th 2008Charles SimicHotel Insomnia
January 14th 2008Carl SandburgLong Guns
January 13th 2008Charles BukowskiMy First Affair With That Older Woman
January 12th 2008Stephen DunnLandscape At The End Of The Century
January 11th 2008Maya AngelouA Conceit
January 10th 2008William Carlos WilliamsThe Cold Night
January 9th 2008Amy LowellThe Hammers
January 8th 2008Carl SandburgFrom The Shore
January 7th 2008Emily DickinsonHe ate and drank the precious Words --
January 6th 2008Emily DickinsonHer little Parasol to lift
January 5th 2008Ogden NashThe Chipmunk
January 4th 2008Carl SandburgSmoke Rose Gold
January 3rd 2008Walt WhitmanUnnamed Lands.
January 2nd 2008Edna St. Vincent MillayI Know The Face Of Falsehood And Her Tongue
January 1st 2008Walt WhitmanBy Broad Potomac’s Shore.
December 2007
December 31st 2007Ella Wheeler WilcoxMother's Loss
December 30th 2007Sharon OldsCrab
December 29th 2007Randall JarrellNext Day
December 28th 2007Langston HughesNight Funeral In Harlem
December 27th 2007Emily DickinsonIt stole along so stealthy
December 26th 2007Emily DickinsonThe Riddle we can guess
December 25th 2007Ogden NashThe Cantaloupe
December 24th 2007Emily DickinsonSoto!  Explore thyself!
December 23rd 2007Walt WhitmanShut Not Your Doors, &c.
December 22nd 2007Thomas Lux"I Love You Sweatheart"
December 21st 2007Emily DickinsonA Field of Stubble, lying sere
December 20th 2007Sylvia PlathPerseus
December 19th 2007John BerrymanDream Song 42: O journeyer, deaf in the mould, insane
December 18th 2007Gary SotoSaturday At The Canal
December 17th 2007Emily DickinsonOf Yellow was the outer Sky
December 16th 2007Vachel LindsayRhymes for Gloriana
December 15th 2007Ella Wheeler WilcoxLove's Supremacy
December 14th 2007Emily DickinsonBirthday of but a single pang
December 13th 2007Vachel LindsayOn Reading Omar Khayyam
December 12th 2007Emily DickinsonNo Notice gave She, but a Change --
December 11th 2007Susan Kelly-DeWittSummer Of The Grandmothers
December 10th 2007James Whitcomb RileyThe Rapture of the Year
December 9th 2007Nick CarboGrammarotics
December 8th 2007Emily DickinsonThe Wind didn't come from the Orchard -- today
December 7th 2007Edward FieldThe Return of Frankenstein
December 6th 2007Emily DickinsonTwo Travellers perishing in Snow
December 5th 2007Emily DickinsonThe event was directly behind Him
December 4th 2007Sylvia PlathLetter In November
December 3rd 2007Weldon KeesThe Smiles Of The Bathers
December 2nd 2007Wendell BerryA Meeting
December 1st 2007Edna St. Vincent MillayMy Most Distinguished Guest And Learned Friend
November 2007
November 30th 2007Joyce KilmerThe Annunciation
November 29th 2007Ella Wheeler WilcoxSettle The Question Right
November 28th 2007Cornelius EadyI'm A Fool To Love You
November 27th 2007Joyce KilmerThe White Ships and the Red
November 26th 2007Stephen CraneI met a seer
November 25th 2007Alan SeegerRendezvous
November 24th 2007Amy LowellAfternoon Rain in State Street
November 23rd 2007William MatthewsA Poetry Reading At West Point
November 22nd 2007Emily DickinsonThey talk as slow as Legends grow
November 21st 2007Billy CollinsFor Bartleby The Scrivener
November 20th 2007John BerrymanDream Song 14: Life, friends, is boring
November 19th 2007Carl SandburgAlix
November 18th 2007Amy LowellThe Last Quarter of the Moon
November 17th 2007Howard NemerovCasting
November 16th 2007Emily DickinsonCould that sweet Darkness where they dwell
November 15th 2007Paul Laurence DunbarAccountability
November 14th 2007Emily DickinsonTouch lightly Nature's sweet Guitar
November 13th 2007Edgar Lee MastersHamilton Greene
November 12th 2007Carl SandburgThe Great Hunt
November 11th 2007Vachel LindsayBy the Spring, at Sunset
November 10th 2007Edgar Allan PoeSonnet- Silence
November 9th 2007Ron RashLast Service
November 8th 2007Alan SeegerSonnet XIII
November 7th 2007Frank O\'HaraPoem (Lana Turner has collapsed!)
November 6th 2007Anne SextonSuicide Note
November 5th 2007Major Henry Livingston, Jr.The IX Ode to Horace
November 4th 2007Carl SandburgSummer Shirt Sale
November 3rd 2007John BerrymanDream Song 77: Seedy Henry rose up shy
November 2nd 2007Lizette Woodworth ReeseA Rhyme of Death's Inn
November 1st 2007Russell EdsonThe Position
October 2007
October 31st 2007Amy LowellMarch Evening
October 30th 2007Ellis Parker ButlerSong For Heroes
October 29th 2007Wallace StevensA High-Toned Old Christian Woman
October 28th 2007Carl SandburgHits and Runs
October 27th 2007Major Henry Livingston, Jr.Account of a Visit From ST. Nicholas
October 26th 2007Ella Wheeler WilcoxAmbition's Trail
October 25th 2007Ella Wheeler WilcoxOver the Banisters
October 24th 2007Alan SeegerEudaemon
October 23rd 2007Ella Wheeler WilcoxCuster
October 22nd 2007Delmore SchwartzApollo Musagete, Poetry, And The Leader Of The Muses
October 21st 2007Carl SandburgSixteen Months
October 20th 2007Alan SeegerMaktoob
October 19th 2007Walt WhitmanAmerican Feuillage.
October 18th 2007James A. EmanuelThe Treehouse
October 17th 2007Marvin BellTo Dorothy
October 16th 2007Emily Dickinson'Twould ease -- a Butterfly --
October 15th 2007Richard BrautiganPlease
October 14th 2007Amy LowellA Coloured Print by Shokei
October 13th 2007Carl SandburgNocturne In A Deserted Brickyard
October 12th 2007Stephen CraneIn heaven
October 11th 2007Randall JarrellA Country Life
October 10th 2007Emily DickinsonI make His Crescent fill or lack --
October 9th 2007Emily DickinsonThe Dandelion's pallid tube
October 8th 2007Allen GinsbergFather Death Blues (Don't Grow Old, Part V)
October 7th 2007T.S. EliotThe Naming Of Cats
October 6th 2007Emily DickinsonParadise is of the option.
October 5th 2007Walt WhitmanDespairing Cries.
October 4th 2007Richard BrautiganKafka's Hat
October 3rd 2007Emily DickinsonNot that We did, shall be the test
October 2nd 2007Ella Wheeler WilcoxSorry
October 1st 2007Henry Wadsworth LongfellowKeats
September 2007
September 30th 2007Walt WhitmanItalian Music in Dakota.
September 29th 2007Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Tavern
September 28th 2007John BerrymanDream Song 13: God bless Henry
September 27th 2007Anthony HechtLate Afternoon: The Onslaught Of Love
September 26th 2007T.S. EliotPreludes
September 25th 2007Billy CollinsI Go Back To The House For A Book
September 24th 2007Emily DickinsonRevolution is the Pod
September 23rd 2007Howard NemerovThe Blue Swallows
September 22nd 2007Emily DickinsonKnock with tremor --
September 21st 2007Li-Young LeeOut Of Hiding
September 20th 2007Joyce KilmerGates and Doors
September 19th 2007Emily DickinsonOne Anguish -- in a Crowd --
September 18th 2007Ella Wheeler WilcoxI Love You
September 17th 2007Emily DickinsonThese are the Signs to Nature's Inns --
September 16th 2007Emily DickinsonOne of the ones that Midas touched
September 15th 2007Emily Dickinson'Tis my first night beneath the Sun
September 14th 2007Joyce KilmerSt. Alexis, Patron of Beggars
September 13th 2007Christianne BalkShorthorns
September 12th 2007Randall JarrellGunner
September 11th 2007Dorothy ParkerLandscape
September 10th 2007Louise GluckPoem
September 9th 2007Emily DickinsonToo cold is this
September 8th 2007Howard NemerovLearning the Trees
September 7th 2007Robert FrostAsking For Roses
September 6th 2007Charles BukowskiHow Is Your Heart?
September 5th 2007Ellis Parker ButlerJabed Meeker, Humorist
September 4th 2007Ezra PoundIn Tempore Senectutis
September 3rd 2007William Carlos WilliamsPortrait Of A Lady
September 2nd 2007Emily DickinsonA Wind that rose
September 1st 2007e.e. cummings2 little whos
August 2007
August 31st 2007Anthony HechtProspects
August 30th 2007Russell EdsonPaying The Captain
August 29th 2007Bill KnottGoodbye
August 28th 2007Anne BradstreetThe Author to her Book
August 27th 2007James Whitcomb RileyThe Harper
August 26th 2007Edgar Lee MastersJustice Arnett
August 25th 2007Sharon OldsThe Sash
August 24th 2007Ogden NashFirst Child ... Second Child
August 23rd 2007Vachel LindsayA Sense of Humor
August 22nd 2007Emily DickinsonTrusty as the stars
August 21st 2007Billy CollinsConsolation
August 20th 2007Russell EdsonHands
August 19th 2007Robert FrostThe Generations of Men
August 18th 2007Anne BradstreetVerses upon the Burning of our House, July 18th
August 17th 2007Anne SextonWanting To Die
August 16th 2007Carl SandburgGrass
August 15th 2007Emily DickinsonI started Early -- Took my Dog --
August 14th 2007Emily Dickinson'Twas like a Maelstrom, with a notch,
August 13th 2007Anne BradstreetEpitaphs
August 12th 2007Vachel LindsayAbraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight
August 11th 2007James TateMore Later, Less The Same
August 10th 2007John BerrymanDream Song 103: I consider a song will be as humming-bird
August 9th 2007Phillis WheatleyTo The King's Most Excellent Majesty
August 8th 2007John BerrymanDream Song 132: A Small Dream
August 7th 2007Ogden NashPeekabo, I Almost See You
August 6th 2007Carl SandburgProud and Beautiful
August 5th 2007Sylvia PlathLesbos
August 4th 2007Ella Wheeler WilcoxCarlos
August 3rd 2007James SchuylerSalute
August 2nd 2007Hayden CarruthOn Being Asked To Write A Poem Against The War In Vietnam
August 1st 2007Sara TeasdaleWater Lilies
July 2007
July 31st 2007Walt WhitmanDarest Thou Now, O Soul.
July 30th 2007Ella Wheeler WilcoxLove's Coming
July 29th 2007Emily DickinsonPrayer is the little implement
July 28th 2007Amy LowellClear, with Light, Variable Winds
July 27th 2007Donald HallVillanelle
July 26th 2007Stephen CraneOn the desert
July 25th 2007Walt WhitmanO Star of France.
July 24th 2007Emily DickinsonOh, honey of an hour,
July 23rd 2007Emily DickinsonThe Ditch is dear to the Drunken man
July 22nd 2007Sylvia PlathPheasant
July 21st 2007Emily DickinsonThe Hollows round His eager Eyes
July 20th 2007Frank O\'HaraAutobiographia Literaria
July 19th 2007Anne BradstreetAnother
July 18th 2007Philip LevineHoly Day
July 17th 2007Carl SandburgAutumn Movement
July 16th 2007D.C. BerryHamlet Off-Stage: Snail Peels Off
July 15th 2007Anne SextonBuying The Whore
July 14th 2007Ella Wheeler WilcoxInspiration
July 13th 2007Hart CraneAt Melville's Tomb
July 12th 2007Ellis Parker ButlerNew England Magazine
July 11th 2007Walt WhitmanAboard at a Ship’s Helm.
July 10th 2007Edna St. Vincent MillaySonnets 02: Into The Golden Vessel Of Great Song
July 9th 2007Anne SextonAn Obsessive Combination Of Onotological Inscape, Trickery And Love
July 8th 2007Richard BrautiganThe Shenevertakesherwatchoff Poem
July 7th 2007Edgar Allan PoeEulalie
July 6th 2007Laura Riding JacksonWith The Face
July 5th 2007Emily DickinsonThere is a morn by men unseen
July 4th 2007Robinson JeffersThe Purse-Seine
July 3rd 2007Joyce KilmerThe Thorn
July 2nd 2007Robinson JeffersLove The Wild Swan
July 1st 2007Ellis Parker ButlerWestern
June 2007
June 30th 2007Vachel LindsayThe Tale of the Tiger-Tree
June 29th 2007William StaffordWaking at 3 a.m.
June 28th 2007Carl SandburgChicago Poet
June 27th 2007Joseph Mayo WristenChild of Jesus
June 26th 2007Carolyn ForchéThe Garden Shukkei-en
June 25th 2007Sylvia PlathContusion
June 24th 2007Nick CarboLittle Brown Brother
June 23rd 2007Edgar Lee MastersThe Circuit Judge
June 22nd 2007Robinson JeffersDivinely Superfluous Beauty
June 21st 2007Edgar Lee MastersBatterson Dobyns
June 20th 2007Carl SandburgAztec Mask
June 19th 2007Emily DickinsonThe Life we have is very great.
June 18th 2007Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Sound of the Sea
June 17th 2007Carl SandburgPigeon
June 16th 2007Richard Brautigan-2
June 15th 2007Judy GrahnIf You Lose Your Lover
June 14th 2007Carl SandburgThe Wind Sings Welcome in Early Spring
June 13th 2007Emily DickinsonIf I could tell how glad I was
June 12th 2007Emily DickinsonTo die -- takes just a little while
June 11th 2007e.e. cummingswhat if a much of a which of a wind... (XX)
June 10th 2007Amy LowellAbsence
June 9th 2007Anne SextonDespair
June 8th 2007Anne SextonA Curse Against Elegies
June 7th 2007Ogden NashThe Wasp
June 6th 2007Emily DickinsonThe Sun is gay or stark
June 5th 2007Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Fire of Drift-wood
June 4th 2007Emily DickinsonWe like March.
June 3rd 2007Henry David ThoreauThey Who Prepare my Evening Meal Below
June 2nd 2007Marge PiercyToad Dreams
June 1st 2007Ezra PoundThe Jewel Stairs' Grievance
May 2007
May 31st 2007Emily DickinsonWonder -- is not precisely Knowing
May 30th 2007Joseph Mayo WristenFrom the Rooms of the Prom Queen
May 29th 2007Robert HershonSentimental Moment Or Why Did The Baguette Cross The Road?
May 28th 2007Allen GinsbergNagasaki Days
May 27th 2007Joseph Mayo Wristenmagic to change the world
May 26th 2007Emily DickinsonShells from the Coast mistaking --
May 25th 2007Richard BrautiganAt the California Institute of Technology
May 24th 2007Anne SextonFor Johnny Pole On The Forgotten Beach
May 23rd 2007e.e. cummingsyouful... (17)
May 22nd 2007Edgar Lee MastersConrad Siever
May 21st 2007Joyce KilmerThe Snowman in the Yard
May 20th 2007Joyce KilmerThanksgiving
May 19th 2007Dorothy ParkerProphetic Soul
May 18th 2007Ella Wheeler WilcoxLove is Enough
May 17th 2007Emily DickinsonInconceivably solemn!
May 16th 2007Emily Dickinson'Tis not the swaying frame we miss,
May 15th 2007Paul Laurence DunbarLife's Tragedy
May 14th 2007John BerrymanDream Song 34: My mother has your shotgun. One man, wide
May 13th 2007Robinson JeffersThe Broken Balance
May 12th 2007Carl SandburgFlanders
May 11th 2007Edwin Arlington RobinsonSiege Perilous
May 10th 2007Richard BrautiganPart 10 of Trout Fishing in America
May 9th 2007Jorie GrahamThe Way Things Work
May 8th 2007Maya AngelouI know why the caged bird sings
May 7th 2007Emily DickinsonConscious am I in my Chamber,
May 6th 2007Charles SimicMummy's Curse
May 5th 2007Emily DickinsonMe from Myself -- to banish --
May 4th 2007Dorothy ParkerPenelope
May 3rd 2007Robinson JeffersThe Day Is A Poem (September 19, 1939)
May 2nd 2007Robert FrostTo Earthward
May 1st 2007William Carlos WilliamsAux Imagistes
April 2007
April 30th 2007Edgar Lee MastersSamuel Gardner
April 29th 2007Eric TorgersenThe Story Of White Man Leading Viet Cong Patrol
April 28th 2007Philip LevinePicture Postcard From The Other World
April 27th 2007Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 01: 03: One, where the pale sea foamed at the yellow sand
April 26th 2007Emily DickinsonSome such Butterfly be seen
April 25th 2007David LehmanJuly 10
April 24th 2007Carl SandburgGlimmer
April 23rd 2007Robert FrostThe Silken Tent
April 22nd 2007Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Little Ghost
April 21st 2007Emily DickinsonI'm "wife" -- I've finished that
April 20th 2007Edwin Arlington RobinsonDemos
April 19th 2007Emily DickinsonGo slow, my soul, to feed thyself
April 18th 2007Dorothy ParkerSweet Violets
April 17th 2007Emily DickinsonTime's wily Chargers will not wait
April 16th 2007Edna St. Vincent MillayPity Me Not Because The Light Of Day
April 15th 2007Dorothy ParkerBallade at Thirty-Five
April 14th 2007Jeffrey HarrisonNecessity
April 13th 2007Emily DickinsonTo own a Susan of my own
April 12th 2007Amy LowellAt Night
April 11th 2007Walt WhitmanOx Tamer, The.
April 10th 2007Emily DickinsonThe last of Summer is Delight --
April 9th 2007Lee UptonThe Table
April 8th 2007John BerrymanSonnet 117 - All we were going strong
April 7th 2007Edwin Arlington RobinsonL'envoy
April 6th 2007Vachel LindsayMy Lady in Her White Silk Shawl
April 5th 2007Charles BukowskiCurtain
April 4th 2007James Whitcomb RileyA Noon Interval
April 3rd 2007Randall JarrellWell Water
April 2nd 2007T.S. EliotThe Hippopotamus
April 1st 2007Vachel LindsaySpringfield Magical
March 2007
March 31st 2007Walt WhitmanAs I Sat Alone by Blue Ontario’s Shores.
March 30th 2007Dorothy ParkerEpitaph for a Darling Lady
March 29th 2007Emily DickinsonDistance -- is not the Realm of Fox
March 28th 2007Ella Wheeler WilcoxA Maiden's Secret
March 27th 2007Alan SeegerSonnet I
March 26th 2007Ogden NashTableau At Twilight
March 25th 2007Vachel LindsayNiagara
March 24th 2007Emily DickinsonSexton! My Master's sleeping here.
March 23rd 2007Walt WhitmanStates!
March 22nd 2007Robert FrostThe Hill Wife
March 21st 2007Richard BrautiganPart 4 of Trout Fishing in America
March 20th 2007Ella Wheeler WilcoxDesolation
March 19th 2007Lee UptonThe Broom
March 18th 2007John BerrymanDream Song 97: Henry of Donnybrook bred like a pig
March 17th 2007Emily DickinsonDid We abolish Frost
March 16th 2007Bill KnottStress Therapy
March 15th 2007Ella Wheeler WilcoxFleeing Away
March 14th 2007James Whitcomb RileyThe Ripest Peach
March 13th 2007John BerrymanDream Song 23: The Lay of Ike
March 12th 2007Oliver Wendell HolmesDaily Trials by a Sensitive Man
March 11th 2007Major Henry Livingston, Jr.On my Sister Joanna's Entrance into Her 33rd Year
March 10th 2007Robert CreeleyI Know A Man
March 9th 2007Carl SandburgQuestionnaire
March 8th 2007Billy CollinsChild Development
March 7th 2007Ralph Waldo EmersonBlight
March 6th 2007Ron RashIn Dismal Gorge
March 5th 2007Bill Knott2 Futilists
March 4th 2007Emily DickinsonThe Brain, within its Groove
March 3rd 2007Raymond CarverStupid
March 2nd 2007John BerrymanDream Song 68: I heard, could be, a Hey there from the wing
March 1st 2007Emily DickinsonA Sloop of Amber slips away
February 2007
February 28th 2007Walt WhitmanUntold Want, The.
February 27th 2007John BerrymanDream Song 50: In a motion of night they massed nearer my post
February 26th 2007Ella Wheeler WilcoxContentment
February 25th 2007Donald HallA Poet at Twenty
February 24th 2007Carl SandburgAn Electric Sign Goes Dark
February 23rd 2007Herman MelvilleThe Mound by the Lake
February 22nd 2007e.e. cummingsif you like my poems let them
February 21st 2007Joyce KilmerThe Proud Poet
February 20th 2007Carl SandburgBand Concert
February 19th 2007Walt WhitmanThat Music Always Round Me.
February 18th 2007Emily Dickinson'Twas my one Glory --
February 17th 2007Edith WhartonChartres
February 16th 2007Richard WilburPraise In Summer
February 15th 2007Ella Wheeler WilcoxMoon And Sea
February 14th 2007William StaffordTraveling Through The Dark
February 13th 2007Carl SandburgSubway
February 12th 2007Edwin Arlington RobinsonOn the Night of a Friend's Wedding
February 11th 2007Archibald MacLeishThe End Of The World
February 10th 2007Carl SandburgWhite Ash
February 9th 2007Richard BrautiganNine Things
February 8th 2007Li-Young LeeThe Father's House
February 7th 2007Russell EdsonThe Road
February 6th 2007Emily DickinsonThere is no Frigate like a Book
February 5th 2007Laurie DuesingPrecision
February 4th 2007Sara TeasdaleDoubt
February 3rd 2007Stephen CraneThe wayfarer,
February 2nd 2007Edgar Lee MastersWalter Simmons
February 1st 2007Robert CreeleyThe Way
January 2007
January 31st 2007Edgar Lee MastersAmi Green
January 30th 2007Anne SextonDoors, Doors, Doors
January 29th 2007Ogden NashThe Ant
January 28th 2007e.e. cummingsnext to of course god america i... (III)
January 27th 2007Charles BukowskiShow Biz
January 26th 2007Emily DickinsonYou cannot take itself
January 25th 2007Emily DickinsonI would not paint -- a picture --
January 24th 2007T.S. EliotLa Figlia che Piange
January 23rd 2007Walt WhitmanDirge for Two Veterans.
January 22nd 2007Robinson JeffersShine, Perishing Republic
January 21st 2007Carl SandburgCaboose Thoughts
January 20th 2007W.S. MerwinSome Last Questions
January 19th 2007Robert FrostThe Housekeeper
January 18th 2007Paul Laurence DunbarDouglass
January 16th 2007Emily DickinsonUpon the gallows hung a wretch,
January 15th 2007Emily DickinsonEmpty my Heart, of Thee --
January 13th 2007Stanley GemmellCirque
January 12th 2007Hart CraneForgetfulness
January 11th 2007Emily DickinsonOne thing of it we borrow
January 10th 2007Edgar Lee MastersWillie Metcalf
January 9th 2007Emily DickinsonConjecturing a Climate
January 8th 2007Audre LordeCoal
January 7th 2007Edgar Lee MastersThomas Ross, Jr.
January 6th 2007Emily DickinsonThe Morning after Woe
January 5th 2007Emily Dickinson"Speech" -- is a prank of Parliament --
December 2006
December 26th 2006Walt WhitmanLong, too Long, O Land!
December 23rd 2006e.e. cummingsMarianne Moore (35)
December 17th 2006Edna St. Vincent MillayAutumn Daybreak
December 16th 2006Edwin Arlington RobinsonTheophilus
December 15th 2006Robinson JeffersReturn
December 14th 2006Anne SextonFrenzy
December 13th 2006Robert FrostGhost House
December 12th 2006Richard BrautiganSurprise
December 11th 2006Robert CreeleyThe Carnival
December 10th 2006Henry Wadsworth LongfellowHiawatha And Mudjekeewis
December 9th 2006Conrad AikenSenlin: His Dark Origins
December 8th 2006Ron RashBrown Lung
December 7th 2006Robert FrostI. The Witch of Coös
December 6th 2006Carl SandburgSpanish
December 5th 2006Edna St. Vincent MillaySonnets 11: As To Some Lovely Temple, Tenantless
December 4th 2006Philip FreneauOn the Ruins of a Country Inn
December 3rd 2006Robert FrostI Will Sing You One-O
December 2nd 2006Russell EdsonApe And Coffee
December 1st 2006Yusef KomunyakaaMy Father's Love Letters
November 2006
November 30th 2006Russell EdsonThe Bridge
November 29th 2006John BerrymanDream Song 22: Of 1826
November 28th 2006Dorothy ParkerA Very Short Song
November 27th 2006Russell EdsonThe Man Rock
November 26th 2006Edwin Arlington RobinsonFragment
November 25th 2006David WagonerWallace Stevens On His Way To Work
November 24th 2006Sylvia PlathAriel
November 23rd 2006e.e. cummingsDoveglion
November 22nd 2006Russell EdsonErasing Amyloo
November 21st 2006Donald JusticeSadness
November 20th 2006Wallace StevensThe Idea Of Order At Key West
November 19th 2006Walt WhitmanAs a Strong Bird on Pinions Free.
November 18th 2006Bill KnottLesson
November 17th 2006Emily DickinsonPartake as doth the Bee,
November 16th 2006Walt WhitmanElemental Drifts.
November 15th 2006Carl SandburgTangibles
November 14th 2006Emily DickinsonOnly a Shrine, but Mine --
November 13th 2006Emily DickinsonSatisfaction -- is the Agent
November 12th 2006Amy LowellFringed Gentians
November 11th 2006Weldon KeesA Musician's Wife
November 10th 2006Emily DickinsonStep lightly on this narrow spot --
November 9th 2006Sylvia PlathOn Looking Into The Eyes Of A Demon Lover
November 8th 2006Edgar Lee MastersDoctor Meyers
November 7th 2006Stanley GemmellBlue Shards In Palm Of Hand
November 6th 2006W.S. MerwinIt Is March
November 5th 2006Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 03: 07: Porcelain
November 4th 2006Reginald ShepherdEros In His Striped Blue Shirt
November 3rd 2006Philip FreneauOn The Death Of Dr. Benjamin Franklin
November 2nd 2006Edgar Lee MastersOscar Hummel
November 1st 2006Hayden CarruthGoes
October 2006
October 31st 2006Hayden CarruthRay
October 30th 2006Anne SextonTo A Friend Whose Work Has Come To Triumph
October 29th 2006Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 02: 05: Retrospect
October 28th 2006Emily DickinsonThe Heart has many Doors --
October 27th 2006Paul Laurence DunbarLittle Brown Baby
October 26th 2006Ezra PoundThe Garden
October 25th 2006Kenneth PatchenPastoral
October 24th 2006Ted KooserAfter Years
October 23rd 2006Maggie EstepHey Baby
October 22nd 2006Edith WhartonAn Autumn Sunset
October 21st 2006Donald JusticeMen At Forty
October 20th 2006Robert FrostThe Line-Gang
October 19th 2006Sara TeasdaleBlue Squills
October 18th 2006Galway KinnellPoem Of Night
October 17th 2006Emily DickinsonIf pain for peace prepares
October 16th 2006Walt WhitmanDrum-Taps.
October 15th 2006Emily DickinsonYour thoughts don't have words every day
October 14th 2006Emily Dickinson"Was not" was all the Statement.
October 13th 2006David LehmanJune 6
October 12th 2006Emily DickinsonLightly stepped a yellow star
October 11th 2006Philip LevineThe Red Shirt
October 10th 2006Denise LevertovSeeing For A Moment
October 9th 2006Richard BrautiganLove Poem
October 8th 2006Emily DickinsonFame is a bee.
October 7th 2006Carl SandburgIn a Back Alley
October 6th 2006Emily DickinsonHow noteless Men, and Pleiads, stand,
October 5th 2006Philip LevineTold
October 4th 2006Edgar Lee MastersMany Soldiers
October 3rd 2006Robert FrostThe Last Mowing
October 2nd 2006Charles SimicAgainst Winter
October 1st 2006Ellis Parker ButlerMillennium
September 2006
September 30th 2006Edgar Lee MastersGeorgine Sand Miner
September 29th 2006Walt WhitmanAs if a Phantom Caress’d Me.
September 28th 2006Carl SandburgSea-Wash
September 27th 2006Judy GrahnHelen In Hollywood
September 26th 2006Walt WhitmanTo a President.
September 25th 2006Emily DickinsonTill Death -- is narrow Loving --
September 24th 2006Bill KnottFlashbacks
September 23rd 2006Ellis Parker ButlerWomanly Qualms
September 22nd 2006Emily DickinsonLove -- is that later Thing than Death --
September 21st 2006Carl SandburgJan Kubelik
September 20th 2006Sara TeasdaleA Cry
September 19th 2006Reginald ShepherdSolstice As Demon Lover
September 18th 2006Carl SandburgThin Strips
September 17th 2006T.S. EliotMr. Mistoffelees
September 16th 2006Louise GluckParable Of The Dove
September 15th 2006Ella Wheeler WilcoxFather
September 14th 2006Robert FrostDesign
September 13th 2006Emily DickinsonThe sweetest Heresy received
September 12th 2006Philip LevineRed Dust
September 11th 2006Edwin Arlington RobinsonSouvenir
September 10th 2006Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Plaid Dress
September 9th 2006Wallace StevensDisillusionment Of Ten O'clock
September 8th 2006Emily DickinsonNoon -- is the Hinge of Day --
September 7th 2006Emily DickinsonThe farthest Thunder that I heard
September 6th 2006Alan SeegerSonnet 04
September 5th 2006Marge PiercyTraveling Dream
September 4th 2006Dorothy ParkerThe Danger of Writing Defiant Verse
September 3rd 2006Edwin Arlington RobinsonThree Quatrains
September 2nd 2006Forrest HamerLesson
September 1st 2006Frank O\'HaraSteps
August 2006
August 31st 2006Anne SextonThe Break
August 30th 2006Sara TeasdaleAlone
August 29th 2006Carl SandburgBoy and Father
August 28th 2006Emily DickinsonUnfulfilled to Observation --
August 27th 2006Ezra PoundStatement of Being
August 26th 2006Emily DickinsonTo venerate the simple days
August 25th 2006Carl SandburgLaughing Corn
August 24th 2006Emily DickinsonSome Days retired from the rest
August 23rd 2006Ogden NashThe Solitary Huntsman
August 22nd 2006Denise LevertovThe Thread
August 21st 2006Philip LevineThe Drunkard
August 20th 2006Carl SandburgRiver Roads
August 19th 2006Steve KowitThe Grammar Lesson
August 18th 2006Anne SextonThe Lost Ingredient
August 17th 2006Edgar Lee MastersOllie McGee
August 16th 2006Walt WhitmanMy Picture-Gallery.
August 15th 2006Vachel LindsayA Dirge for a Righteous Kitten
August 14th 2006John BerrymanDream Song 75: Turning it over, considering
August 13th 2006Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Snow Storm
August 12th 2006John BerrymanDream Song 63: Bats have no bankers and they do not drink
August 11th 2006Edwin Arlington RobinsonFor Ariva
August 10th 2006Emily DickinsonThe Work of Her that went,
August 9th 2006Major Henry Livingston, Jr.Careless Philosopher's Soliloquy
August 8th 2006Edward FieldThe Bride of Frankenstein
August 7th 2006Emily DickinsonShe rose to His Requirement -- dropt
August 6th 2006Stephen DunnThe Sudden Light And The Trees
August 5th 2006Emily DickinsonIts little Ether Hood
August 4th 2006Walt WhitmanTo Oratists.
August 3rd 2006Ogden NashTo A Small Boy Standing On My Shoes While I Am Wearing Them
August 2nd 2006Langston HughesStill Here
August 1st 2006Lawrence FerlinghettiThe Plough Of Time
July 2006
July 31st 2006Emily DickinsonWho Court obtain within Himself
July 30th 2006Ellis Parker ButlerBird Nesting
July 29th 2006Marge PiercyAlways Unsuitable
July 28th 2006Carl SandburgEarly Moon
July 27th 2006Wallace StevensDomination Of Black
July 26th 2006Emily DickinsonA Lady red -- amid the Hill
July 25th 2006Richard WilburA Fire-Truck
July 24th 2006Emily DickinsonGathered into the Earth,
July 23rd 2006Louise GluckCana
July 22nd 2006Walt WhitmanA Carol of Harvest, for 1867 .
July 21st 2006e.e. cummingsif there are any heavens my mother will
July 20th 2006Ogden NashWhat's The Use?
July 19th 2006Richard WilburThe Prisoner of Zenda
July 18th 2006Ella Wheeler WilcoxAll That Love Asks
July 17th 2006Lucille Cliftonclimbing
July 16th 2006Sylvia PlathFace Lift
July 15th 2006Carl SandburgBringers
July 14th 2006Emily DickinsonThe Day grew small, surrounded tight
July 13th 2006Emily DickinsonI cannot see my soul but know 'tis there
July 12th 2006Emily DickinsonI think that the Root of the Wind is Water --
July 11th 2006Sylvia PlathMorning Song
July 10th 2006Vachel LindsayAn Apology for the Bottle Volcanic
July 9th 2006Edgar Lee MastersRoscoe Purkapile
July 8th 2006Emily DickinsonI Years had been from Home
July 7th 2006Edna St. Vincent MillayFeast
July 6th 2006Robert FrostMy Butterfly
July 5th 2006Walt WhitmanI Sit and Look Out.
July 4th 2006Amy LowellCrowned
July 3rd 2006Emily DickinsonSo large my Will
July 2nd 2006e.e. cummingskumrads die because they're told)
July 1st 2006Vachel LindsayBlanche Sweet
June 2006
June 30th 2006Ella Wheeler WilcoxA Golden Day
June 29th 2006Louise GluckApril
June 28th 2006Anne SextonThe Civil War
June 27th 2006Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Building of the Ship
June 26th 2006Emily DickinsonTo the stanch Dust
June 25th 2006Robert FrostThe Black Cottage
June 24th 2006Galway KinnellThe Cellist
June 23rd 2006Edgar Lee MastersKnowlt Hoheimer
June 22nd 2006Emily DickinsonThe Butterfly upon the Sky,
June 21st 2006Emily DickinsonThe most important population
June 20th 2006Joyce KilmerCitizen of the World
June 19th 2006James Whitcomb RileyThe Willow
June 18th 2006Stanley GemmellAt Your Royal Side
June 17th 2006Robert PinskyShirt
June 16th 2006Edna St. Vincent MillayIf Still Your Orchards Bear
June 15th 2006Archibald MacLeishThe Too-Late Born
June 14th 2006Emily DickinsonTo interrupt His Yellow Plan
June 13th 2006Sharon OldsOne Year
June 12th 2006Sylvia PlathThe Colossus
June 11th 2006Carl SandburgGaloots
June 10th 2006James ReissMy Daughters In New York
June 9th 2006Stephen DunnAllegory Of The Cave
June 8th 2006Edwin Arlington RobinsonArchibald's Example
June 7th 2006Jean ValentineElegy For Jane Kenyon (2)
June 6th 2006T.S. EliotFour Quartets 2: East Coker
June 5th 2006Emily DickinsonA lane of Yellow led the eye
June 4th 2006Rodney JackStonefruit
June 3rd 2006Amy LowellSong
June 2nd 2006Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Town Down by the River
June 1st 2006e.e. cummingsmoan... (7)
May 2006
May 31st 2006Anne SextonWhen Man Enters Woman
May 30th 2006Ella Wheeler WilcoxSestina
May 29th 2006Mark DotyMetro North
May 28th 2006Amy LowellSea Shell
May 27th 2006Carl SandburgGypsy
May 26th 2006Edgar Lee MastersAaron Hatfield
May 25th 2006Adrienne RichProspective Immigrants Please Note
May 24th 2006Emily Dickinson'Tis little I -- could care for Pearls
May 23rd 2006Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Rat
May 22nd 2006Jorie GrahamThe Guardian Angel Of The Little Utopia
May 21st 2006Stanley KunitzSingle Vision
May 20th 2006Denise LevertovLosing Track
May 19th 2006Raymond CarverPhotograph of My Father in His Twenty-Second Year
May 18th 2006Deborah AgerNight: San Francisco
May 17th 2006Randall JarrellThe House In The Woods
May 16th 2006Sara TeasdaleTides
May 15th 2006Walt WhitmanWhat Place is Besieged?
May 14th 2006David LehmanTo Psyche
May 13th 2006Emily DickinsonI stepped from Plank to Plank
May 12th 2006Robert CreeleyClemente's Images
May 11th 2006Edwin Arlington RobinsonZola
May 10th 2006Ezra PoundThe Seeing Eye
May 9th 2006Ralph Waldo EmersonConcord Hymn
May 8th 2006Emily DickinsonI'm Nobody! Who are you?
May 7th 2006David LehmanMarch 1
May 6th 2006Ron RashWhippoorwill
May 5th 2006Ellis Parker ButlerImmortality
May 4th 2006e.e. cummingsnow is a ship... (9)
May 3rd 2006Emily DickinsonShe staked her Feathers -- Gained an Arc --
May 2nd 2006Lizette Woodworth ReeseSpicewood
May 1st 2006Walt WhitmanMediums.
April 2006
April 30th 2006Frank O\'HaraA Step Away From Them
April 29th 2006Walt WhitmanTo Foreign Lands.
April 28th 2006Ella Wheeler WilcoxOne Of Us Two
April 27th 2006Emily DickinsonThat first Day, when you praised Me, Sweet,
April 26th 2006Emily DickinsonEndanger it, and the Demand
April 25th 2006Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Spirit of Poetry
April 24th 2006Emily DickinsonTie the Strings to my Life, My Lord,
April 23rd 2006John BerrymanDream Song 11: His mother goes. The mother comes & goes.
April 22nd 2006Robert LowellHistory
April 21st 2006Edwin Arlington RobinsonCalverly's
April 20th 2006Oliver Wendell HolmesThe Old Man Dreams
April 19th 2006Carl SandburgBrass Keys
April 18th 2006Tony HoaglandJet
April 17th 2006Emily DickinsonThe worthlessness of Earthly things
April 16th 2006Amy LowellRoads
April 15th 2006David LehmanJanuary 24
April 14th 2006Walt WhitmanJoy, Shipmate, Joy!
April 13th 2006Edna St. Vincent MillayNot In A Silver Casket Cool With Pearls
April 12th 2006Henry Wadsworth LongfellowTO THE DRIVING CLOUD
April 11th 2006Robert CreeleyAmerica
April 10th 2006Sylvia PlathMad Girl's Love Song
April 9th 2006Edna St. Vincent MillayBurial
April 8th 2006e.e. cummingssupposing i dreamed this)... (IX)
April 7th 2006Delmore SchwartzFar Rockaway
April 5th 2006Ella Wheeler WilcoxDoes It Pay?
March 2006
March 30th 2006Edgar Lee MastersAndy the Night-Watch
March 29th 2006Ella Wheeler WilcoxDelilah
March 28th 2006Edwin Arlington RobinsonFor Some Poems by Matthew Arnold
March 27th 2006Emily DickinsonEscaping backward to perceive
March 26th 2006Lawrence FerlinghettiWild Dreams Of A New Beginning
March 25th 2006Weldon Kees1926
March 24th 2006Edna St. Vincent MillayThe True Encounter
March 23rd 2006Delmore SchwartzOut Of The Watercolored Window, When You Look
March 22nd 2006Emily DickinsonA Cap of Lead across the sky
March 21st 2006Archibald MacLeishDr. Sigmund Freud Discovers the Sea Shell
March 20th 2006Louise BoganJuan's Song
March 19th 2006Deborah AgerMorning
March 18th 2006Walt WhitmanRoots and Leaves Themselves Alone.
March 17th 2006Edgar Lee MastersLyman King
March 16th 2006Ezra PoundSong of the Bowmen of Shu
March 15th 2006Ogden NashThe Turtle
March 14th 2006Amy LowellThe Allies
March 13th 2006Carl SandburgGarden Wireless
March 12th 2006W.S. MerwinUnknown Bird
March 11th 2006Ella Wheeler WilcoxAll Roads That Lead To God Are Good
March 10th 2006Stephen CraneBlack riders came from the sea.
March 9th 2006Weldon KeesThe Doctor Will Return
March 7th 2006Philip LevineLate Light
March 6th 2006Dorothy ParkerThe Trusting Heart
March 5th 2006Edwin Arlington RobinsonCliff Klingenhagen
March 4th 2006Carl SandburgFinish
March 3rd 2006Emily DickinsonIt knew no lapse, nor Diminuation --
March 2nd 2006Emily DickinsonThose final Creatures, -- who they are --
March 1st 2006Ezra PoundSestina: Altaforte
February 2006
February 28th 2006Walt WhitmanCamps of Green.
February 27th 2006Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Field of Glory
February 26th 2006Daniel NesterThere's Got To Be A Morning After
February 25th 2006Edna St. Vincent MillayBeing Young And Green
February 24th 2006Vachel LindsayThe Moon is a Painter
February 23rd 2006Ogden NashBankers Are Just Like Anybody Else, Except Richer
February 22nd 2006Sylvia PlathAftermath
February 21st 2006Vachel LindsayFactory Windows are Always Broken
February 20th 2006Denise LevertovPeople at Night
February 19th 2006Robert FrostCanis Major
February 18th 2006Donald HallMount Kearsarge Shines
February 17th 2006Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe World
February 16th 2006Emily DickinsonIn lands I never saw -- they say
February 15th 2006Edgar Allan PoeIn the Greenest of our Valleys
February 14th 2006Catherine AndersonBefore Sleep
February 13th 2006Emily DickinsonWe learn it in Retreating
February 12th 2006Emily DickinsonHigh from the earth I heard a bird,
February 11th 2006Louise GluckSiren
February 10th 2006Sylvia PlathApril 18
February 9th 2006Walt WhitmanCity Dead-House, The.
February 8th 2006Frank BidartIf I Could Mourn Like A Mourning Dove
February 7th 2006Walt WhitmanMystic Trumpeter, The.
February 6th 2006Carl SandburgHumdrum
February 5th 2006Emily DickinsonFew, yet enough,
February 4th 2006Emily DickinsonWert Thou but ill -- that I might show thee
February 3rd 2006David LehmanExamples (August 27)
February 2nd 2006Delmore SchwartzYeats Died Saturday In France
February 1st 2006Vachel LindsayQueen Mab in the Village
January 2006
January 31st 2006Emily DickinsonMy first well Day -- since many ill --
January 30th 2006Oliver Wendell HolmesCacoethes Scribendi
January 29th 2006Carl SandburgBack Yard
January 28th 2006Frank BidartDark Night
January 27th 2006Jean ToomerA Certain Man
January 26th 2006Emily DickinsonCosmopolities without a plea
January 25th 2006Charles SimicWhite
January 24th 2006Anne Sexton"Daddy" Warbucks
January 23rd 2006Wallace StevensThe House Was Quiet And The World Was Calm
January 22nd 2006Li-Young LeeThe City In Which I Loved You
January 21st 2006Major Henry Livingston, Jr.The Crane & The Fox, a Fable
January 20th 2006Russell EdsonAntimatter
January 19th 2006Edwin Arlington RobinsonShadrach O'Leary
January 18th 2006Philip LevineAnother Song
January 17th 2006Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 02: 03: Interlude
January 16th 2006Phillis WheatleyAn Hymn To The Evening
January 15th 2006Ogden NashColumbus
January 14th 2006Charles BukowskiConsummation Of Grief
January 13th 2006Emily DickinsonPraise it -- 'tis dead --
January 12th 2006Carl SandburgTo Beachey, 1912
January 11th 2006Jean ToomerUnsuspecting
January 10th 2006Vachel LindsayThe Unpardonable Sin
January 9th 2006Denise DuhamelSnow White's Acne
January 8th 2006Emily DickinsonHis Mansion in the Pool
January 7th 2006Robert FrostThe Door in the Dark
January 6th 2006Philip LevineIn The New Sun
January 5th 2006John BerrymanDream Song 116: Through the forest, followed, Henry made his silky way
January 4th 2006Walt WhitmanOn Journeys Through The States.
January 3rd 2006Emily DickinsonIf I'm lost -- now
January 2nd 2006Robert FrostEvening in a Sugar Orchard
January 1st 2006Walt WhitmanCity of Ships.
December 2005
December 31st 2005Emily DickinsonThe Robin is the One
December 30th 2005Emily DickinsonBecause the Bee may blameless hum
December 29th 2005Donald HallDistressed Haiku
December 28th 2005Emily Dickinson'Twas comfort in her Dying Room
December 27th 2005Amy LowellThe Bombardment
December 26th 2005James Whitcomb RileyA Poet's Wooing
December 25th 2005Donald JusticeTo A Ten-Months' Child
December 24th 2005Vachel LindsayIncense
December 23rd 2005Amy LowellDiya  {original title is Greek, Delta-iota-psi-alpha}
December 22nd 2005Henry Wadsworth LongfellowChaucer
December 21st 2005Kenneth PatchenThe Naked Land
December 20th 2005Emily DickinsonWhat tenements of clover
December 19th 2005Carl SandburgRepetitions
December 18th 2005Edgar Lee MastersPaul McNeely
December 17th 2005Emily DickinsonThe Birds begun at Four o'clock --
December 16th 2005Amy ClampittFog
December 15th 2005e.e. cummingsmr youse needn't be so spry... (XVIII)
December 14th 2005Mark HillringhouseWoolworth's
December 13th 2005Walt WhitmanSong at Sunset.
December 12th 2005Lucille Cliftonadam thinking
December 11th 2005Ron PadgettLadies And Gentlemen In Outer Space
December 10th 2005Ella Wheeler WilcoxGoing Away
December 9th 2005William Carlos WilliamsThe Young Housewife
December 8th 2005Jorie GrahamOf The Ever-Changing Agitation In The Air
December 7th 2005Marge PiercyThe Cat's Song
December 6th 2005Philip LevineHolding On
December 5th 2005Amy LowellIn a Garden
December 4th 2005Henry Wadsworth LongfellowAn April Day
December 3rd 2005Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Revenge of Rain-in-the-Face
December 2nd 2005Joyce KilmerWealth
December 1st 2005Carl SandburgBaby Toes
November 2005
November 30th 2005e.e. cummingssince feeling is first... (VII)
November 29th 2005Henry Wadsworth LongfellowAutumn Within
November 28th 2005Joyce KilmerThe Fourth Shepherd
November 27th 2005Emily DickinsonI taste a liquor never brewed
November 26th 2005Emily DickinsonHis Feet are shod with Gauze --
November 25th 2005Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Dark Hills
November 24th 2005Hayden CarruthGraves
November 23rd 2005Carl SandburgEleventh Avenue Racket
November 22nd 2005William Carlos WilliamsBerket And The Stars
November 21st 2005Emily DickinsonBesides this May
November 20th 2005Vachel LindsayOn The Garden Wall
November 19th 2005Emily DickinsonI stole them from a Bee
November 18th 2005Maggie EstepScab Maids On Speed
November 17th 2005Hayden CarruthEmergency Haying
November 16th 2005Wallace StevensFinal Soliloquy Of The Interior Paramour
November 15th 2005Emily DickinsonThere is strength in proving that it can be borne
November 14th 2005Emily DickinsonThe Moon was but a Chin of Gold
November 13th 2005Emily DickinsonRead -- Sweet -- how others -- strove
November 12th 2005Joseph Mayo Wristeni waited and watched
November 11th 2005John BerrymanDream Song 265: I don't know one damned butterfly from another
November 10th 2005Carl SandburgSalvage
November 9th 2005Ellis Parker ButlerPartners
November 8th 2005Ezra PoundSong in the Manner of Housman
November 7th 2005Raymond CarverCirculation
November 6th 2005William Carlos WilliamsThe Thing
November 5th 2005Billy CollinsInvention
November 4th 2005Jane KenyonBiscuit
November 3rd 2005Anne SextonAdmonitions To A Special Person
November 2nd 2005Hart CraneTo Emily Dickinson
November 1st 2005Stephen CraneA spirit sped
October 2005
October 31st 2005Russell EdsonThe Gentlemen In The Meadow
October 30th 2005Walt WhitmanCity of Orgies.
October 29th 2005Edna St. Vincent MillayTo A Poet That Died Young
October 28th 2005Ogden NashThe Boy Who Laughed At Santa Claus
October 27th 2005Emily DickinsonOn such a night, or such a night,
October 26th 2005Wendell BerryLike The Water
October 25th 2005Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Garden
October 24th 2005Amy LowellA Roxbury Garden
October 23rd 2005Emily DickinsonAre Friends Delight or Pain?
October 22nd 2005Joyce KilmerEaster Week
October 21st 2005Robert FrostA Cliff Dwelling
October 20th 2005Edgar Lee MastersFiddler Jones
October 19th 2005Langston HughesThe Negro Speaks Of Rivers
October 18th 2005e.e. cummings!blac... (1)
October 17th 2005Carl SandburgRed-headed Restaurant Cashier
October 16th 2005Emily DickinsonNo Life can pompless pass away --
October 15th 2005Stephen DunnI Come Home Wanting To Touch Everyone
October 14th 2005Carl SandburgLosses
October 13th 2005Vachel LindsayGenesis
October 12th 2005Philip LevineA Woman Waking
October 11th 2005Amy LowellPatience
October 10th 2005Ogden NashThe Duck
October 9th 2005Deborah AgerThe Space Coast
October 8th 2005Emily DickinsonElysium is as far as to
October 7th 2005Oliver Wendell HolmesContentment
October 6th 2005Emily Dickinson'Twas fighting for his Life he was --
October 5th 2005Emily DickinsonHis Heart was darker than the starless night
October 4th 2005Robert FrostThe Vanishing Red
October 3rd 2005Robinson JeffersWe Are Those People
October 2nd 2005David LehmanJanuary 1
October 1st 2005Carl SandburgOn The Breakwater
September 2005
September 30th 2005Li-Young LeeVisions And Interpretations
September 29th 2005Richard BrautiganHaiku Ambulance
September 28th 2005Robert FrostBrown’s Descent
September 27th 2005Emily DickinsonSeverer Service of myself
September 26th 2005Frank O\'HaraJane Awake
September 25th 2005Emily DickinsonI keep my pledge.
September 24th 2005Dorothy ParkerVers Demode
September 23rd 2005Vachel LindsayAt Mass
September 22nd 2005Emily DickinsonDropped into the Ether Acre --
September 21st 2005Vachel LindsayTo Lady Jane
September 20th 2005Emily DickinsonWhen they come back -- if Blossoms do --
September 19th 2005Denise LevertovIn California During the Gulf War
September 18th 2005Emily DickinsonA stagnant pleasure like a Pool
September 17th 2005Ezra PoundThe Seafarer
September 16th 2005Emily DickinsonShe bore it till the simple veins
September 15th 2005John BerrymanThe Curse
September 14th 2005Emily DickinsonThe Thrill came slowly like a Boom for
September 13th 2005Emily DickinsonBetween the form of Life and Life
September 12th 2005Emily DickinsonBy a departing light
September 11th 2005Dorothy ParkerThe Leal
September 10th 2005Walt WhitmanWith Antecedents.
September 9th 2005Howard NemerovThe Makers
September 8th 2005Billy CollinsPicnic, Lightning
September 7th 2005Audre LordeThe Electric Slide Boogie
September 6th 2005Walt WhitmanBeginners.
September 5th 2005Emily DickinsonThat is solemn we have ended
September 4th 2005Carl SandburgShagbark Hickory
September 3rd 2005Anne SextonHousewife
September 2nd 2005Emily DickinsonI worked for chaff and earning Wheat
September 1st 2005Sylvia PlathThe Bee Meeting
August 2005
August 31st 2005Carl SandburgMoonset
August 30th 2005Carl SandburgPut Off the Wedding Five Times and Nobody Comes to It
August 29th 2005John BerrymanDream Song 71: Spellbound held subtle Henry all his four
August 28th 2005David LehmanDecember 7
August 27th 2005Vachel LindsayThe Perfect Marriage
August 26th 2005Gary SnyderThere Are Those Who Love To Get Dirty
August 25th 2005Emily DickinsonThe Missing All -- prevented Me
August 24th 2005Gregory CorsoI Held A Shelley Manuscript
August 23rd 2005William StaffordReturned To Say
August 22nd 2005Carl SandburgWasherwoman
August 21st 2005Carl SandburgHelga
August 20th 2005Emily DickinsonJust so -- Jesus -- raps
August 19th 2005Vachel LindsayThe Knight in Disguise
August 18th 2005Ella Wheeler WilcoxIn The Garden
August 17th 2005Ezra PoundA Virginal
August 16th 2005Robert FrostThe Code
August 15th 2005Delmore SchwartzThe Ballad Of The Children Of The Czar
August 14th 2005David LehmanThe Difference Between Pepsi And Coke
August 13th 2005Ralph Waldo EmersonDirge
August 12th 2005Emily Dickinson"Remember me" implored the Thief!
August 11th 2005Emily DickinsonA nearness to Tremendousness --
August 10th 2005Emily DickinsonOne need not be a Chamber -- to be Haunted --
August 9th 2005Edgar Lee MastersWendell P. Bloyd
August 8th 2005Amy LowellThe Taxi
August 7th 2005Edna St. Vincent MillayI Shall Forget You Presently
August 6th 2005Carl SandburgDan
August 5th 2005Walt WhitmanSong for All Seas, All Ships.
August 4th 2005Delmore SchwartzTo Helen
August 3rd 2005Edna St. Vincent MillayFontaine, Je Ne Boirai Pas De Ton Eau!
August 2nd 2005Emily DickinsonSummer laid her simple Hat
August 1st 2005Richard WilburTo the Etruscan Poets
July 2005
July 31st 2005Ogden NashCustard The Dragon And The Wicked Knight
July 30th 2005Paul Laurence DunbarTo Dan
July 29th 2005David LehmanThe Gift
July 28th 2005Philip LevineOn The Murder Of Lieutenant Jose Del Castillo By The Falangist Bravo Martinez, July 12, 1936
July 27th 2005Dorothy ParkerUnfortunate Coincidence
July 26th 2005Howard NemerovLearning by Doing
July 25th 2005Edgar Allan PoeTo Helen 1
July 24th 2005Ezra PoundThe Plunge
July 23rd 2005Edgar Lee MastersBenjamin Fraser
July 22nd 2005Edgar Lee MastersHerbert Marshall
July 21st 2005Emily DickinsonThe gleam of an heroic Act
July 20th 2005Edna St. Vincent MillayOde To Silence
July 19th 2005Emily DickinsonSweet -- safe -- Houses
July 18th 2005Walt WhitmanFrom Paumanok Starting.
July 17th 2005Jane KenyonLet Evening Come
July 16th 2005Emily DickinsonHow good his Lava Bed,
July 15th 2005John BerrymanDream Song 70: Disengaged, bloody, Henry rose from the shell
July 14th 2005Vachel LindsaySweet Briars of the Stairways
July 13th 2005Sylvia PlathTotem
July 12th 2005Amy LowellNumber 3 on the Docket
July 11th 2005Sara TeasdaleBecause
July 10th 2005Alan SeegerLa Nue
July 9th 2005Ella Wheeler WilcoxSearching
July 8th 2005Anne SextonAs It Was Written
July 7th 2005Anne SextonThe Breast
July 6th 2005Emily DickinsonI'd rather recollect a setting
July 5th 2005Emily DickinsonWhat Inn is this
July 4th 2005Nick CarboRunning Amok
July 3rd 2005Walt WhitmanBeginning my Studies.
July 2nd 2005Robert PinskyOde To Meaning
July 1st 2005Emily DickinsonShe sweeps with many-colored Brooms
June 2005
June 30th 2005Emily DickinsonThat Distance was between Us
June 29th 2005Amy Lowell1777
June 28th 2005Russell EdsonThe Melting
June 27th 2005Edna St. Vincent MillayBlight
June 26th 2005John BerrymanDream Song 3: A Stimulant for an Old Beast
June 25th 2005Emily DickinsonThe Bible is an antique Volume --
June 24th 2005Ogden NashCrossing The Border
June 23rd 2005Anne BradstreetDeliverance from a Fit of Fainting
June 22nd 2005Robert FrostRose Pogonias
June 21st 2005Edwin Arlington RobinsonLost Anchors
June 20th 2005John BerrymanDream Song 87: Op. posth. no. 10
June 19th 2005James Whitcomb RileyYlladmar
June 18th 2005Charles BukowskiOh Yes
June 17th 2005Joyce KilmerOld Poets
June 16th 2005Walt WhitmanAs At Thy Portals Also Death.
June 15th 2005Amy LowellAn Aquarium
June 14th 2005Richard BrautiganThe Moon Versus Us Ever Sleeping Together Again
June 13th 2005Louise BoganChanson Un Peu Naïve
June 12th 2005Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Death Of Kwasind
June 11th 2005David LehmanTo The Author Of Glare
June 10th 2005Lucille Cliftonmemory
June 9th 2005Bill KnottNuremberg, U.S.A.
June 8th 2005Carl SandburgOld Woman
June 7th 2005Louise BoganLast Hill In A Vista
June 6th 2005Richard BrautiganPart 5 of Trout Fishing in America
June 5th 2005Carl SandburgCool Tombs
June 4th 2005Emily DickinsonBee!  I'm expecting you!
June 3rd 2005Randall JarrellThe Olive Garden
June 2nd 2005David LehmanPC
June 1st 2005Edna St. Vincent MillaySonnet 06: Bluebeard
May 2005
May 31st 2005Philip LevineI Won, You Lost
May 30th 2005Reginald ShepherdSkin Trade
May 29th 2005Wallace StevensThirteen Ways Of Looking At A Blackbird
May 28th 2005Edgar Lee MastersFrancis Turner
May 27th 2005Emily DickinsonTo wait an Hour -- is long --
May 26th 2005Robinson JeffersPraise Life
May 25th 2005Dorothy ParkerAlfred, Lord Tennyson
May 24th 2005Anne BradstreetPrologue
May 23rd 2005Henry Wadsworth LongfellowRAIN IN SUMMER
May 22nd 2005Emily DickinsonHope is a subtle Glutton --
May 21st 2005Wallace StevensA Rabbit As King Of The Ghosts
May 20th 2005Emily DickinsonThe mob within the heart
May 19th 2005Emily DickinsonThan Heaven more remote,
May 18th 2005Robert CreeleyGoodbye
May 17th 2005Emily DickinsonDoubt Me! My Dim Companion!
May 16th 2005Edgar Lee MastersWillard Fluke
May 15th 2005Robert CreeleyAge
May 14th 2005Dorothy ParkerRhyme Against Living
May 13th 2005Sylvia PlathSnakecharmer
May 12th 2005Wallace StevensValley Candle
May 11th 2005Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Unexplorer
May 10th 2005Emily DickinsonRenunciation -- is a piercing Virtue --
May 9th 2005Maya AngelouInsomniac
May 8th 2005Galway KinnellTelephoning In Mexican Sunlight
May 7th 2005Emily Dickinson"Sown in dishonor"!
May 6th 2005Jane KenyonBriefly It Enters, and Briefly Speaks
May 5th 2005Walt WhitmanAs the Time Draws Nigh.
May 4th 2005Carl SandburgClean Hands
May 3rd 2005Anne SextonCockroach
May 2nd 2005Emily DickinsonDew -- is the Freshet in the Grass --
May 1st 2005Jane KenyonWash
April 2005
April 30th 2005Carl SandburgBones
April 29th 2005Walt WhitmanPioneers! O Pioneers!
April 28th 2005Galway KinnellAfter Making Love We Hear Footsteps
April 27th 2005Dorothy ParkerPost-Graduate
April 26th 2005Dorothy ParkerWalter Savage Landor
April 25th 2005Emily DickinsonThat after Horror -- that 'twas us
April 24th 2005Joyce KilmerThe Singing Girl
April 23rd 2005Carl SandburgHonky Tonk in Cleveland, Ohio
April 22nd 2005Jack GilbertIn Umbria
April 21st 2005Anne SextonRapunzel
April 20th 2005Amy LowellA Blockhead
April 19th 2005Richard BrautiganThe Fever Monument
April 18th 2005Emily DickinsonMy Maker -- let me be
April 17th 2005Howard NemerovA Spell before Winter
April 16th 2005Carl SandburgHome Fires
April 15th 2005Carl SandburgTestimony Regarding a Ghost
April 14th 2005Amy LowellVintage
April 13th 2005Edgar Lee MastersJeremy Carlisle
April 12th 2005Ezra PoundVillonaud for This Yule
April 11th 2005Amy LowellThe Foreigner
April 10th 2005Anne SextonThe Gold Key
April 9th 2005Vachel LindsayDrying Their Wings
April 8th 2005e.e. cummingswarped this perhapsy... (9)
April 7th 2005Charles SimicTalking To Little Birdies
April 6th 2005Emily DickinsonNature assigns the Sun --
April 5th 2005Richard WilburA Plain Song For Comadre
April 4th 2005Billy CollinsThe Art Of Drowning
April 3rd 2005Sara TeasdaleDust
April 2nd 2005Emily DickinsonThrough lane it lay -- through bramble
April 1st 2005Amy LowellAstigmatism
March 2005
March 31st 2005Philip LevineNight Words
March 30th 2005Carl SandburgLegends
March 29th 2005John BerrymanDream Song 43: 'Oyez, oyez!' The Man Who Did Not Deliver
March 28th 2005Edgar Lee MastersMarie Bateson
March 27th 2005Emily DickinsonI had not minded -- Walls
March 26th 2005Anne BradstreetHere Follow Several Occasional Meditations
March 25th 2005Walt WhitmanTo a Common Prostitute.
March 24th 2005Walt WhitmanNative Moments.
March 23rd 2005Edgar Lee MastersGriffy the Cooper
March 22nd 2005William StaffordAsk Me
March 21st 2005Richard BrautiganKarma Repair Kit: Items 1-4
March 20th 2005Walt WhitmanThis Moment, Yearning and Thoughtful.
March 19th 2005Carl SandburgJazz Fantasia
March 18th 2005Sara TeasdaleLet It Be Forgotten
March 17th 2005Edgar Lee MastersRobert Fulton Tanner
March 16th 2005Walt WhitmanRoaming in Thought.
March 15th 2005Philip LevineThey Feed They Lion
March 14th 2005Emily DickinsonI play at Riches -- to appease
March 13th 2005Emily DickinsonGood Night! Which put the Candle out?
March 12th 2005Philip LevineWaking In March
March 11th 2005Amy Lowell"To-morrow to Fresh Woods and Pastures New"
March 10th 2005Stephen CraneIn the night
March 9th 2005Robert FrostThe Vantage Point
March 8th 2005John BerrymanDream Song 38: The Russian grin bellows his condolence
March 7th 2005John BerrymanDream Song 104: Welcome, grinned Henry, welcome, fifty-one!
March 6th 2005e.e. cummings(Me up at does)
March 5th 2005Emily DickinsonClimbing to reach the costly Hearts
March 4th 2005W.S. MerwinAir
March 3rd 2005Emily DickinsonHow Human Nature dotes
March 2nd 2005Emily DickinsonTo mend each tattered Faith
March 1st 2005Sara TeasdaleCome
February 2005
February 28th 2005Emily DickinsonThe Sun kept stooping -- stooping -- low!
February 27th 2005Emily DickinsonWhich is best?  Heaven --
February 26th 2005Lawrence FerlinghettiConstantly Risking Absurdity
February 25th 2005Dorothy ParkerIncurable
February 24th 2005T.S. EliotA Cooking Egg
February 23rd 2005Emily DickinsonOf Life to own --
February 22nd 2005Carl SandburgFire Pages
February 21st 2005Philip FreneauOn the Universality and Other Attributes of the God of Nature
February 20th 2005Anne SextonChristmas Eve
February 19th 2005e.e. cummingsr-p-o-p-h-e-s-s-a-g-r
February 18th 2005Edna St. Vincent MillaySonnets 05: Once More Into My Arid Days Like Dew
February 17th 2005Walt WhitmanIn Midnight Sleep.
February 16th 2005Walt WhitmanChanting the Square Deific.
February 15th 2005Emily DickinsonThe Voice that stands for Floods to me
February 14th 2005Emily DickinsonHow many times these low feet staggered
February 13th 2005John BerrymanDream Song 36: The high ones die, die. They die
February 12th 2005Henry Wadsworth LongfellowBlind Bartimeus
February 11th 2005Stephen CraneThe ocean said to me once
February 10th 2005Emily DickinsonI noticed People disappeared
February 9th 2005John BerrymanDream Song 55: Peter's not friendly. He gives me sideways looks
February 8th 2005Emily DickinsonAway from Home are some and I --
February 7th 2005Hart CraneChaplinesque
February 6th 2005Anne SextonAugust 8th
February 5th 2005Robert FrostStorm Fear
February 4th 2005Dorothy ParkerGarden-Spot
February 3rd 2005Emily DickinsonLike Flowers, that heard the news of Dews,
February 2nd 2005Robinson JeffersShiva
February 1st 2005John BerrymanDream Song 128: A hemorrhage of his left ear of Good Friday
January 2005
January 31st 2005Ogden NashLast Night I Saw Upon the Stair
January 30th 2005Philip LevineYou Can Have It
January 29th 2005Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Death Of Autumn
January 28th 2005Walt WhitmanTo a Certain Civilian.
January 27th 2005Emily DickinsonThat it will never come again
January 26th 2005Philip LevineAt Bessemer
January 25th 2005Weldon KeesInterregnum
January 24th 2005Emily DickinsonWhy make it doubt -- it hurts it so
January 23rd 2005Frank O\'HaraOn Seeing Larry Rivers' Washington Crossing The Delaware At The Museum Of Modern Art
January 22nd 2005e.e. cummingsdead every enourmous piece
January 21st 2005David LehmanOctober 16
January 20th 2005Emily DickinsonThe Chemical conviction
January 19th 2005James TateDays of Pie and Coffee
January 18th 2005Amy LowellThe Crescent Moon
January 17th 2005Sylvia PlathThe Moon And The Yew Tree
January 16th 2005Walt WhitmanOfferings.
January 15th 2005Carl SandburgNeighbors
January 14th 2005e.e. cummingsspoke joe to jack... (10)
January 13th 2005Sylvia PlathThe Rival
January 12th 2005Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Village Blacksmith
January 11th 2005Sylvia PlathThe Couriers
January 10th 2005Charles BukowskiRevolt In The Ranks
January 9th 2005Carl SandburgPrayers After World War
January 8th 2005Joyce KilmerThe Twelve-Forty-Five
January 7th 2005Sylvia PlathYears
January 6th 2005Sylvia PlathThe Other Two
January 5th 2005Emily DickinsonForever at His side to walk
January 4th 2005Edna St. Vincent MillaySonnet 01: Thou Art Not Lovelier Than Lilacs,—No
January 3rd 2005Emily DickinsonThe vastest earthly Day
January 2nd 2005Emily DickinsonWhy should we hurry -- why indeed?
January 1st 2005Walt WhitmanBeat! Beat! Drums!
December 2004
December 31st 2004Anne SextonMusic Swims Back To Me
December 30th 2004Ogden NashThe Guppy
December 29th 2004Carl SandburgCripple
December 28th 2004Emily DickinsonI'll send the feather from my Hat!
December 27th 2004Carl SandburgUnder
December 26th 2004Ogden NashThe Abominable Snowman
December 25th 2004Walt WhitmanA Noiseless Patient Spider.
December 24th 2004Charles BukowskiYoung In New Orleans
December 23rd 2004Emily DickinsonTitle divine -- is mine!
December 22nd 2004Edna St. Vincent MillayWeeds
December 21st 2004Ezra PoundE.P. Ode Pour L'election De Son Sepulchre
December 20th 2004Carl SandburgBricklayer Love
December 19th 2004Charles BukowskiThe Night I Was Going To Die
December 18th 2004e.e. cummingsthis(let's remember)day died again and...
December 17th 2004Emily DickinsonThere came a Day at Summer's full
December 16th 2004John BerrymanDream Song 89: Op. posth. no. 12
December 15th 2004Carl SandburgWhitelight
December 14th 2004e.e. cummingshere is little Effie's head
December 13th 2004e.e. cummingsone's not half two. It's two are halves of one:
December 12th 2004Sylvia PlathTwo Sisters Of Persephone
December 11th 2004Dorothy ParkerA Pig's-Eye View of Literature
December 10th 2004Emily DickinsonHe who in Himself believes --
December 9th 2004Carl SandburgPeople With Proud Chins
December 8th 2004Emily DickinsonA little bread -- a crust -- a crumb
December 7th 2004Stephen CraneThe trees in the garden rained flowers.
December 6th 2004Anne SextonThe Fallen Angels
December 5th 2004Sylvia PlathBy Candlelight
December 4th 2004Emily DickinsonTake all away --
December 3rd 2004Walt WhitmanTo a Western Boy.
December 2nd 2004Emily DickinsonOur lives are Swiss
December 1st 2004Emily DickinsonWe dream -- it is good we are dreaming --
November 2004
November 30th 2004Sylvia PlathLandowners
November 29th 2004Emily DickinsonOf all the Sounds despatched abroad
November 27th 2004Joyce KilmerMount Houvenkopf
November 26th 2004Walt WhitmanFaces.
November 25th 2004James Whitcomb RileyThe Bumblebee
November 24th 2004Edna St. Vincent MillayDoubt No More That Oberon
November 23rd 2004Ogden NashThe Porcupine
November 22nd 2004Dorothy ParkerSummary
November 21st 2004Walt WhitmanPoem of Joys.
November 20th 2004Walt WhitmanI hear it was Charged against Me.
November 19th 2004Anne SextonAnna Who Was Mad
November 18th 2004Anne SextonFlee On Your Donkey
November 17th 2004Ogden NashThe Termite
November 16th 2004T.S. EliotFour Quartets 1: Burnt Norton
November 15th 2004Walt WhitmanFrom My Last Years.
November 14th 2004Stephen CraneThere was one I met upon the road
November 13th 2004Emily DickinsonBehold this little Bane --
November 12th 2004Walt WhitmanTurn, O Libertad.
November 11th 2004Emily DickinsonWhen I hoped I feared --
November 10th 2004Amy LowellThe Temple
November 8th 2004Emily DickinsonA train went through a burial gate,
November 7th 2004Carl SandburgFalltime
November 6th 2004Emily DickinsonAs Children bid the Guest "Good Night"
November 5th 2004T.S. EliotCousin Nancy
November 4th 2004Edna St. Vincent MillayInland
November 3rd 2004John BerrymanDream Song 117: Disturbed, when Henry's love returned with a hubby
November 2nd 2004Emily DickinsonI never lost as much but twice
November 1st 2004John BerrymanDream Song 20: The Secret of the Wisdom
October 2004
October 31st 2004Anne SextonCripples And Other Stories
October 30th 2004Carl SandburgIt Is Much
October 29th 2004John BerrymanDream Song 24: Oh servant Henry lectured till
October 28th 2004Carl SandburgThe Harbor
October 27th 2004Carl SandburgReal Estate News
October 26th 2004Carl SandburgWhite Shoulders
October 25th 2004Emily DickinsonThere is a finished feeling
October 24th 2004Walt WhitmanA Glimpse.
October 23rd 2004Emily DickinsonWhen Roses cease to bloom, Sir,
October 22nd 2004William Carlos WilliamsTract
October 21st 2004Amy LowellThe Great Adventure of Max Breuck
October 20th 2004Walt WhitmanStarting from Paumanok.
October 19th 2004Henry David ThoreauThe Inward Morning
October 18th 2004Carl SandburgDogheads
October 17th 2004Emily DickinsonWould you like summer?  Taste of ours.
October 16th 2004Ogden NashThe People Upstairs
October 15th 2004William Carlos WilliamsThe Great Figure
October 14th 2004Emily DickinsonWhat did They do since I saw Them?
October 13th 2004Walt WhitmanCavalry Crossing a Ford.
October 12th 2004Carl SandburgDunes
October 11th 2004Robert FrostPaul's Wife
October 10th 2004Emily DickinsonBe Mine the Doom --
October 8th 2004Emily DickinsonThere are two Ripenings -- one -- of sight
October 7th 2004Emily DickinsonIt came his turn to beg --
October 6th 2004Amy LowellThe Road to Avignon
October 5th 2004Emily DickinsonWe play at Paste
October 4th 2004Emily DickinsonI saw that the Flake was on it
October 3rd 2004Emily DickinsonPerception of an object costs
October 2nd 2004John BerrymanDream Song 105: As a kid I believed in democracy: I
October 1st 2004Sylvia PlathNick And The Candlestick
September 2004
September 29th 2004Edna St. Vincent MillayTo Kathleen
September 27th 2004Emily DickinsonGarland for Queens, may be
September 26th 2004John BerrymanDream Song 16: Henry's pelt was put on sundry walls
September 25th 2004Anne SextonThe Ballad Of The Lonely Masturbator
September 24th 2004Emily DickinsonSome we see no more, Tenements of Wonder
September 23rd 2004Anne SextonThe Author Of The Jesus Papers Speaks
September 22nd 2004e.e. cummingsTumbling-hair/ picker of buttercups/ violets... (V)
September 21st 2004Anne SextonThe Angel Food Dogs
September 20th 2004Walt WhitmanO Captain! My Captain!
September 19th 2004Ralph Waldo EmersonThe Amulet
September 18th 2004Dorothy ParkerInscription for the Ceiling of a Bedroom
September 17th 2004Walt WhitmanI Sing the Body Electric.
September 16th 2004Carl SandburgOld Timers
September 15th 2004Ralph Waldo EmersonOde To William H. Channing
September 14th 2004Emily DickinsonHis Cheek is his Biographer --
September 13th 2004Emily DickinsonTo be alive -- is Power --
September 12th 2004John BerrymanDream Song 1: Huffy Henry hid the day
September 11th 2004Henry Wadsworth LongfellowTHE ARROW AND THE SONG
September 10th 2004Emily DickinsonThe largest Fire ever known
September 9th 2004Emily DickinsonDid Our Best Moment last
September 8th 2004Emily DickinsonWhen One has given up One's life
September 7th 2004Amy LowellThe Little Garden
September 6th 2004Emily DickinsonGiven in Marriage unto Thee
September 5th 2004Anne SextonBaby Picture
September 4th 2004Robert FrostA Boundless Moment
September 3rd 2004William Carlos WilliamsThe Last Words Of My English Grandmother
September 2nd 2004Ogden NashThe Dog
September 1st 2004Emily DickinsonEden is that old-fashioned House
August 2004
August 31st 2004Carl SandburgChoose
August 30th 2004Emily Dickinson"Secrets" is a daily word
August 29th 2004Edgar Allan PoeEldorado
August 28th 2004Emily DickinsonTo do a magnanimous thing
August 27th 2004T.S. EliotSkimbleshanks: The Railway Cat
August 26th 2004Emily DickinsonAlways Mine!
August 25th 2004T.S. EliotThe Ad-Dressing Of Cats
August 24th 2004Donald JusticeOde To A Dressmaker's Dummy
August 23rd 2004Anne SextonThe Ambition Bird
August 22nd 2004Robert FrostBirches
August 21st 2004Emily DickinsonThe Heart asks Pleasure -- first --
August 19th 2004Emily DickinsonSome say goodnight -- at night --
August 18th 2004Emily DickinsonWhile Asters
August 17th 2004Carl SandburgPicnic Boat
August 15th 2004Carl SandburgLaughing Blue Steel
August 14th 2004William Carlos WilliamsItem
August 13th 2004Ogden NashPG Wooster, Just As He Useter
August 12th 2004Carl SandburgThe Sea Hold
August 11th 2004Carl SandburgRemorse
August 10th 2004Stephen CraneGod lay dead in heaven
August 9th 2004Dorothy ParkerSymptom Recital
August 8th 2004Emily DickinsonA Dying Tiger -- moaned for Drink --
August 7th 2004Carl SandburgWhiffletree
August 6th 2004Sylvia PlathMetaphors
August 5th 2004Walt WhitmanSparkles from The Wheel.
August 4th 2004Emily DickinsonGreat Caesar! Condescend
August 3rd 2004T.S. EliotBustopher Jones: The Cat About Town
August 2nd 2004Amy LowellMiscast II
August 1st 2004Emily DickinsonNot Sickness stains the Brave,
July 2004
July 31st 2004Emily DickinsonA Sickness of this World it most occasions
July 30th 2004Shel SilversteinPicture Puzzle Piece
July 29th 2004John BerrymanDream Song 101: A shallow lake, with many waterbirds
July 28th 2004Carl SandburgNear Keokuk
July 27th 2004Sylvia PlathBucolics
July 26th 2004Dorothy ParkerPattern
July 25th 2004Sylvia PlathWintering
July 24th 2004Edna St. Vincent MillaySweet Love, Sweet Thorn, When Lightly To My Heart
July 23rd 2004Emily DickinsonHow fits his Umber Coat
July 22nd 2004Emily Dickinson'Twas warm -- at first -- like Us --
July 21st 2004Walt WhitmanSleepers, The.
July 20th 2004Stephen CraneOn the horizon the peaks assembled
July 19th 2004Raymond CarverHappiness
July 18th 2004Ezra PoundA Pact
July 17th 2004Ogden NashThe Fly
July 16th 2004Anne SextonHornet
July 15th 2004Carl SandburgSlippery
July 14th 2004Emily DickinsonThe Lightning playeth -- all the while --
July 13th 2004Emily DickinsonI bring an unaccustomed wine
July 12th 2004Ogden NashAdventures Of Isabel
July 11th 2004e.e. cummingsmay my heart always be open to little... (19)
July 10th 2004Walt WhitmanA Woman Waits for Me.
July 9th 2004Carl SandburgThe South Wind Say So
July 8th 2004Carl SandburgFollies
July 7th 2004Emily DickinsonSleep is supposed to be
July 6th 2004Walt WhitmanWe Two—How Long We were Fool’d.
July 4th 2004Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Wood Road
July 3rd 2004Dorothy ParkerOscar Wilde
July 2nd 2004Emily DickinsonTo see her is a Picture --
July 1st 2004Emily DickinsonSo give me back to Death --
June 2004
June 30th 2004Emily DickinsonAn antiquated Grace
June 29th 2004Carl SandburgWhirls
June 28th 2004Emily DickinsonElijah's Wagon knew no thill
June 27th 2004Adrienne RichOur Whole Life
June 26th 2004Emily DickinsonI had a guinea golden
June 25th 2004Emily DickinsonThe lonesome for they know not What
June 24th 2004Amy LowellIrony
June 23rd 2004Amy LowellMusic
June 22nd 2004Ogden NashCommon Cold
June 21st 2004Emily DickinsonA Shade upon the mind there passes
June 20th 2004Dorothy ParkerSomebody's Song
June 18th 2004e.e. cummingsyou shall above all things... (22)
June 17th 2004Emily DickinsonThe Clock strikes one that just struck two --
June 16th 2004Carl SandburgMemoir of a Proud Boy
June 15th 2004Ezra PoundIn A Station Of The Metro
June 14th 2004Ezra PoundThe Encounter
June 13th 2004Carl SandburgIn Tall Grass
June 12th 2004Shel SilversteinCloony The Clown
June 11th 2004Carl SandburgStill Life
June 10th 2004John BerrymanDream Song 28: Snow Line
June 9th 2004Carl SandburgIce Handler
June 8th 2004Carl SandburgLast Answers
June 7th 2004Ezra PoundSong
June 6th 2004Emily DickinsonHow lonesome the Wind must feel Nights --
June 5th 2004Dorothy ParkerParable for a Certain Virgin
June 4th 2004Maya AngelouStill I Rise
June 3rd 2004Ogden NashReflection On Caution
June 2nd 2004Donald JusticeBus Stop
June 1st 2004Emily DickinsonThere is an arid Pleasure --
May 2004
May 31st 2004Emily DickinsonA feather from the Whippoorwill
May 30th 2004Ezra PoundThe Return
May 29th 2004Joseph Mayo WristenGhost Shadow
May 28th 2004Anne SextonThe Fury Of Sunrises
May 27th 2004Emily DickinsonWith Pinions of Disdain
May 26th 2004Vachel LindsayThe Flower-Fed Buffaloes
May 25th 2004Walt WhitmanA Song.
May 24th 2004Anne SextonThe Play
May 23rd 2004Anne SextonThe Stand-Ins
May 22nd 2004Emily DickinsonThis is the place they hoped before,
May 21st 2004William Carlos WilliamsThe Uses Of Poetry
May 20th 2004e.e. cummingsyour little voice... (I)
May 19th 2004Emily DickinsonThe Crickets sang
May 18th 2004Emily DickinsonImpossibility, like Wine
May 17th 2004Emily DickinsonCircumference thou Bride of Awe
May 16th 2004Anne SextonThe Abortion
May 15th 2004Robert FrostA Star in a Stoneboat
May 14th 2004Emily DickinsonNot probable -- The barest Chance
May 13th 2004Ralph Waldo EmersonDays
May 12th 2004Carl SandburgHorse Fiddle
May 11th 2004Walt WhitmanWhen I peruse the Conquer’d Fame.
May 10th 2004Anne SextonThe Evil Seekers
May 8th 2004Carl SandburgAshurnatsirpal III
May 7th 2004Emily DickinsonLest any doubt that we are glad that they were born Today
May 6th 2004Emily DickinsonIt's easy to invent a Life --
May 5th 2004James TateSuccess Comes To Cow Creek
May 4th 2004Emily DickinsonCandor -- my tepid friend --
May 3rd 2004William Carlos WilliamsPoem (As the cat)
May 2nd 2004Emily DickinsonWe'll pass without the parting
May 1st 2004Henry Wadsworth LongfellowGod's-Acre
April 2004
April 30th 2004Amy LowellA Winter Ride
April 29th 2004Walt WhitmanBy the Bivouac’s Fitful Flame.
April 28th 2004Emily DickinsonExtol thee -- could I?  Then I will
April 27th 2004Carl SandburgNights Nothings Again
April 26th 2004Emily DickinsonHow happy is the little Stone
April 25th 2004Walt WhitmanGreat are the Myths.
April 24th 2004Anne SextonThe Touch
April 23rd 2004Emily DickinsonThe Soul unto itself
April 22nd 2004Emily DickinsonMorning -- is the place for Dew
April 21st 2004Emily DickinsonIn rags mysterious as these
April 20th 2004Sylvia PlathA Life
April 19th 2004Carl SandburgHoodlums
April 18th 2004Emily DickinsonMy Garden -- like the Beach
April 17th 2004Emily DickinsonThe parasol is the umbrella's daughter,
April 16th 2004Ogden NashThe Hunter
April 15th 2004Emily DickinsonOf Brussels -- it was not --
April 14th 2004Robert FrostA Girl's Garden
April 13th 2004Emily DickinsonThe Sun and Fog contested
April 12th 2004Emily DickinsonA Night -- there lay the Days between
April 11th 2004Vachel LindsayLove and Law
April 10th 2004Emily DickinsonOf Paradise' existence
April 9th 2004Emily DickinsonTo my quick ear the Leaves -- conferred --
April 8th 2004William Carlos WilliamsA Goodnight
April 7th 2004Walt WhitmanThought.
April 6th 2004James TateNever Again The Same
April 5th 2004William Carlos WilliamsTo A Friend Concerning Several Ladies
April 4th 2004Sylvia PlathIn Plaster
April 3rd 2004Emily DickinsonCocoon above! Cocoon below!
April 2nd 2004Anne SextonThe Fury Of Jewels And Coal
April 1st 2004Emily DickinsonThat Such have died enable Us
March 2004
March 31st 2004Sylvia PlathCrossing The Water
March 30th 2004Emily DickinsonA Wife -- at daybreak I shall be
March 29th 2004Emily DickinsonConfirming All who analyze
March 28th 2004Emily DickinsonAh, Moon -- and Star!
March 27th 2004Carl SandburgBalloon Faces
March 26th 2004Emily DickinsonTo her derided Home
March 25th 2004Sylvia PlathFrog Autumn
March 24th 2004Emily DickinsonFrequently the wood are pink
March 23rd 2004Emily DickinsonNo Man can compass a Despair
March 22nd 2004Emily DickinsonYou love me -- you are sure
March 21st 2004Emily DickinsonAll things swept sole away
March 20th 2004Emily DickinsonOn a Columnar Self --
March 19th 2004Emily DickinsonSweet hours have perished here;
March 18th 2004Emily DickinsonCount not that far that can be had,
March 17th 2004Dorothy ParkerD. G. Rossetti
March 16th 2004Emily DickinsonI thought that nature was enough
March 15th 2004Dorothy ParkerHarriet Beecher Stowe
March 14th 2004Ralph Waldo EmersonBacchus
March 13th 2004T.S. EliotOld Deuteronomy
March 12th 2004Robert FrostNothing Gold Can Stay
March 10th 2004Emily DickinsonThe first We knew of Him was Death --
March 9th 2004Henry Wadsworth LongfellowTO AN OLD DANISH SONG-BOOK
March 8th 2004Walt WhitmanOn the Beach at Night.
March 4th 2004Edgar Allan PoeLenore
March 3rd 2004T.S. EliotPortrait of a Lady
March 2nd 2004Stephen CraneIn the desert
March 1st 2004Emily DickinsonI heard, as if I had no Ear
February 2004
February 29th 2004Edna St. Vincent MillayTwo Sonnets In Memory
February 28th 2004Ogden NashSpring Comes To Murray Hill
February 27th 2004Emily DickinsonIf the foolish, call them "flowers"
February 26th 2004Dorothy ParkerFor a Favorite Granddaughter
February 25th 2004Emily DickinsonFrom Blank to Blank --
February 24th 2004Emily DickinsonGood night, because we must,
February 23rd 2004Walt WhitmanWhat think You I take my Pen in Hand?
February 22nd 2004Stephen CraneThe sage lectured brilliantly
February 21st 2004Emily DickinsonWhen Memory is full
February 20th 2004Emily DickinsonThat short -- potential stir
February 19th 2004Emily DickinsonFrom Us She wandered now a Year,
February 18th 2004Emily DickinsonUpon Concluded Lives
February 17th 2004Emily DickinsonThe Loneliness One dare not sound --
February 15th 2004Emily DickinsonA Moth the hue of this
February 13th 2004Emily DickinsonA word is dead
February 12th 2004Robert FrostThe Oven Bird
February 11th 2004Adrienne RichStepping Backward
February 10th 2004Dorothy ParkerPour Prendre Conge
February 9th 2004Emily DickinsonAngels, in the early morning
February 8th 2004Robert FrostThe Self-Seeker
February 7th 2004Emily DickinsonContained in this short Life
February 6th 2004Emily DickinsonI died for Beauty -- but was scarce
February 5th 2004Emily DickinsonJust as He spoke it from his Hands
February 2nd 2004Stephen CraneGod fashioned the ship of the world carefully.
January 2004
January 31st 2004Emily DickinsonPeace is a fiction of our Faith --
January 30th 2004Robert FrostThe Thatch
January 29th 2004Emily DickinsonI had been hungry, all the Years --
January 28th 2004Emily DickinsonAmbition cannot find him.
January 27th 2004Emily DickinsonOf this is Day composed
January 26th 2004Dorothy ParkerDilemma
January 25th 2004Stephen CraneA learned man came to me once
January 24th 2004Emily DickinsonThe Robin's my Criterion for Tune
January 23rd 2004Emily DickinsonDreams -- are well -- but Waking's better,
January 22nd 2004Robert FrostDust of Snow
January 21st 2004Emily DickinsonThe Stars are old, that stood for me --
January 20th 2004Emily DickinsonThe Clouds their Backs together laid
January 19th 2004Emily DickinsonHow News must feel when travelling
January 18th 2004Emily DickinsonBecause my Brook is fluent
January 16th 2004Dorothy ParkerNocturne
January 15th 2004Robert FrostThe Trial by Existence
January 14th 2004Emily DickinsonMy Worthiness is all my Doubt --
January 13th 2004Emily DickinsonSo bashful when I spied her!
January 12th 2004Emily DickinsonThe good Will of a Flower
January 11th 2004Emily DickinsonAmple make this Bed --
January 10th 2004Emily DickinsonHe outstripped Time with but a Bout,
January 8th 2004Carl SandburgFlux
January 7th 2004Emily DickinsonI can wade Grief
January 6th 2004Emily DickinsonHis Bill is clasped -- his Eye forsook --
January 5th 2004Emily DickinsonSavior! I've no one else to tell
January 4th 2004Robert FrostThe Aim was Song
January 3rd 2004Emily DickinsonRest at Night
January 2nd 2004Emily DickinsonThere is another sky
January 1st 2004Emily DickinsonStruck, was I, not yet by Lightning --
December 2003
December 31st 2003Emily DickinsonIt makes no difference abroad --
December 30th 2003Emily DickinsonI lost a World -- the other day!
December 29th 2003Emily DickinsonThe Sun -- just touched the Morning
December 28th 2003Emily DickinsonWe do not play on Graves
December 26th 2003Robert FrostA Prayer in Spring
December 25th 2003Emily DickinsonThere is a pain -- so utter --
December 24th 2003Dorothy ParkerCharles Dickens
December 23rd 2003Dorothy ParkerChant for Dark Hours
December 22nd 2003Emily Dickinson"Lethe" in my flower,
December 21st 2003Robert FrostThe Armful
December 20th 2003Ralph Waldo EmersonBrahma
December 19th 2003Dorothy ParkerIseult of Brittany
December 17th 2003Adrienne RichOrion
December 15th 2003Stephen Crane"It was wrong to do this," said the angel
December 14th 2003Emily DickinsonFinite -- to fail, but infinite to Venture --
December 13th 2003Emily DickinsonThe Murmur of a Bee
December 11th 2003Emily DickinsonOf God we ask one favor,
December 9th 2003Emily DickinsonTo her derided Home
December 8th 2003Robert FrostA Dream Pang
December 7th 2003Emily DickinsonA Dew sufficed itself --
December 6th 2003Emily DickinsonBliss is the plaything of the child --
December 5th 2003Carl SandburgLetters To Dead Imagists
December 4th 2003Emily DickinsonHer -- "last Poems"
December 3rd 2003Carl SandburgTo Certain Journeymen
December 2nd 2003Emily Dickinson'Tis customary as we part
December 1st 2003Emily DickinsonA darting fear -- a pomp -- a tear
November 2003
November 30th 2003Emily DickinsonThe most triumphant Bird I ever knew or met
November 29th 2003Emily DickinsonI know Suspense -- it steps so terse
November 28th 2003Stephen CraneShould the wide world roll away,
November 27th 2003Emily Dickinson'Twas later when the summer went
November 26th 2003Emily DickinsonThe Himmaleh was known to stoop
November 25th 2003Emily DickinsonMy God -- He sees thee --
November 24th 2003Emily DickinsonWho saw no Sunrise cannot say
November 23rd 2003Emily DickinsonThe name -- of it -- is "Autumn" --
November 22nd 2003Henry Wadsworth LongfellowTHE SLAVE SINGING AT MIDNIGHT
November 21st 2003Arna BontempsA Black Man Talks of Reaping
November 19th 2003Emily DickinsonWhether my bark went down at sea
November 18th 2003Emily DickinsonNot seeing, still we know --
November 17th 2003Emily DickinsonOnly God -- detect the Sorrow --
November 16th 2003Emily DickinsonRemembrance has a Rear and Front --
November 15th 2003H. D.Stars Wheel in Purple
November 14th 2003Carl SandburgFish Crier
November 13th 2003Henry Wadsworth LongfellowTHE SLAVE SINGING AT MIDNIGHT
November 12th 2003Dorothy ParkerSonnet for the End of a Sequence
November 11th 2003Emily DickinsonTwice had Summer her fair Verdure
November 10th 2003Emily DickinsonKill your Balm -- and its Odors bless you
November 9th 2003Emily DickinsonMorning that comes but once,
November 8th 2003Emily DickinsonAfter great pain, a formal feeling comes
November 7th 2003Emily DickinsonPerhaps I asked too large
November 6th 2003Vachel LindsayA Rhyme About an Electrical Advertising Sign
November 5th 2003Emily DickinsonIf anybody's friend be dead
November 3rd 2003Emily DickinsonWitchcraft was hung, in History,
November 2nd 2003Emily DickinsonWhen Etna basks and purrs
November 1st 2003Emily DickinsonThe pattern of the sun
October 2003
October 31st 2003Emily DickinsonI met a King this afternoon!
October 30th 2003Emily DickinsonThe Clouds their Backs together laid
October 29th 2003e.e. cummingshere's to opening and upward
October 28th 2003Emily DickinsonExpectation -- is Contentment --
October 27th 2003Emily DickinsonTake all away from me, but leave me Ecstasy,
October 26th 2003Emily DickinsonOnce more, my now bewildered Dove
October 25th 2003Emily DickinsonA transport one cannot contain
October 24th 2003Emily DickinsonThe Dust behind I strove to join
October 23rd 2003Emily DickinsonFinite -- to fail, but infinite to Venture --
October 22nd 2003Emily DickinsonThe Past is such a curious Creature
October 21st 2003Stephen CraneFast rode the knight
October 20th 2003Anne SextonWanting to Die
October 19th 2003Emily DickinsonA slash of Blue
October 18th 2003Emily DickinsonOne dignity delays for all
October 17th 2003Ezra PoundBallad of the Goodly Fere
October 16th 2003Dorothy ParkerHealed
October 14th 2003Emily DickinsonA prompt -- executive Bird is the Jay --
October 13th 2003Emily DickinsonGo thy great way!
October 12th 2003Emily DickinsonBloom -- is Result -- to meet a Flower
October 10th 2003Emily DickinsonExpectation -- is Contentment --
October 9th 2003Emily DickinsonThe Lightning is a yellow Fork
October 8th 2003Emily DickinsonSweet -- You forgot -- but I remembered
October 7th 2003Emily DickinsonI never told the buried gold
October 6th 2003Emily DickinsonLight is sufficient to itself --
October 5th 2003Emily DickinsonA House upon the Height
October 4th 2003Emily DickinsonThe Lamp burns sure -- within
October 3rd 2003Carl SandburgLost
October 2nd 2003Stephen CraneTo the maiden
October 1st 2003Emily DickinsonAmple make this Bed --
September 2003
September 30th 2003Emily DickinsonThe earth has many keys,
September 29th 2003Emily DickinsonThe Rat is the concisest Tenant.
September 28th 2003Emily DickinsonMy period had come for Prayer --
September 27th 2003Emily DickinsonA science -- so the Savants say,
September 26th 2003Anne SextonThe Addict
September 25th 2003Robert FrostThe Trial by Existence
September 24th 2003Emily DickinsonI gained it so
September 23rd 2003Emily DickinsonIf Nature smiles -- the Mother must
September 22nd 2003Emily DickinsonA little Snow was here and there
September 21st 2003Dorothy ParkerPartial Comfort
September 20th 2003H. D.Stars Wheel in Purple
September 19th 2003Emily DickinsonI held a Jewel in my fingers
September 18th 2003Henry Wadsworth LongfellowA GLEAM OF SUNSHINE
September 17th 2003Emily DickinsonI have a Bird in spring
September 16th 2003Emily DickinsonTho' I get home how late -- how late
September 15th 2003Emily DickinsonObtaining but our own Extent
September 14th 2003Henry Wadsworth LongfellowMidnight Mass for the Dying Year
September 13th 2003Emily DickinsonTalk with prudence to a Beggar
September 12th 2003Emily DickinsonIf Nature smiles -- the Mother must
September 11th 2003Raymond CarverBobber
September 10th 2003Stephen CraneA little ink more or less!
September 9th 2003Emily DickinsonJoy to have merited the Pain --
September 8th 2003Emily DickinsonThe way Hope builds his House
September 7th 2003Emily DickinsonNone who saw it ever told it
September 6th 2003Emily DickinsonI am afraid to own a Body --
September 4th 2003Emily DickinsonThe Guest is gold and crimson
September 3rd 2003Dorothy ParkerA Dream Lies Dead
September 2nd 2003Emily DickinsonYou love the Lord -- you cannot see
September 1st 2003Emily DickinsonA Word dropped careless on a Page
August 2003
August 31st 2003Robert FrostThe Lockless Door
August 28th 2003Emily DickinsonWe miss Her, not because We see --
August 27th 2003Edna St. Vincent MillayFirst Fig
August 26th 2003Emily DickinsonSo has a Daisy vanished
August 25th 2003Robert FrostPutting in the Seed
August 24th 2003Emily DickinsonI think the longest Hour of all
August 23rd 2003Emily DickinsonHad this one Day not been.
August 22nd 2003Henry David ThoreauEpitaph On The World
August 21st 2003Emily DickinsonYou'll know Her -- by Her Foot --
August 20th 2003Dorothy ParkerPaths
August 19th 2003Emily DickinsonPatience -- has a quiet Outer --
August 18th 2003Emily DickinsonHow fortunate the Grave --
August 16th 2003Emily DickinsonWhere Thou art -- that -- is Home --
August 15th 2003Emily DickinsonIt always felt to me -- a wrong
August 14th 2003Emily DickinsonThe wind drew off
August 13th 2003Emily DickinsonThis is my letter to the World
August 12th 2003Emily DickinsonDying!  To be afraid of thee
August 11th 2003Emily DickinsonSang from the Heart, Sire,
August 9th 2003Stephen Crane"And the sins of the fathers shall be"
August 8th 2003Carl SandburgStatistics
August 7th 2003Ezra PoundBefore Sleep
August 6th 2003Emily DickinsonToday or this noon
August 4th 2003Emily DickinsonHow many schemes may die
August 3rd 2003Emily DickinsonArtists wrestled here!
August 2nd 2003Edna St. Vincent MillayPortrait By a Neighbor
August 1st 2003Emily DickinsonOf all the Souls that stand create --
July 2003
July 31st 2003Dorothy ParkerLight of Love
July 30th 2003Emily DickinsonAt last, to be identified!
July 29th 2003Emily DickinsonOnly God -- detect the Sorrow --
July 27th 2003Emily DickinsonYou love me -- you are sure
July 26th 2003Emily DickinsonI think to Live -- may be a Bliss
July 25th 2003Philip FreneauThe Republican Genius of Europe
July 23rd 2003Emily DickinsonIt was given to me by the Gods
July 21st 2003Emily DickinsonI had been hungry, all the Years --
July 20th 2003Emily DickinsonThe hallowing of Pain
July 18th 2003Emily DickinsonSoil of Flint, if steady tilled --
July 17th 2003Emily DickinsonThere is a Zone whose even Years
July 15th 2003Emily DickinsonIf anybody's friend be dead
July 14th 2003Dorothy ParkerOn Cheating the Fiddler
July 13th 2003Emily DickinsonLife -- is what we make of it --
July 12th 2003Emily DickinsonBehind Me -- dips Eternity --
July 11th 2003Stephen CraneThree little birds in a row
July 10th 2003e.e. cummingsin spite of everything
July 9th 2003Carl SandburgSketch
July 8th 2003Emily DickinsonIt's like the Light
July 7th 2003Edna St. Vincent MillayFirst Fig
July 6th 2003Emily DickinsonThe Heaven vests for Each
July 5th 2003Emily DickinsonI cannot live with You --
July 4th 2003Dorothy ParkerThe Trifler
July 3rd 2003T.S. EliotLe Directeur
July 2nd 2003Emily DickinsonMyself was formed -- a Carpenter
July 1st 2003Emily DickinsonAll but Death, can be Adjusted --
June 2003
June 30th 2003Emily DickinsonLeast Bee that brew --
June 29th 2003Emily DickinsonThey called me to the Window, for
June 28th 2003Adrienne RichIn A Classroom
June 27th 2003Emily DickinsonAs if some little Arctic flower
June 26th 2003Carl SandburgChicago
June 25th 2003Emily DickinsonThe Robin for the Crumb
June 24th 2003Dorothy ParkerHealed
June 23rd 2003Emily DickinsonThrough the Dark Sod -- as Education
June 22nd 2003Emily DickinsonThat odd old man is dead a year --
June 21st 2003Emily DickinsonFour Trees -- upon a solitary Acre --
June 20th 2003Dorothy ParkerAugust
June 19th 2003Emily DickinsonFor each ecstatic instant
June 18th 2003Emily DickinsonRehearsal to Ourselves
June 17th 2003Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Merry Maid
June 16th 2003Emily DickinsonGive little Anguish
June 15th 2003Emily DickinsonDistrustful of the Gentian
June 14th 2003Ralph Waldo EmersonTwo Rivers
June 13th 2003Emily DickinsonA great Hope fell
June 12th 2003Stephen CraneLove walked alone
June 11th 2003Dorothy ParkerThrenody
June 10th 2003Emily DickinsonOf nearness to her sundered Things
June 9th 2003Emily DickinsonThe Days that we can spare
June 8th 2003Emily DickinsonLike her the Saints retire,
June 7th 2003Emily DickinsonAs Watchers hang upon the East,
June 6th 2003e.e. cummingsif I should sleep with a lady called death
June 5th 2003Emily DickinsonAs plan for Noon and plan for Night
June 4th 2003Stephen CraneA man said to the universe:
June 3rd 2003Emily DickinsonThe Bird must sing to earn the Crumb
June 2nd 2003Emily DickinsonHow brittle are the Piers
June 1st 2003Emily Dickinson'Twas such a little -- little boat
May 2003
May 31st 2003Emily DickinsonI watcher her face to see which way
May 30th 2003Henry Wadsworth LongfellowL'Envoi
May 29th 2003Henry David ThoreauWithin the Circuit of This Plodding Life
May 28th 2003Emily DickinsonWe'll pass without the parting
May 27th 2003Emily DickinsonThe fairest Home I ever knew
May 26th 2003Dorothy ParkerPlea
May 25th 2003Emily DickinsonTo make Routine a Stimulus
May 23rd 2003Emily DickinsonIt sifts from Leaden Sieves
May 22nd 2003Emily DickinsonTo hear an Oriole sing
May 21st 2003e.e. cummingsit is at moments after I have dreamed
May 20th 2003Emily DickinsonThe Dust behind I strove to join
May 19th 2003Emily DickinsonDelight -- becomes pictorial --
May 18th 2003Emily DickinsonSplit the Lark -- and you'll find the Music --
May 16th 2003Robert FrostAcquainted With the Night
May 15th 2003Carl SandburgTwo Neighbors
May 14th 2003Emily DickinsonIt sounded as if the Streets were running
May 13th 2003Emily DickinsonI am alive -- I guess
May 12th 2003Emily DickinsonHope is a strange invention --
May 11th 2003Emily DickinsonLet me not thirst with this Hock at my Lip,
May 10th 2003Emily DickinsonWhite as an Indian Pipe
May 8th 2003Dorothy ParkerStory
May 7th 2003Emily DickinsonWere it to be the last
May 6th 2003Dorothy ParkerA Certain Lady
May 5th 2003Emily DickinsonI know some lonely Houses off the Road
May 4th 2003Emily DickinsonThe Child's faith is new --
May 3rd 2003Emily DickinsonMore than the Grave is closed to me --
May 2nd 2003Emily Dickinson"Unto Me?"  I do not know you --
May 1st 2003Emily DickinsonHow well I knew Her not
April 2003
April 30th 2003Emily DickinsonI bet with every Wind that blew
April 29th 2003Henry David ThoreauSmoke
April 28th 2003Emily DickinsonIt don't sound so terrible -- quite -- as it did
April 27th 2003Dorothy ParkerThey Part
April 26th 2003Robert FrostAfter Apple-Picking
April 25th 2003James TateRestless Leg Syndrome
April 24th 2003Emily DickinsonYou'll find -- it when you try to die --
April 23rd 2003Emily Dickinson'Twas Love -- not me
April 21st 2003Emily DickinsonBind me -- I still can sing --
April 20th 2003Carl SandburgMuckers
April 19th 2003Emily DickinsonHeaven is so far of the Mind
April 18th 2003Robert FrostThe Valley's Singing Day
April 17th 2003Emily DickinsonGoing to Him! Happy letter!
April 16th 2003e.e. cummingsgee i like to think of dead
April 15th 2003H. D.Mysteries Remain
April 14th 2003Carl SandburgMomus
April 13th 2003Emily DickinsonWitchcraft has not a Pedigree
April 12th 2003Robert FrostA Time to Talk
April 11th 2003Emily DickinsonAs old as Woe --
April 10th 2003Emily DickinsonOne and One -- are One --
April 9th 2003Robert FrostGood Hours
April 8th 2003Emily DickinsonNature rarer uses Yellow
April 7th 2003Emily DickinsonA Secret told
April 6th 2003Emily DickinsonWhat care the Dead, for Chanticleer --
April 5th 2003Dorothy ParkerAlexandre Dumas and His Son
April 4th 2003Dorothy ParkerThe Little Old Lady in Lavender Silk
April 3rd 2003Emily DickinsonWhich misses most,
April 2nd 2003Emily DickinsonThe World -- stands -- solemner -- to me
April 1st 2003Emily DickinsonImage of Light, Adieu --
March 2003
March 31st 2003Carl SandburgChamfort
March 30th 2003Emily DickinsonNo Prisoner be --
March 29th 2003Henry Wadsworth LongfellowHymn of the Moravian Nuns of Bethlehem at the Consecration of Pulaski's Banner
March 28th 2003Emily DickinsonWarm in her Hand these accents lie
March 25th 2003Emily DickinsonHad I known that the first was the last
March 24th 2003Emily DickinsonDid the Harebell loose her girdle
March 23rd 2003e.e. cummingsAll in green went my love riding
March 22nd 2003Emily DickinsonLow at my problem bending,
March 21st 2003Emily DickinsonThe most pathetic thing I do
March 20th 2003Emily DickinsonSo much Summer
March 19th 2003Emily DickinsonA full fed Rose on meals of Tint
March 18th 2003Robert FrostA Passing Glimpse
March 16th 2003Dorothy ParkerBallade of a Great Weariness
March 15th 2003Edgar Allan PoeThe Raven
March 14th 2003Emily DickinsonA Toad, can die of Light --
March 11th 2003Emily DickinsonLeast Bee that brew --
March 10th 2003Emily DickinsonWhat I see not, I better see --
March 9th 2003Emily DickinsonThere's been a Death, in the Opposite House,
March 8th 2003Emily DickinsonPerhaps they do not go so far
March 7th 2003Emily DickinsonSweet is the swamp with its secrets,
March 6th 2003Emily DickinsonThe Skies can't keep their secret!
March 5th 2003Emily DickinsonI felt a Cleaving in my Mind --
March 4th 2003Emily DickinsonThere is another sky
March 3rd 2003Emily DickinsonNature -- the Gentlest Mother is,
March 2nd 2003Emily Dickinson'Twas the old -- road -- through pain
March 1st 2003Emily DickinsonThese Strangers, in a foreign World,
February 2003
February 28th 2003Emily DickinsonExcept the smaller size
February 27th 2003Emily DickinsonHow happy I was if I could forget
February 26th 2003Emily DickinsonConferring with myself
February 25th 2003Emily DickinsonNot so the infinite Relations -- Below
February 24th 2003Emily DickinsonNot so the infinite Relations -- Below
February 23rd 2003Emily DickinsonA Rat surrendered here
February 22nd 2003Emily DickinsonThe Leaves like Women interchange
February 21st 2003Emily DickinsonI read my sentence -- steadily
February 20th 2003Stephen CraneWhy do you strive for greatness, fool?
February 17th 2003Emily DickinsonSo I pull my Stockings off
February 16th 2003Emily DickinsonOn the World you colored
February 15th 2003Emily DickinsonShe went as quiet as the Dew
February 14th 2003Emily DickinsonThree Weeks passed since I had seen Her --
February 13th 2003Emily DickinsonThe Stars are old, that stood for me --
February 12th 2003Stephen CraneI was in the darkness
February 10th 2003Emily DickinsonThe pretty Rain from those sweet Eaves
February 7th 2003Emily DickinsonThis was in the White of the Year --
February 6th 2003Emily DickinsonThe Life that tied too tight escapes
February 5th 2003Dorothy ParkerThe Flaw in Paganism
February 4th 2003Emily DickinsonThe Lassitudes of Contemplation
February 3rd 2003Emily DickinsonI never saw a Moor --
February 2nd 2003Stephen CraneFriend, your white beard sweeps the ground
February 1st 2003Robert FrostFire and Ice
January 2003
January 31st 2003Emily DickinsonBeauty crowds me till I die
January 30th 2003Emily DickinsonShe died -- this was the way she died.
January 28th 2003Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Reaper and the Flowers
January 27th 2003Philip FreneauOn Retirement
January 26th 2003Carl SandburgHappiness
January 25th 2003Emily DickinsonTo be forgot by thee
January 24th 2003Edgar Allan PoeAnnabel Lee
January 23rd 2003Emily DickinsonThe Body grows without --
January 22nd 2003Dorothy ParkerObservation
January 21st 2003Emily DickinsonHow News must feel when travelling
January 20th 2003Emily DickinsonFrequently the wood are pink
January 19th 2003Emily DickinsonThe long sigh of the Frog
January 18th 2003Carl SandburgThe Plowboy
January 17th 2003Stephen CraneThere was a great cathedral
January 16th 2003Henry Wadsworth LongfellowEndymion
January 15th 2003Emily DickinsonNo Crowd that has occurred
January 14th 2003Dorothy ParkerA Dream Lies Dead
January 13th 2003Emily DickinsonA Saucer holds a Cup
January 12th 2003Robert FrostAn Old Man's Winter Night
January 11th 2003Emily DickinsonThe Mushroom is the Elf of Plants --
January 10th 2003Carl SandburgWaiting
January 9th 2003Emily DickinsonPain -- expands the Time --
January 8th 2003Emily DickinsonThe Merchant of the Picturesque
January 7th 2003Emily DickinsonUnto like Story -- Trouble has enticed me
January 6th 2003Dorothy ParkerFair Weather
January 5th 2003Carl SandburgA Fence
January 4th 2003Emily DickinsonHad we known the Ton she bore
January 3rd 2003Emily DickinsonPerhaps you think me stooping
January 2nd 2003Emily DickinsonIn thy long Paradise of Light
January 1st 2003Emily DickinsonFor every Bird a Nest
December 2002
December 31st 2002Emily DickinsonDelight's Despair at setting
December 30th 2002Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Skeleton in Armor
December 29th 2002Robert FrostThe Bear
December 28th 2002Emily DickinsonIt would never be Common -- more -- I said
December 26th 2002Emily DickinsonThese are the days that Reindeer love
December 25th 2002Emily DickinsonThis dirty -- little -- Heart
December 24th 2002Dorothy ParkerNinon de Lenclos, on Her Last Birthday
December 23rd 2002Emily DickinsonThis World is not Conclusion.
December 22nd 2002Emily DickinsonThe parasol is the umbrella's daughter,
December 21st 2002Raymond CarverFear
December 20th 2002Emily DickinsonAs willing lid o'er weary eye
December 19th 2002Emily DickinsonThe harm of Years is on him --
December 18th 2002Stephen CraneMany red devils ran from my heart
December 17th 2002Emily DickinsonTell all the Truth but tell it slant --
December 16th 2002Emily DickinsonAshes denote that Fire was --
December 15th 2002Carl SandburgA Fence
December 14th 2002Emily DickinsonWe introduce ourselves
December 13th 2002Emily DickinsonHe touched me, so I live to know
December 11th 2002Emily DickinsonA Night -- there lay the Days between
December 10th 2002Emily DickinsonWhoever disenchants
December 9th 2002Robert FrostThe Peaceful Shepherd
December 8th 2002Emily DickinsonAs imperceptibly as Grief
December 7th 2002Emily DickinsonThe Heaven vests for Each
December 6th 2002Emily DickinsonThe joy that has no stem no core,
December 5th 2002Carl SandburgCrimson
December 4th 2002Emily DickinsonA precious -- mouldering pleasure -- 'tis
December 3rd 2002Emily DickinsonThe spry Arms of the Wind
December 2nd 2002Emily DickinsonGive little Anguish
November 2002
November 30th 2002Dorothy ParkerThe Last Question
November 29th 2002Emily DickinsonThe Daisy follows soft the Sun
November 28th 2002Emily DickinsonI gave myself to Him --
November 27th 2002Emily DickinsonI dreaded that first Robin, so,
November 26th 2002Emily DickinsonI've got an arrow here.
November 25th 2002Robert FrostReluctance
November 24th 2002Emily DickinsonBy Chivalries as tiny,
November 23rd 2002Emily DickinsonMost she touched me by her muteness --
November 22nd 2002Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Light of Stars
November 21st 2002Emily DickinsonI dwell in Possibility --
November 20th 2002Stephen CranePlaces among the stars
November 19th 2002Emily DickinsonTo the bright east she flies,
November 18th 2002Emily DickinsonThey shut me up in Prose --
November 17th 2002Anne SextonAll My Pretty Ones
November 16th 2002Emily DickinsonGod made a little Gentian
November 15th 2002Emily DickinsonIt's easy to invent a Life --
November 14th 2002Dorothy ParkerLines on Reading Too Many Poets
November 13th 2002Dorothy ParkerThe Last Question
November 12th 2002Robert FrostA Brook in the City
November 11th 2002Emily DickinsonConfirming All who analyze
November 10th 2002Emily DickinsonBecause I could not stop for Death --
November 9th 2002Emily DickinsonThe Way I read a Letter's -- this --
November 8th 2002Emily DickinsonCrisis is sweet and yet the Heart
November 6th 2002Emily DickinsonYou'll know Her -- by Her Foot --
November 5th 2002Emily DickinsonWhat Soft -- Cherubic Creatures
November 4th 2002Emily DickinsonMy Portion is Defeat -- today --
November 2nd 2002Emily DickinsonThe Flake the Wind exasperate
November 1st 2002e.e. cummingsgee i like to think of dead
October 2002
October 31st 2002Emily DickinsonThrough those old Grounds of memory,
October 30th 2002Emily DickinsonTo make One's Toilette -- after Death
October 29th 2002Emily DickinsonHerein a Blossom lies --
October 28th 2002Dorothy ParkerThe Gentlest Lady
October 27th 2002Henry Wadsworth LongfellowIt is not Always May
October 26th 2002Dorothy ParkerPartial Comfort
October 25th 2002Emily DickinsonNature -- sometimes sears a Sapling
October 24th 2002Emily DickinsonTo Whom the Mornings stand for Nights,
October 23rd 2002Emily DickinsonOne Life of so much Consequence!
October 22nd 2002Emily DickinsonHe lived the Life of Ambush
October 21st 2002Emily DickinsonIt dropped so low -- in my Regard --
October 20th 2002Emily DickinsonI often passed the village
October 19th 2002Emily DickinsonHe put the Belt around my life
October 18th 2002James TateNever Again The Same
October 17th 2002Emily DickinsonThe Sunset stopped on Cottages
October 16th 2002Emily DickinsonWho were "the Father and the Son"
October 15th 2002Emily DickinsonIt always felt to me -- a wrong
October 14th 2002Emily DickinsonThese held their Wick above the West --
October 13th 2002Emily DickinsonThe Lassitudes of Contemplation
October 12th 2002Emily DickinsonSuperiority to Fate
October 11th 2002Emily DickinsonSunset at Night -- is natural
October 10th 2002Emily DickinsonOf nearness to her sundered Things
October 9th 2002Dorothy ParkerThe Satin Dress
October 8th 2002Emily DickinsonPeril as a Possesssion
October 7th 2002Dorothy ParkerMidnight
October 5th 2002Emily DickinsonA Counterfeit -- a Plated Person --
October 4th 2002Dorothy ParkerThe Searched Soul
October 3rd 2002Emily DickinsonVolcanoes be in Sicily
October 2nd 2002Emily DickinsonIt's coming -- the postponeless Creature
October 1st 2002Emily DickinsonOne dignity delays for all
September 2002
September 30th 2002Robert FrostOn Looking Up By Chance At The Constellations
September 29th 2002Emily DickinsonApology for Her
September 28th 2002Stephen CraneA learned man came to me once
September 27th 2002Dorothy ParkerThe Satin Dress
September 26th 2002Emily DickinsonThese are the days when Birds come back
September 25th 2002Emily DickinsonThe Hills in Purple syllables
September 24th 2002Emily DickinsonHad I not seen the Sun
September 23rd 2002Philip FreneauThe Vernal Age
September 22nd 2002Emily DickinsonI reason, Earth is short
September 21st 2002Edwin Arlington RobinsonBen Jonson Entertains a Man from Stratford
September 20th 2002e.e. cummingsi shall imagine life
September 19th 2002Robert FrostAtmosphere
September 17th 2002Emily DickinsonOf Glory not a Beam is left
September 16th 2002Emily DickinsonExperience is the Angled Road
September 15th 2002Emily DickinsonJesus! thy Crucifix
September 14th 2002Emily DickinsonWater makes many Beds
September 13th 2002Emily DickinsonThe Bee is not afraid of me.
September 12th 2002James TateThe New Ergonomics
September 11th 2002Emily DickinsonThe Heart has narrow Banks
September 10th 2002Emily DickinsonLong Years apart -- can make no
September 9th 2002Arna BontempsGod Give to Men
September 8th 2002Emily DickinsonWent up a year this evening!
September 7th 2002Emily DickinsonWho never wanted -- maddest Joy
September 6th 2002Ezra PoundAlba
September 5th 2002Emily DickinsonMy Heart ran so to thee
September 4th 2002T.S. EliotConversation Galante
September 3rd 2002Ralph Waldo EmersonThe Problem
September 2nd 2002Robert FrostBereft
September 1st 2002Emily DickinsonSmiling back from Coronation
August 2002
August 31st 2002Emily DickinsonHe touched me, so I live to know
August 31st 2002Emily DickinsonHe touched me, so I live to know
August 30th 2002Emily DickinsonGoing to Heaven!
August 30th 2002Emily DickinsonGoing to Heaven!
August 29th 2002Emily DickinsonNobody knows this little Rose
August 29th 2002Emily DickinsonNobody knows this little Rose
August 28th 2002Emily Dickinson'Twas such a little -- little boat
August 28th 2002Emily Dickinson'Twas such a little -- little boat
August 27th 2002Emily DickinsonI never hear that one is dead
August 27th 2002Emily DickinsonI never hear that one is dead
August 26th 2002Stephen CraneI walked in a desert
August 26th 2002Stephen CraneI walked in a desert
August 25th 2002Edna St. Vincent MillayMacDougal Street
August 25th 2002Edna St. Vincent MillayMacDougal Street
August 24th 2002Emily DickinsonI could suffice for Him, I knew --
August 24th 2002Emily DickinsonI could suffice for Him, I knew --
August 23rd 2002Emily DickinsonThe Sweets of Pillage, can be known
August 23rd 2002Emily DickinsonThe Sweets of Pillage, can be known
August 22nd 2002Dorothy ParkerGeorge Sand
August 22nd 2002Dorothy ParkerGeorge Sand
August 21st 2002Emily DickinsonNo man saw awe, nor to his house
August 21st 2002Emily DickinsonNo man saw awe, nor to his house
August 19th 2002Dorothy ParkerSalome's Dancing-Lesson
August 19th 2002Dorothy ParkerSalome's Dancing-Lesson
August 18th 2002Emily DickinsonTo fill a Gap
August 18th 2002Emily DickinsonTo fill a Gap
August 17th 2002Robert FrostThe Peaceful Shepherd
August 17th 2002Robert FrostThe Peaceful Shepherd
August 16th 2002Emily DickinsonSo glad we are -- a Stranger'd deem
August 16th 2002Emily DickinsonSo glad we are -- a Stranger'd deem
August 14th 2002Carl SandburgCrimson
August 14th 2002Carl SandburgCrimson
August 13th 2002Emily DickinsonJesus! thy Crucifix
August 13th 2002Emily DickinsonJesus! thy Crucifix
August 12th 2002Emily DickinsonHeaven is so far of the Mind
August 12th 2002Emily DickinsonHeaven is so far of the Mind
August 10th 2002Emily DickinsonFrigid and sweet Her parting Face --
August 10th 2002Emily DickinsonFrigid and sweet Her parting Face --
August 9th 2002Emily DickinsonSome, too fragile for winter winds
August 9th 2002Emily DickinsonSome, too fragile for winter winds
August 8th 2002T.S. EliotMr. Apollinax
August 8th 2002T.S. EliotMr. Apollinax
August 5th 2002Dorothy ParkerNinon de Lenclos, on Her Last Birthday
August 5th 2002Dorothy ParkerNinon de Lenclos, on Her Last Birthday
August 4th 2002Emily DickinsonThere's a certain Slant of light,
August 4th 2002Emily DickinsonThere's a certain Slant of light,
August 3rd 2002Emily DickinsonI am afraid to own a Body --
August 3rd 2002Emily DickinsonI am afraid to own a Body --
August 2nd 2002Emily DickinsonThe Court is far away
August 2nd 2002Emily DickinsonThe Court is far away
August 1st 2002Emily DickinsonSome Arrows slay but whom they strike --
August 1st 2002Emily DickinsonSome Arrows slay but whom they strike --
July 2002
July 30th 2002Emily Dickinson'Twas a long Parting -- but the time
July 29th 2002Emily DickinsonMe prove it now -- Whoever doubt
July 28th 2002Ezra PoundAlba
July 27th 2002Edna St. Vincent MillayGrown Up
July 26th 2002Vachel LindsayEuclid
July 25th 2002Emily DickinsonHis Mind like Fabrics of the East
July 24th 2002Emily DickinsonThe Future -- never spoke --
July 23rd 2002Emily DickinsonThere is a pain -- so utter --
July 22nd 2002Emily DickinsonWhose are the little beds, I asked
July 21st 2002Emily DickinsonA Pit -- but Heaven over it --
July 20th 2002Emily DickinsonFunny -- to be a Century
July 18th 2002Emily DickinsonThe Dying need but little, Dear,
July 17th 2002Emily DickinsonIs it too late to touch you, Dear?
July 16th 2002Ralph Waldo EmersonThe Rhodora
July 15th 2002e.e. cummingsi sing of Olaf glad and big
July 14th 2002Robert FrostA Minor Bird
July 13th 2002Edwin Arlington RobinsonSupremacy
July 12th 2002Carl SandburgStatistics
July 11th 2002Emily DickinsonI met a King this afternoon!
July 10th 2002Emily DickinsonAbsence disembodies -- so does Death
July 9th 2002Emily DickinsonWhat we see we know somewhat
July 8th 2002Emily DickinsonGod made no act without a cause,
July 7th 2002Emily DickinsonBest Witchcraft is Geometry
July 6th 2002Emily DickinsonA South Wind -- has a pathos
July 5th 2002Emily DickinsonNot all die early, dying young --
July 4th 2002Carl SandburgPopulation Drifts
July 3rd 2002Emily DickinsonGrief is a Mouse --
July 2nd 2002Emily DickinsonThis was a Poet -- It is That
July 1st 2002Emily DickinsonGlory is that bright tragic thing
June 2002
June 30th 2002Emily DickinsonGlory is that bright tragic thing
June 29th 2002Emily DickinsonTo know just how He suffered -- would be dear --
June 28th 2002Carl SandburgBath
June 27th 2002Emily DickinsonWere it to be the last
June 26th 2002Emily DickinsonA Toad, can die of Light --
June 25th 2002Emily DickinsonI prayed, at first, a little Girl,
June 24th 2002Robert FrostThe Lockless Door
June 22nd 2002Emily DickinsonIt's all I have to bring today
June 21st 2002Emily DickinsonIf she had been the Mistletoe
June 20th 2002Robert FrostNow Close the Windows
June 19th 2002Emily DickinsonGood to hide, and hear 'em hunt!
June 18th 2002Emily DickinsonToo happy Time dissolves itself
June 15th 2002Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Wreck of the Hesperus
June 14th 2002Emily DickinsonThe waters chased him as he fled,
June 13th 2002Stephen CraneForth went the candid man
June 12th 2002Emily DickinsonIs Immortality a bane
June 11th 2002Henry Wadsworth LongfellowWoods in Winter
June 10th 2002Emily DickinsonIt was not Death, for I stood up,
June 9th 2002Emily DickinsonOurselves we do inter with sweet derision.
June 8th 2002Emily DickinsonWere it to be the last
June 7th 2002Robert FrostThe Egg and the Machine
June 6th 2002Emily DickinsonMorning -- is the place for Dew
June 5th 2002Dorothy ParkerInventory
June 4th 2002Robert FrostThe Grindstone
June 3rd 2002Henry Wadsworth LongfellowTHE OLD CLOCK ON THE STAIRS
June 2nd 2002Emily DickinsonFrigid and sweet Her parting Face --
June 1st 2002Stephen Crane"What says the sea, little shell?"
May 2002
May 31st 2002Emily DickinsonTrust in the Unexpected --
May 30th 2002Emily DickinsonWait till the Majesty of Death
May 29th 2002Emily DickinsonStruck, was I, not yet by Lightning --
May 28th 2002Emily DickinsonUp Life's Hill with my my little Bundle
May 27th 2002Emily DickinsonA Night -- there lay the Days between
May 26th 2002Emily DickinsonHe found my Being -- set it up --
May 25th 2002Emily DickinsonThe Past is such a curious Creature
May 24th 2002Emily DickinsonEscape is such a thankful Word
May 23rd 2002Emily DickinsonShe dwelleth in the Ground --
May 22nd 2002Emily DickinsonShame is the shawl of Pink
May 21st 2002Emily DickinsonThe fascinating chill that music leaves
May 20th 2002Emily DickinsonOne Joy of so much anguish
May 19th 2002Emily DickinsonBy Chivalries as tiny,
May 18th 2002Dorothy ParkerSurprise
May 17th 2002Emily DickinsonA Moth the hue of this
May 16th 2002Dorothy ParkerOn Cheating the Fiddler
May 13th 2002Emily DickinsonJust lost, when I was saved!
May 12th 2002Dorothy ParkerTo Newcastle
May 10th 2002Emily DickinsonA little Dog that wags his tail
May 9th 2002Emily DickinsonWe learned the Whole of Love --
May 8th 2002Robert FrostIn Hardwood Groves
May 7th 2002Emily DickinsonTwo butterflies went out at Noon --
May 6th 2002Emily DickinsonThe Clover's simple Fame
May 5th 2002Emily DickinsonTo his simplicity
May 4th 2002Emily DickinsonConfirming All who analyze
May 3rd 2002Emily DickinsonI'll tell you how the Sun rose
May 2nd 2002Emily Dickinson'Tis good -- the looking back on Grief --
May 1st 2002Emily DickinsonTalk with prudence to a Beggar
April 2002
April 29th 2002Emily DickinsonWe should not mind so small a flower
April 28th 2002Emily DickinsonKnows how to forget!
April 27th 2002Emily DickinsonI Came to buy a smile -- today
April 26th 2002Emily DickinsonIn rags mysterious as these
April 25th 2002Robert FrostA Hillside Thaw
April 24th 2002Carl SandburgLimited
April 23rd 2002Emily DickinsonWe don't cry -- Tim and I,
April 22nd 2002Emily DickinsonGood night, because we must,
April 21st 2002Emily DickinsonI had no time to Hate
April 20th 2002Ezra PoundBefore Sleep
April 19th 2002Robert FrostGood-by and Keep Cold
April 18th 2002Robert FrostFireflies in the Garden
April 14th 2002Robert FrostGood-by and Keep Cold
April 12th 2002Emily DickinsonI never hear the word "escape"
April 11th 2002Emily DickinsonCould I -- then -- shut the door
April 10th 2002Emily DickinsonI know a place where Summer strives
April 9th 2002Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Singing-Woman from the Wood's Edge
April 8th 2002Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Skeleton in Armor
April 7th 2002Dorothy ParkerA Dream Lies Dead
April 6th 2002Dorothy ParkerTo a Much Too Unfortunate Lady
April 5th 2002Emily Dickinson"Heaven" -- is what I cannot reach!
April 4th 2002Emily Dickinson"Heaven" -- is what I cannot reach!
April 3rd 2002Robert FrostTree At My Window
April 2nd 2002Emily DickinsonA Clock stopped
April 1st 2002Emily DickinsonA House upon the Height
March 2002
March 30th 2002Emily DickinsonThere's been a Death, in the Opposite House,
March 29th 2002Stephen CraneThe livid lightnings flashed in the clouds
March 27th 2002Dorothy ParkerThe Gentlest Lady
March 25th 2002Emily DickinsonHer breast is fit for pearls,
March 24th 2002Henry Wadsworth LongfellowHymn to the Night
March 23rd 2002Henry Wadsworth LongfellowBurial of the Minnisink
March 22nd 2002Emily DickinsonThe Gentian weaves her fringes
March 21st 2002H. D.Pear Tree
March 20th 2002Emily DickinsonI know a place where Summer strives
March 19th 2002Stephen CraneThere were many who went in huddled procession
March 18th 2002Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Rainy Day
March 17th 2002Robert FrostA Hillside Thaw
March 16th 2002Emily DickinsonLike Some Old fashioned Miracle
March 15th 2002e.e. cummingsam was.
March 13th 2002Henry Wadsworth LongfellowPrelude
March 12th 2002Emily DickinsonIn Ebon Box, when years have flown
March 11th 2002Dorothy ParkerAugust
March 10th 2002Dorothy ParkerTo a Much Too Unfortunate Lady
March 9th 2002Emily DickinsonI would distil a cup
March 8th 2002Emily DickinsonDying! Dying in the night!
March 7th 2002Emily DickinsonRehearsal to Ourselves
March 6th 2002Dorothy ParkerRequiescat
March 5th 2002Dorothy ParkerSocial Note
March 3rd 2002Edgar Allan PoeSong
March 2nd 2002Carl SandburgJack
March 1st 2002Emily DickinsonDare you see a Soul at the White Heat?
February 2002
February 28th 2002Emily DickinsonGoing to Him! Happy letter!
February 27th 2002Dorothy ParkerMidnight
February 26th 2002Robert FrostThe Pasture
February 25th 2002Emily DickinsonFrom Cocoon forth a Butterfly
February 24th 2002Henry Wadsworth LongfellowL'Envoi
February 23rd 2002Dorothy ParkerAugust
February 22nd 2002Robert FrostA Minor Bird
February 21st 2002Emily DickinsonMuch Madness is divinest Sense
February 20th 2002Emily DickinsonI went to thank Her
February 18th 2002H. D.Pear Tree
February 17th 2002Emily DickinsonI robbed the Woods
February 16th 2002Carl SandburgAnna Imroth
February 15th 2002Dorothy ParkerWail
February 14th 2002Dorothy ParkerA Portrait
February 13th 2002Emily DickinsonWater, is taught by thirst.
February 12th 2002Carl SandburgThe Walking Man of Rodin
February 11th 2002e.e. cummingsO sweet spontaneous
February 10th 2002Robert FrostThe Trial by Existence
February 9th 2002Emily DickinsonI've heard an Organ talk, sometimes
February 8th 2002Robert FrostA Passing Glimpse
February 7th 2002Stephen CraneFriend, your white beard sweeps the ground
February 6th 2002Emily DickinsonA shady friend -- for Torrid days
February 5th 2002Emily Dickinson'Twas such a little -- little boat
February 4th 2002Stephen CraneA man saw a ball of gold in the sky
February 3rd 2002Emily DickinsonBound -- a trouble
February 2nd 2002Arna BontempsA Black Man Talks of Reaping
February 1st 2002Emily DickinsonWhy -- do they shut Me out of Heaven?
January 2002
January 31st 2002Emily DickinsonThe Moon is distant from the Sea
January 30th 2002Emily DickinsonThe Daisy follows soft the Sun
January 29th 2002Emily DickinsonSafe in their Alabaster Chambers
January 28th 2002Emily DickinsonIt's coming -- the postponeless Creature
January 27th 2002Vachel LindsayWhat the Ghost of the Gambler Said
January 26th 2002Emily DickinsonThe feet of people walking home
January 25th 2002Stephen CraneBlustering God
January 24th 2002Emily DickinsonTo lose one's faith -- surpass
January 23rd 2002Dorothy ParkerThe Flaw in Paganism
January 22nd 2002Carl SandburgStyle
January 20th 2002Emily DickinsonCould live -- did live
January 19th 2002Emily DickinsonBaffled for just a day or two
January 17th 2002Dorothy ParkerAnecdote
January 16th 2002Dorothy ParkerThe Lady's Reward
January 14th 2002Dorothy ParkerThe Dark Girl's Rhyme
January 13th 2002Emily DickinsonMusicians wrestle everywhere
January 10th 2002Emily DickinsonTho' I get home how late -- how late
January 9th 2002Dorothy ParkerSuperfluous Advice
January 7th 2002Emily DickinsonDo People moulder equally,
January 6th 2002Robert FrostA Peck of Gold
January 4th 2002e.e. cummingsin Just-
January 3rd 2002Robert FrostDust in the Eyes
January 2nd 2002Robert FrostThe Investment
January 1st 2002Dorothy ParkerThey Part
December 2001
December 31st 2001Robert FrostFragmentary Blue
December 30th 2001Emily DickinsonThe only Ghost I ever saw
December 29th 2001Robert FrostA Hundred Collars
December 28th 2001Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Prisoner
December 26th 2001Emily DickinsonWhen Night is almost done
December 25th 2001Robert FrostThe Aim was Song
December 23rd 2001Emily DickinsonGlowing is her Bonnet,
December 22nd 2001Robert FrostThe Onset
December 21st 2001Emily DickinsonWho never lost, are unprepared
December 18th 2001Emily DickinsonSouth Winds jostle them
December 16th 2001Stephen CraneI walked in a desert
February 2001
February 26th 2001Robert FrostTwo Look at Two
February 25th 2001Ralph Waldo EmersonDays
February 24th 2001H. D.Sea Rose
February 23rd 2001Emily DickinsonI'm the little "Heart's Ease"!
February 22nd 2001e.e. cummingssomewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond
February 21st 2001Stephen CraneAy, workman, make me a dream,
February 12th 2001Raymond CarverBobber
February 8th 2001James TateNon-Stop
February 6th 2001Anne SextonWanting to Die
February 5th 2001Carl SandburgMamie
February 4th 2001Edwin Arlington RobinsonOctaves
February 3rd 2001Ezra PoundAlba
February 2nd 2001Edgar Allan PoeSong
January 2001
January 31st 2001Dorothy ParkerGeorge Gissing
January 30th 2001Edna St. Vincent MillayLove, Though for This
January 28th 2001Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Beleaguered City
January 27th 2001Robert FrostHannibal
January 26th 2001Ralph Waldo EmersonHamatreya
January 25th 2001H. D.Pear Tree
January 24th 2001Emily DickinsonI felt a Funeral, in my Brain,
January 23rd 2001e.e. cummingsthe Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls
January 22nd 2001Stephen CraneBehold, from the land of the farther suns
January 21st 2001Raymond CarverThe Scratch
January 20th 2001Arna BontempsThe Day-Breakers
January 17th 2001James TateDream On
January 16th 2001Anne SextonSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs
January 15th 2001Carl SandburgA Fence
January 14th 2001Edwin Arlington RobinsonVillanelle of Change
January 13th 2001Ezra PoundAncient Music
January 12th 2001Edgar Allan PoeSong
January 10th 2001Dorothy ParkerUltimatum
January 9th 2001Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Merry Maid
January 7th 2001Henry Wadsworth LongfellowMaidenhood
January 6th 2001Robert FrostThe Trial by Existence
January 5th 2001Ralph Waldo EmersonMerlin
January 4th 2001H. D.Garden
January 3rd 2001Emily DickinsonA Charm invests a face
January 2nd 2001e.e. cummingsmy father moved through dooms of love
January 1st 2001Stephen CraneA youth in apparel that glittered
December 2000
December 25th 2000Stephen CraneA youth in apparel that glittered
December 24th 2000Raymond CarverYour Dog Dies
December 21st 2000Anne SextonWanting to Die
December 20th 2000Carl SandburgOnion Days
December 19th 2000Dorothy ParkerReuben's Children
December 18th 2000Ezra PoundBefore Sleep
December 17th 2000Edgar Allan PoeAn Enigma
December 15th 2000Dorothy ParkerNeither Bloody nor Bowed
December 13th 2000Edna St. Vincent MillayPortrait By a Neighbor
December 12th 2000Herman MelvilleFalstaff's Lament Over Prince Hal Become Henry V
December 9th 2000Robert FrostA Servant to Servants
December 8th 2000Ralph Waldo EmersonBacchus
December 7th 2000e.e. cummingssomewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond
December 6th 2000Stephen CraneThere was, before me
December 5th 2000Raymond CarverBobber
December 4th 2000Arna BontempsSouthern Mansion
November 2000
November 28th 2000James TateSuccess Comes To Cow Creek
November 27th 2000Anne SextonAll My Pretty Ones
November 24th 2000Carl SandburgCumulatives
November 23rd 2000Edwin Arlington RobinsonThe Mill
November 22nd 2000Ezra PoundBallad of the Goodly Fere
November 21st 2000Edgar Allan PoeSong
November 17th 2000Dorothy ParkerOf a Woman, Dead Young
November 16th 2000Edna St. Vincent MillayThe Philosopher
November 15th 2000Herman MelvilleMalvern Hill
November 14th 2000Ezra PoundBefore Sleep
November 13th 2000Henry Wadsworth LongfellowTo the River Charles
November 12th 2000Robert FrostWhat Fifty Said
November 11th 2000Philip FreneauThe Republican Genius of Europe
November 10th 2000Ralph Waldo EmersonThe Sphinx
November 9th 2000H. D.Let Zeus
November 8th 2000Emily DickinsonI've known a Heaven, like a Tent
November 7th 2000e.e. cummingsSpring is like a perhaps hand
November 6th 2000Stephen CraneI looked here
November 2nd 2000Arna BontempsLength of Moon
November 1st 2000Raymond CarverDrinking While Driving
October 2000
October 31st 2000Edna St. Vincent MillayMacDougal Street
October 30th 2000James TateNever Again The Same
October 28th 2000Robert FrostImmigrants
October 27th 2000e.e. cummingsanyone lived in a pretty how town
October 26th 2000Herman MelvilleThe Enthusiast
October 25th 2000Dorothy ParkerMen
October 24th 2000Edwin Arlington RobinsonVillanelle of Change
October 23rd 2000Dorothy ParkerEpitaph
October 22nd 2000Stephen CraneCharity thou art a lie,
October 20th 2000H. D.Stars Wheel in Purple
October 18th 2000Henry David ThoreauI am the autumnal sun
October 17th 2000Emily DickinsonI lost a World -- the other day!
October 16th 2000Carl SandburgMag
October 13th 2000Robert FrostThe Oven Bird
October 12th 2000Ralph Waldo EmersonTwo Rivers
October 11th 2000Anne SextonAdmonitions to a Special Person
October 10th 2000Philip FreneauOn a Honey Bee
October 9th 2000James TateThe Lost Pilot
October 8th 2000e.e. cummingsspring omnipotent goddess Thou
October 6th 2000Edwin Arlington RobinsonSupremacy
October 5th 2000Henry Wadsworth LongfellowA Psalm of Life
October 4th 2000Ezra PoundA Girl
October 2nd 2000Edgar Allan PoeAnnabel Lee
September 2000
September 30th 2000Raymond CarverFear
September 29th 2000Robert FrostPlowmen
September 28th 2000Emily DickinsonThe Skies can't keep their secret!
September 27th 2000Dorothy ParkerNocturne
September 26th 2000Raymond CarverThe Current
September 25th 2000Stephen CraneOnce I saw mountains angry
September 24th 2000Carl SandburgJack
September 23rd 2000Anne SextonThe Truth the Dead Know
September 21st 2000Ralph Waldo EmersonUriel
September 20th 2000Anne SextonHer Kind
September 19th 2000e.e. cummingsO sweet spontaneous
September 18th 2000H. D.Heat
September 17th 2000Ezra PoundAn Immorality
September 16th 2000Henry Wadsworth LongfellowAUTUMN
September 15th 2000T.S. EliotConversation Galante
September 14th 2000Robert FrostDevotion
September 13th 2000Emily DickinsonThe Bee is not afraid of me.
September 12th 2000Herman MelvilleChattanooga
September 11th 2000Edwin Arlington RobinsonRichard Cory
September 9th 2000e.e. cummingsbut the other
September 8th 2000Stephen CraneOnce there came a man
September 6th 2000Arna BontempsReconnaissance
September 5th 2000Edna St. Vincent MillayMidnight Oil
September 4th 2000Emily DickinsonSnow flakes.
September 3rd 2000Robert Frost'Out, Out--'
September 2nd 2000Herman MelvilleImmolated
September 1st 2000Carl SandburgSketch
August 2000
August 31st 2000e.e. cummingsin Just-
August 29th 2000William Carlos WilliamsThe Hunters in the Snow
August 28th 2000Arna BontempsGod Give to Men
August 27th 2000Ralph Waldo EmersonEach and All
August 26th 2000Stephen CraneThere was a man with tongue of wood
August 25th 2000Henry Wadsworth LongfellowSunrise on the Hills
August 24th 2000Robert FrostBereft
August 23rd 2000Arna BontempsA Black Man Talks of Reaping
August 21st 2000Emily DickinsonAll these my banners be.
August 20th 2000H. D.Eurydice
August 19th 2000Ezra PoundCanto XIII
August 18th 2000Edna St. Vincent MillayTo the Not Impossible Him
August 17th 2000e.e. cummingsinto the strenuous briefness
August 16th 2000Henry Wadsworth LongfellowFootsteps of Angels
August 15th 2000Stephen CraneYes, I have a thousand tongues
August 14th 2000Robert FrostOnce By The Pacific
August 13th 2000Emily DickinsonMy wheel is in the dark!
August 11th 2000Stephen CraneOnce there came a man
August 9th 2000Edwin Arlington RobinsonBen Jonson Entertains a Man from Stratford
August 8th 2000Edgar Allan PoeFor Annie
August 4th 2000Stephen Crane"Have you ever made a just man?"
August 3rd 2000Robert FrostTo the Thawing Wind
August 2nd 2000Philip FreneauThe Wild Honey-Suckle
July 2000
July 31st 2000Emily DickinsonWe lose -- because we win
July 30th 2000Emily DickinsonI have a Bird in spring
July 29th 2000Dorothy ParkerA Portrait
July 28th 2000Henry Wadsworth LongfellowFootsteps of Angels
July 27th 2000Robert FrostIn Neglect
July 26th 2000Edgar Allan PoeBridal Ballad
July 25th 2000Emily DickinsonOn this wondrous sea
July 24th 2000Henry Wadsworth LongfellowFlowers
July 23rd 2000Vachel LindsayThe Eagle That is Forgotten
July 21st 2000Henry Wadsworth LongfellowHymn to the Night
July 20th 2000Edwin Arlington RobinsonMr Flood's Party
July 19th 2000Robert FrostSpring Pools
July 17th 2000Edna St. Vincent MillayFirst Fig
July 13th 2000Robert FrostMending Wall
July 12th 2000H. D.Helen
July 10th 2000Herman MelvilleShiloh
July 9th 2000e.e. cummingsall which isn't singing is mere talking
July 6th 2000Edwin Arlington RobinsonMiniver Cheevy
July 5th 2000Edgar Allan PoeThe Raven
July 4th 2000Ralph Waldo EmersonConcord Hymn
July 3rd 2000Ralph Waldo EmersonThe Barberry Bush
July 2nd 2000Robert FrostInto My Own
July 1st 2000Philip FreneauThe Indian Burying Ground
June 2000
June 30th 2000Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe Day is Done
June 28th 2000Stephen CraneIn the desert
June 27th 2000Ezra PoundCanto XLIX
June 26th 2000Robert FrostStopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
June 25th 2000Stephen CraneI saw a man pursuing the horizon
June 24th 2000Emily DickinsonThe Brain -- is wider than the Sky --
June 21st 2000e.e. cummingsmay i feel said he

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